Venus In Taurus On The Finding Love And Working Together Degrees – Taurus 28 and 29.

Venus is on two really lovely Taurean degrees over the next few days… Taurus 28 and Taurus 29 (which equals Taurus 27+ and Taurus 28+ in the zodiac). 

These degrees are archetypal love, romance, passion and commitment degrees. Even if we find ourselves without these things, they can still ring true in our relationship with life. We can find renewed ‘romance’ in our commitment to our work, our jobs, our friends, nearest and dearest, and, to ourselves.

The following are extracts from my book The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees Of Wisdom - 

The-Soul-of-the-Rose-1908 John William WaterhouseIf grass can grow through cement, love can find you at every time in your life. Cher

Probably the happiest period in life most frequently is in middle age, when the eager passions of youth are cooled, and the infirmities of age not yet begun. Thomas Arnold

We in middle age require adventure. Amanda Cross

One of the many things nobody ever tells you about middle age is that it’s such a nice change from being young. Dorothy Canfield Fisher

Middle age is when you’re sitting at home on Saturday night and the telephone rings and you hope it isn’t for you. Ogden Nash

It heartens me to think of Verdi who composed thundering operas in his eighties; Michelangelo who did fine work in his ninetieth year, and Titian, who painted better than ever in his one hundredth. James Michener

Aging is not ‘lost youth’ but a new stage of opportunity and strength. Betty Friedan


Commentary: The ‘Woman in Middle Life’ has found an ‘Unexpected Recovery of Romance’. She has realized that ‘Romance’ is not something that is only for the young; there is no time limit on the possibility of love and passion. The ‘Woman’ has found herself in ‘Rapt Sudden Realization’ and her ‘Romantic’ longings and feelings have come flooding back. On the physical level, there can be a rush of hormones that back up these feelings. This Symbol shows that a surprising ‘Realization’ can lead to sudden and overpowering joy.

Oracle: Love and ‘Romance’ can dawn on us ‘Suddenly’. When we are confronted by love it can come as a surprise as passions rise again in our lives. No matter what your age, there can be the ‘Realization’ that the ‘Charms’ of life have not deserted you, and it is unwise to listen to those who try to suppress or judge. These feelings of love can be very strong as one is no longer flushed with the naiveté and innocence of youth. It can be even better now because you know the pitfalls and can value and make the most of what’s happening. You know not to be falsely swept off your feet and misguided by overreaction. Also, this should not be a time of desperation where you have to take whatever love and attention you can get. With a mature attitude, you can have a deep understanding of what is possible and you can choose to become involved, or not, for all the right reasons. Even if the ‘Romance’ fades, you will find a new lease of life through a reawakening to life’s possibilities. However, ‘Romance’ can indicate many things; it can be a new passion for cooking, gardening, painting, music, astrology – anything. Anything that lights the fires in the heart can be ‘Romantic’—so open your heart and enjoy. Enjoy life more and more. This positive shift can lead to many good things—one of them could be a new lease of life itself.

Keywords: Finding a renewal of love, knowledge, and interest when it looked like all opportunities had passed. Second chances. Starting over. Menopause. Romance renewed. Awakening to life’s promises. Flowering of love, life and joy. Sudden realizations.

The Caution: Believing love and romance long gone. Denying emotional expression because of social expectation. Losing heart and feeling unloved. Having no time for romance due to responsibilities. Being skeptical of love, thinking it not possible or realistic. Resenting the aged finding love.

Within the next 24 hours, Venus will move onto another lovely Taurus degree. I have seen this degree working in the chart of Walter Russell, the amazing polymath (a natural master of an incredible number of things). He was born on a new Moon on this degree and he said many times during his life – and from his early years – that he worked with God by his side. God sat with him at his desk…. and, God was he, Walter Russell, himself, as we are ALL God.

But, of course, this Symbol can talk about relationships of all kinds. What a lovely flow on from the Woman Finding New Love degree…


Two heads are better than one. Old SayingTwo Cobblers Working Side By Side Teamwork saying

A problem shared is a problem halved. Old Saying

He that would perfect his work must first sharpen his tools. Confucius

If two men on a job agree all the time, then one is useless. If they disagree all the time, then both are useless. Darryl F. Zanuck

When two men in business always agree, one of them is unnecessary. William Wrigley, Jr.

