The Sun Is On The Merry-Go-Round Degree: Virgo 6

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun is Virgo 6: A MERRY-GO-ROUND

MerryGoRoundDo you feel like you’re going around in circles? Doing the same thing day in and day out? Do you want to get off the cycle of habits that you find yourself doing? Thinking? 

There’s a need to see definite possibilities and the evidence of advancement in our life and to feel as though we are making progress towards a goal or a clear outcome. This image can relate to any situation where we feel stuck in repetitive or unprogressive ruts. Relationships, marriages, jobs and everyday chores or habits can have you running around in circles landing you right back in the same place. This can lead you to wonder if you should just hold on tight, wait to see if the thing will ever eventually stop or jump off. Jumping off whilst things are still in motion can actually feel life threatening. The desire, longing or even addiction to things, people, places, substances, etc., can put a hold on your life to the point where you can’t see a way out. Just when you may think you’ve seen a way to get off, or out, you’re back in the same situation, emotion or location. However, each time you return to what feels like the same place, if you’ve been watchful, you’ve had the opportunity to look at other alternatives, answers or possibilities. At some stage, though, there will need to be a decision made: do you want to keep going round and round, or do you want to stop repetitive situations or reactions and get off?

Keywords: Repeating circles of activity. Driving around and around. Motion sickness. Childhood fun and joy. Yo-yoing and oscillating backwards and forwards. Emotional polarization. Once you’re on it, you want to get off. The ups and downs and the ins and outs. Habits that are hard to break. Carnivals. Lights. Noise. Music.

The Caution: Repeating the same mistakes. Bouncing around from one thing to another and not getting anywhere. Feeling like there’s no end in sight. Addictive behavior. Feeling dizzy. Not being able to focus on one point. Manic depression. Getting nowhere. Seeking only pleasure.

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Mercury On The Lion Tamer Degree: Virgo 23


Lion TamerWith this degree around, there’s a need for self-discipline and mastery. Being prepared to take on things that are “unknown” or risky, may lead to excitement, but how much is being risked in order to accept the challenge? One has to be cautious with every move, as there’s the need to anticipate every type of outcome or eventuality. It is not that you need to extinguish powerful emotions and energies, but by skillfully manipulating things, these wild emotions and energies will perform in a way that will see you as the one in charge.

In order to survive or “win”, there may be the need to bite the bullet and to put fears behind you. As long as you’re aware of all the possible consequences, things should turn out okay. However, with this Symbol, there is a question as to what degree the risks are real and to what degree they are imagined. It is common for the lions to be well fed by the ‘Lion-Tamer’ before he ventures into the arena, reducing any real risk of danger. The audience, oblivious of the methods the ‘Lion-Tamer’ utilizes or undertakes, are gripped by their own fears or the way they believe they would act if they were in his place Hence, this Symbol can reflect that you are allowing others to think you are much braver, and taking more risks than you really are. This can give you an advantage over others for a while, but the ‘audience’ can easily become disillusioned if the truth becomes known. Whatever, how prepared are you for what may happen? Once you’re out there, in the ‘Circus Arena’ you’re committed to it, with no real turning back.

Keywords: Having faith and courage in your abilities. Sublimating animal instincts. Control. Fearlessness. Professionalism. Extremism. Adrenaline rushes. Dangerous spectacles. Training and conditioned responses. Restrained passion. Coordination and skill. Superheroes.

The Caution: Needing to be in control. Believing that things are dependent on your direction. Showing off and boasting. Plunging into situations, physically or emotionally, that are inherently dangerous without regard for the consequences. Overplaying one’s abilities. Dominant attitudes. Taking on anything and anyone.

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Venus On Leo 20: Ritual To The Sun

Venus is exactly square Mars (still) – leading to some interesting realisations and events, happening within ourselves as well as outside of ourselves. Venus Ritual to the Sun Indian Womanand Mars squaring like this with Saturn smack along for the ride can see us having moments of decision, separating and confining, or, on the other hand, making commitments to people, places, jobs or whatever…. but, the underlying factor is whether you put yourself first, or do you succumb to what others want and feel the need to perform as Mars conjunct Saturn might have you do?