Forty for you, sixty for me, And equal partners we will be. Gerald Barzan

I was always an independent, even when I had partners. Samuel Goldwyn

Commentary: The ‘Two Cobblers’ are ‘Working Side by Side at a Table’. ‘Cobblers’ make and repair shoes and shoes cover and protect the feet. In a spiritual context the feet are said to be the symbol of “understanding”. The ‘Cobblers’ are working together ‘Side by Side’ and yet both are accomplished in their own unique way. Because there are ‘Two’ of them, they may see things in quite contrasting ways, which can enrich any projects they undertake. Equal partnerships can bring a sense of greater accomplishment to projects or the tasks at hand. The ‘Cobblers’ work together with cooperation and mutual respect, bringing their individual talents and tools to the ‘Table’.

Oracle: In order to get the best results, you need to work cooperatively with someone who has skills that are equal or complimentary to yours, along with a sharing of similar interests. A partnership that brings together talent and energy will achieve a lot more than any solo effort now. If someone has talents that you don’t, this can lead to a greater sharing of knowledge, resources and materials. By sharing tasks without ego or competition the outcome is not only better, but also more harmonious and satisfying. It may be that you are looking for someone who can compliment your work. This Symbol implies that such a person will materialize. Remember the importance of your part and what you contribute. It is also important not to allow jealousy to interfere with any working partnership. The rewards along with the toil need to be shared. Couples working successfully at a task or duty can end up learning more about each other and the world they inhabit. However, if working together closely is not exercised carefully, it may bring feelings of criticism and judgment. Equality and respect is important. Done successfully, this will ensure that people will want to continue working ‘Side by Side’.

Keywords: People sharing quietly and persistently in their labor. Equal opportunities and equal responsibilities. Skills complimenting one another. Sharing materials, tools and tasks. Repairs to the soul. Reflexology. Partnerships. Work benches. Demarcations of work. The marriage of minds.

The Caution: Attempting to complete a task with shared responsibilities and yet gain all the credit. Committing to tasks that don’t bring real satisfaction or reward. Fighting over “who has to do what”. Bickering. Feeling like one’s work is not appreciated. Arguing over the use of appliances or tools. Co-dependance.

If you would like to know more about the concept of ‘working with God’ as per the fabulous Walter Russell, check out this youtube audio recording

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A Revival Of Love, Romance, Possibility: The Sun On Taurus 28

The Sun is on one of my favourite degrees – it speaks of a renewal of love, hope, romance, opportunities, etc, and, it can bring these about through hope and faith – or – just flat out circumstances.


This is a wonderful Symbol of second chances of romance, love, passion and starting over in life. Even when it feels like all chance of wonderful things have passed by, something comes back into your life and it can be inspiring, delicious and revivifying. However, it’s best not to be swept off your feet and misguided by overreaction. Nor is it a good idea to just take whatever you can get, thinking nothing better will ever come along. Analyzing your options in a mature fashion, you’ll have a deep understanding of what is possible and you can choose to be involved for the right reasons.

Finding a renewal of love, knowledge, interest when it looked like all the opportunities had passed. Second chances. Finding something to be passionate about. Awakenings.

The Caution: Denying the right to emotional expression because of social expectations. Feeling too old and not worthy of being loved. Giving up on life. Being skeptical.

The message from Venus, the ruler of Taurus, is to remember our beauty, talents, abilities, worth, etc, and, to remember these things about others, too.


This Symbol points to an abundance of beauty, talent, riches or potentiality. This degreeThe-Soul-of-the-Rose-1908 John William Waterhouse brings the message of admiring the achievements of others whilst also allowing yours to be recognized and admired as well. Realize that what you need is either at hand or soon will be. Also, something you create can last way beyond your own years. Believing in yourself and those around you can bring a wonderful sense of reward and fulfillment. Try wearing special jewelry to remind you of your self-worth, talent, ability and beauty.

Great talent, wealth, rewards and gifts within. Materialization of perfection or superficial display. Jewelry, stones, gold, silver. Shops, especially those that have beautiful displays.

The Caution: Wanting more than one’s share of rewards, even if there is plenty to share. Things for looking at, not touching. Being jealous of other’s success. Pilfering.

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Mars On The Cupid Degree: Sagittarius 7

Cupid-knockingOn Mothers’ Day, we have Mars retrograde on a degree that speaks about opening one’s heart… and, whether it’s ‘romantic love’, or, more about opening your heart and releasing negative thoughts, emotions, memories, etc, we can expand our hearts and minds now through the agency of love…

Mars is retrograde on Sagittarius 7: CUPID KNOCKING AT THE DOOR OF A HUMAN HEART

The following is from my book The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees Of Wisdom
Commentary: ‘Cupid Knocking at the Door of a Human Heart’ is an image of love asking to be let in. Barriers and defenses may be keeping him from coming inside, but how long will the ‘Heart’ be able to resist? Opening the door to one’s ‘Heart’ can lead to new opportunities and possibilities around the issue of relationships. Finding “the key” to the ‘Heart’ can lead to big realizations about one’s self and others.

Oracle: It is particularly important to allow your heart center to open when you are inletting-go-of-someone-you-love-quotes-1 caring company as this can lead to amazing new things happening in your life now. By releasing your emotions and letting your guard down you open up the possibility for romantic love. However, do look out for any unrealistic projections put onto others and the need for seeking love, salvation or joy only through the other. We must find it in ourselves first before finding it in someone else, if that is what we really want. Having your consciousness overwhelmed with the thought, love or presence of another can be uplifting, but it can also become a burden. Being consumed with the love of a person can be quite stifling, whether you are on the giving or the receiving end. This is especially so if your affections are not reciprocated. If the other person doesn’t respond in the same way, it can lead to sadness, bitterness and obsessive tendencies. Certain relationships can feel fated or impossible to ignore. Another aspect of this Symbol is that you may already be in a relationship with someone and a new love pops up unexpectedly. Is someone tapping you on the shoulder whilst you’re busy not taking any notice? What is the true depth of your relationship? Regardless, as ‘Cupid is Knocking’, it appears that something wonderful is trying to get into your life. Are you resisting ‘Cupid’s Knock’?

Keywords: Respectful invitation of love. Seeing purity of motive. Fear of commitment. Fear of romance. A key or an arrow. Cupids and cherubs. Unlocking the heart. One-pointed, focused energy, which can become obsessive. Softening one’s boundaries. Cupid’s bow. The need to lighten up one’s approach to others.

The Caution: Waiting instead of taking the initiative. Rejecting love or emotion for fear of losing independence. Keeping up a strong, brave, severe face when one could be loosening up and enjoying another. Barriers and defenses around the heart. Seeing potential lovers in everyone. Being attracted to those you wouldn’t normally notice. Frigid responses.

Happy Mothers’ Day. Whether we are a mother, or have a mother, Happy Mothers’ Day ! 


Neptune on Pisces 12 and Pisces 13: Exams And Sword Swallowing Writ Large

Examination Of Initiates In The Sanctuary Of An Occult BrotherhoodIt’s very interesting to note the placement of Neptune in Pisces at the moment, especially in the lead up to the presidential election in the States. Of course, this Symbol will be reflected all over the world in many, many ways.

Here’s my text of this Symbol from my book The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees Of Wisdom: 

Commentary: ‘An Examination of Initiates in the Sanctuary of an Occult Brotherhood’ pictures students, ‘Initiates’, doing their ‘Examinations’, and being judged or evaluated by their elders. They are ‘In the Sanctuary of an Occult Brotherhood’ which suggests that they are somehow “cloistered” or closed off from the prying eyes of the external world. This may have been through their own choice or it could have been forced on them by society.

Oracle: You may find that those above or around you are judging or testing you. It is difficult to know just what their qualifications to judge you are, but this is often the nature of progression through the ranks. Sometimes we need to let others make their own practical assessments of our individual worth and ‘Examinations’ of any kind can show others the stuff we’re made of. If you feel that you, or someone else, are being tested and examined, remember that if you perform at your best that is really the best that can be done. People being critical of one another can lead to better behavior, better performances or the like, or it can lead to feeling judged, violated and intruded upon. There might be a desire to pull someone down, particularly someone who seems to be getting “too big for their boots”. Sometimes it seems that our lives are like lessons, and we are periodically ‘Examined’ to see how we are doing on our “path”. Does everyone want to stay on the same track or are some of them wondering what they’re doing or where they’re going?