Polarising between people – “I’m good, they are bad” “I’m worthwhile and they’re not” “I’m entitled and they should just get out of the way as they are worthless” is obviously a very negative thing. I am hearing it all the time on social media and that kind of polarisation just leads to enmity and war. And, we wonder why people strike back… it’s terrible. The need for a ‘bogey-man’ brings us exactly that and we may feel like he’s under the bed = there when we might least expect or want it.


The ‘Sun’ in this ‘Ritual’ can relate to one’s sense of selfhood, identity and ego. A good, healthy sense of self and ego is wonderful and should be celebrated. There can be a feeling of belonging to a culture with shared visions, regardless of whether you actually come from it. However, it is possible that someone in this situation has been caught up in the glamour of ‘Ritual’ and has been ignoring the true purpose of it. Perhaps there is a need to draw the ego back into perspective, especially if it has become over-inflated. Traditional ‘Rituals’, or ceremonies, can inspire people to action. They often bring renewal and relief to people, and solutions to situations. Tools like affirmations and meditation are useful to clarify goals and ambitions. It is important, however, not to merely rely on ‘Rituals’ to magically produce what we want. Use these methods to enhance and contribute meaning to your life. Take a moment to remember your relationships with the earth and her people.

Keywords: Restoring spirit. Rituals and worship. The desire to return to nature. Shining through one’s life, not through social credentials. Sweat lodges. Drum-beating. Celebrating a unique heritage. Participation with nature’s cycles. Eclipses. Smudging. Reveling in the larger picture leading to belonging and oneness. Fire, passion, spontaneity, sacrifice. Restoring sacredness. American Indian traditions. Vision quests. Fasting. Courage. Conquering bad habits and attitudes. The truth of conviction. Prayer. Eagle feathers. Baptisms of fire.

The Caution: Egoistic responses to life situations leading to narrow responses. Relying on rituals to manifest magic. Losing sight of the meaning of ceremony. Holding onto tradition without intuiting new and modern truths. Living in the past. Cult worship. Losing identity in one’s own culture.

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Mars On The Drawing Aside The Curtains Degree: Scorpio 20


Woman Drawing Aside CurtainsThis degree Symbol is a very interesting one and it may be asking for a lot of commitment from us, especially as it is Mars that is sitting here – and soon, Saturn will head over this.

You may be pushed (or shoved) and you may sense the need to venture down new ‘Pathways’ or investigate new possibilities. You will have to muster intuitive faith and overcome any fears in order to enter into these new realms. Having or showing courage, being inquisitive and expressing strong desires may also be prerequisites for success in this new area of experience. Your sphere of action and operation is likely to become vastly enlarged with the new perspective that is opening up to you. All sorts of new possibilities and opportunities are before you. These can be felt on the physical level, on the more mystical planes, or in a sexual way. “Pulling back the curtains” to reveal what needs to be shown will lead to answers to this question.

Look at your situation, what exactly is this ‘Sacred Pathway’ and where is it leading you? Is it a place that has been dreamt about for some time, but until now there hasn’t been a guide or a traveling companion to show the way or to share the journey? Whatever the case may be, it appears that help will soon be at hand in sorting out the mystery that stands before you. Be receptive, be loving and take the step into the unknown.

Keywords: Mysteries revealed, sometimes after a long wait. Feminine mysteries laid out before you. Woman’s reproductive organs, especially the vagina. The mysteries of the Goddesses. Getting past things that are cloaked or shielded from entry or view. Sexual mysteries. Open Sesame. Clairvoyant readings that reveal the ‘Path’. Invitations to the unknown. Drawing aside inhibitions. Following through on things.

The Caution: Being seduced into dark and sinister things or being led astray. Not being shown the true picture or the truth. Frigidity and closing off sexual responses. Being, or feeling, shut out. Dark rooms with little sign of life.