Keywords: The ordeal that comes to any initiate for entrance into higher realms of being. Hermits. Tests, examinations, having to prove oneself. Being judged or being judgmental. Being cross-examined. Rarefied atmospheres that demand personal sacrifice. Initiations. Proving courage and purity. Trials. The attainment of knowledge. Apprenticeships. Being a candidate. Finding out how and where one fits in. One-eyed dedication. Trial by media. Cults. Rituals.

The Caution: Refusing advice. Arrogance. People saying “I told you so”. Invading other’s private space. Hiding away because of fear or social ridicule. Severe trials and tests that strip the joy of life. People assuming they know the truth about others. Fear of failure. Not living up to other’s expectations. Narrow mindedness. Harsh treatment. Going without.

It is also interesting to note that, at the beginning of June, Neptune will move onto Pisces 13: A SWORD, USED IN MANY BATTLES, IS NOW IN A MUSEUM

Commentary: ‘A Sword’ that has been ‘Used in Many Battles’ is ‘Now in a Museum’. It hasSword Swallower, 1910s most likely seen many struggles, battles and conflicts. It may have had to defend the honor of someone or something, and now it is placed in a ‘Museum’ where people can come and look at it and wonder at its history. The ‘Sword’ is such a masculine image, strong, heroic, metallic, sharp, hard and forbidding. The ‘Sword’ has done its job and now needs to be put away somewhere where it won’t need to fight or defend. That it is in ‘A Museum’ points to the fact that it is a reminder of the battles of days gone by.

Oracle: When reminded of the ‘Battles’ of the past, hopefully we are influenced towards peace, but we are also uplifted by the memory of the strength of the participants, their bravery and valor. You may be faced with the choice of fighting for something or reasoning with the intellect. This can be confusing if you lack training or experience in the ways of doing ‘Battle’. The obvious message is that it’s time to lay down one’s ‘Sword’, not in order to necessarily surrender, but to stop “the warring”. Perhaps this pictures someone who doesn’t know when to give up taking others on and fighting. This Symbol shows it’s time to give up ‘Battling’, to aim now for more peaceful solutions. There may have been a lot learnt in the ‘Battles’ you’ve experienced, but the thing that’s best learnt is that continuing to fight may lead to a bitter end, with no one being a true winner. Now’s the time to lay down the ‘Sword’ and accept love and peace back into your life. Putting the ‘Sword’ away in a ‘Museum’ can allow others to benefit from the struggles that have been undertaken, without worrying about how this weapon will be used in the future. How long can one go on battling, fighting and defending?

Keywords: Willpower. Martial arts. Putting aside thoughts of vengeance and revenge. Hanging up or laying down one’s ‘Sword’. Trophies of conquest that remind us of the past. History. Aging and maturing. Retirement. Remnants of battles. Souvenirs of the past. “Words as swords”. The Spear of Destiny. The Sword Excalibur. Disarming weapons. The search for truth and justice. Suits of armor. Peace at last. Sexual impotence.

The Caution: A lack of sensitivity. A pretense of one’s abilities. Giving up and “falling on one’s sword” from defeat. Grudges. Wanting to go into ‘Battle’ at the slightest excuse. Selfish agendas. Weapons of mass destruction or weapons of mass distraction? Pre-emptive strikes. Defensive behavior. Domestic violence.

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Earth Day And Prince: A World Of Clover And Rainbows – Taurus 3 and Taurus 4 – and – Taurus 5: A World Of Realities

Earth Day Easy Steps Up To A Lawn Blooming In CloverEarth Day

It’s interesting to note that on April 22, this year and every year, Earth Day falls on degrees of the zodiac that so beautifully paint the idea of this commemorative time.