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Mercury On Virgo 22: The Royal Coat Of Arms Degree


Royal Coat Alessandro Allori. Tapestry with the Medici-Lorena Coat of Arms.There is a strong connection to heritage. This can give rise to feelings of pride and honor. There are things to stand up for and to represent. Believing in yourself and your abilities will give you strength and stability. By tapping into your deepest self or your emotions, you can find a tap-root back to your ancestors or those who have gone before. They stood for something really wonderful and now it seems it is your turn to take on the mantle, at least in some measure. Having to live up to the ideals or aspirations of others can be a tiring and burdensome responsibility, unless, of course, you are wanting the same things. No matter what your personal history, there is a royalty inside that you can access with faith in yourself.

A long lineage standing behind. Nobility. ‘Coats of Arms’. Pure blood. Hereditary issues. Having rights and prestige. Pageantry. Knights jousting. Inheritances.

The Caution: Superficial judgment on one’s ancestry. Believing in privileges for the select few.

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The Sun On The Awareness Of Nature Spirits Degree: Virgo 5


Nature spirits and normally unseen spiritual energiesThis Symbol implies strong feelings of another level of awareness around you. Your rational mind is, at times, being overshadowed by intuitive thoughts and feelings. The imagination is showing a clearer path to understanding and knowledge. Equipped to see the invisible, you penetrate into the mystical levels of life. There may be messages to bring back into your waking consciousness. This can show a creative, attuned mind that can perceive subtle phenomena in the environment. Tap into your clairvoyance, but don’t be thrown off track by it

Creative fantasies. Fairy tales. Seeing things or just imagining them? Fantasizing about people or experiences. Attuned minds. Seeing entities. Fairies. Nature spirits.

The Caution: Confusion or a lack of true perspective. Time wasted. Being a space cadet. Losing the plot. Mental institutions. Not being taken seriously. Schizophrenia.

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Mars On Scorpio 19: A Parrot Listening And Then Talking


A Parrot Listening Then SpeakingMars has just passed by Saturn, but is still conjunct (together) it, so, the Mars/Saturn/Venus thing is still going and it will be for the next few days. Sooo, it ain’t over… However, Mars has move slightly forward and onto the “are you parroting things” degree…listening to what’s being said and then repeating it? Do we now just find ourselves reading posts on FB or the internet, or, listening to the radio, or, watching tv and just parroting what’s been heard, what’s been said? I am watching my own take on this – I, like so many others, have to learn not to be so reactionary to outside stimuli – who cares if someone differs in their religious ideals? Who cares if someone says that this or that is terrible or bad and you don’t think it is? Why does it matter is more the point?

Why does anything much matter that we feel that we have to be right, to put our thoughts out there and when they are reflected back by those who disagree (or by trolls who make it there day in day out job to just upset people)… ?

Mars here seems to be asking us to find our own authentic voice – to not be parroting the latest round of crap. With Mars together with Saturn and squaring Venus, you might be tired of listening to the same old, same old and you may end up wanting to yell that some “speak to the hand”. Saturn will soon be on this degree – in the next few days in fact…

On the upside – and this is wonderful – the parrot can bring these things about… this is from my book The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees Of Wisdom:


This Symbol often infers some level of spiritual channeling, as thoughts and words can sometimes appear to course through a person, especially if the “messages” seem to come from somewhere else. It can show someone who is receptive to the thoughts and ideas that are around, or in the environment, and can process the information to the point where it becomes their own. The ability to convey the facts or a message accurately and responsibly will be very important to the outcome. However, there is a need for caution with this Symbol. It can imply messages, talk or gossip that loses its integrity once it reaches someone who operates on an unconscious level. Translating things into different languages or repeating them can lead to things being either more understood or less. One needs to be accurate about what was actually said, and what was meant, before any misunderstandings take place. Look to the source of the information in this situation; is it reliable and was the original message understood in its entirety? Is this a “conscious” retelling of the story? Is what’s being said coming from the heart, or is it really not worth listening to? Also, this Symbol can show someone who expects instructions or orders to be followed without question.

Keywords: Transmitting information or knowledge. The need to integrate things into consciousness. Recorded messages. Answering and fax machines. Mumbling that is difficult to understand. Translators, birds, parrots, news reporters, gossips, stool pigeons. Telephone operators. Messages from strange places. Automated responses.

The Caution: Rote responses that are ill considered. “Towing the party line” without having any opinion of your own. Going over the same territory. Losing true meaning through repetition. Repeating without knowing the real meaning or purpose. Meaningless banter. Tunnel vision. Gossiping. Missing the true essence of what’s being said. Not having a mind of one’s own. Brainwashing. Re-runs of the same old line. Broken records.

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Mercury On Virgo 20: The Traveling To Promised Lands Degree

The Sabian Symbol for Mercury is Virgo 20: A CARAVAN OF CARS HEADED FOR PROMISED LANDS

caravan-holidayWhere are you wanting to go? Are you going alone or with others? Are you sure of your destination? Have you figured out your ‘transportation’ details? Are you sure you really want to go? And if you do, is this something you’ve been wanting for some time? This brings up a thought for those headed to Burning Man…. it seems like it was washed out. Hopefully, the weather will clear and people will get to have a joyous time out there in the desert = their ‘promised lands’.

There is a feeling of needing to move on to new thoughts, a new way of doing things, possibly even on to a new way of life, but you are probably not alone. There are likely to be several others who share the same impulses. Setting out on a new venture can be fun, even if somewhat risky. Having a map of where you’re going will help, as will a willingness to meet new people.

Venturing into life with like-minded companions. Seeking new territory. Buses, caravans, trucks, etc. Gypsies. Hollywood, California, “boom towns”.

The Caution: Forsaking the individual path in favor of the less satisfying, but more secure, common path. Ever perpetuating restlessness. Crazy goose-chases.

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Mercury On Virgo 19: A Swimming Race

The Sabian Symbol for Mercury is Virgo 19: A SWIMMING RACE

YSwimming Raceou may find yourself in competition over emotional issues or working your way through shared emotions and hoping to win, or to come out on top. It is through training and practice and the controlled use of your emotions that success can be achieved. It is this experience that you must call on now. Work hard at achieving the win for rewards in the larger picture (club, school, country) or for winning the race leaving purely personal gains behind may be the answer.

Have you determined your outcomes? Have you got goals in mind? Are you competing in the race? Do you feel like you’re on the sidelines? Are you feeling the heat of competition? Are you sticking to your ‘lane’? Do you sense that others are ‘competing’ with you, even though you just want to get on with your own race? Are you tired from having to push yourself? Do you, perhaps, need more physical, emotional or spiritual training?

Looking sideways to see how others are coping with the strain of competition. Competing with one’s emotions. Wanting to be first at everything.

The Caution: Allowing the competitive spirit to dominate emotional sensitivity. Always going for “the win”.

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The Symbol For The Sun Is Virgo 3: Two Guardian Angels

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun (and the Symbol for the new Moon as well) is Virgo 3: TWO GUARDIAN ANGELS BRINGING PROTECTION

Two Guardian AngelsAre you calling on the angels? Are you putting faith out there that you will be looked after and protected? Are you broadcasting positive thoughts and ideas?

This Symbol brings a strong sense that you are protected, guided and directed and therefore you will find the true path you must follow. Feeling good about your direction, and being protected builds your inner strength. You are never alone with this Symbol, always being looked after in times of stress or indecision. Your angels are with you, but you probably need to remember them and thank them for their guidance and influence in your life. With this degree there is often a sense of help arriving at just the right time or people showing up who have your best interests at heart.

Connecting with inner guidance. Invisible protection. Salvation. Creative solutions to problems that seemed hopeless or lost. Counseling and advice. Security systems.

The Caution: Feeling lost and alone. Expecting that fate or someone else will always pick up the pieces. Resisting help in order to hang onto your ‘wounds’. Victim status.

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