The message of the Sun every Earth day is one of the need to protect our earth. We need our ‘clover’, we need our bees, we need clean water to cleanse the earth and provide crops. We are at a very curious time in our evolution, and one that can have us wondering what is happening on this beautiful planet.

The Sabian Symbol/s for the Sun each year on Earth Day are Taurus 3: NATURAL STEPS UP TO A LAWN BLOOMING WITH CLOVER and Taurus 4: THE POT OF GOLD AT THE END OF THE RAINBOW

The following are interpretations from my book The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees Of Wisdom – 


Like the bee that now is blown honey-heavy on my hand, from his toppling tansy-throne, in the green tempestuous land—I’m in clover now, nor know who made honey long ago. Edmund Blunden

Sweet scents of summer air breathing over fields of beans or clover; the perfume of wet leaves or moss; the life of waving trees, and shadows always changing. Charles Dickens

The reason so many people never get anywhere in life is because when opportunity knocks, they are out in the backyard looking for four-leaf clovers. Walter Chrysler

Talk to him of Jacob’s Ladder and he would ask the number of the steps. Douglas William Jerrold

I like the man who faces what he must, With steps triumphant and a heart of cheer; Who fights the daily battle without fear. Sarah Knowles Bolton

Commentary: ‘Natural Steps Up to a Lawn Blooming With Clover’ implies ‘Steps’ that are

Clover inviting, promising and easy to climb. It feels as though they’re leading to the promise of beauty, greenery and repose. They are ‘Blooming With Clover’, which shows there is a reward at hand when those ‘Steps’ are taken. Bees love ‘Clover’ and ‘Lawns Blooming With It’ ensures that the bees will make honey and therefore life will be sweet. Clover has long been believed to mean good luck, prosperous circumstances and luxurious surroundings. Also, the expression “he’s in clover” or “living in clover” comes from the belief that if you had plenty of ‘Clover’ for your cows to eat, they would produce good milk, thereby providing nourishment for everyone.

Oracle: This Symbol shows that a time of fulfillment and completion is close, but there is still some small effort to be made to attain what you want or need. You must take the ‘Steps’, even though they may be simple, to achieve what you want or to arrive where you want to be. There is definitely a need to put some effort into getting what you want but it’s probably not going to be too difficult or hard going. Be on the alert for laziness and a “come what may” attitude. Regardless of what others are doing, keep going the way you are, following your natural intuition and you will find, or achieve, what you have in sight. Rewards can be just a few ‘Steps’ away. It may be worth remembering that this landing in the ‘Clover’ may only be temporary, as there will be new things to do and further things to strive for. You may not have found your ‘Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow’ just yet, but you are most likely on the right path.

Keywords: Hopefulness. Inspirational possibilities. Gradually enlarging one’s vision. Harmony. Seasonal changes. Running around on grass. Bare feet. The beauty of greenery and flowers. Stability on the path. Steps that invite one on to bigger and better things. Abundance, nourishment. Making small efforts that can lead to large returns. Places to spread out and relax. Having plenty of room to move. Gardens and parks.

The Caution: Looking for the easy way out. Not making the effort to find what is just a few steps away. Being lazy when one should be going for the objective. Temporary success. Expecting everything to be laid out before you. Weeds. Unkempt lawns. Neglected land.

Both Taurus 3 and 4 are activated around Earth Day. Both of these degrees are beautiful, and, rather evocative. We see images of rainbows often, as an often awesome sign of nature’s bounty. And, on social media in particular, there have been several images of rainbows that were photographed at Prince’s Paisley Park residence in Minneapolis. Many will be feeling the effects of these degrees in the light of Prince passing away.


The Pot Of Gold At The End Of The RainbowIf I traveled to the end of the rainbow, As Dame Fortune did intend, Murphy would be there to tell me, The pot’s at the other end. Bert Whitney

All that is gold does not glitter; not all those that wander are lost. J.R.R. Tolkien

Pennies do not come from heaven—they have to be earned here on earth. Margaret Thatcher

The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise grows it under his feet. J. Robert Oppenheimer

He felt like a man who, chasing rainbows, has had one of them suddenly turn and bite him in the leg. P.G. Wodehouse

I have been in Sorrow’s kitchen and licked out all the pots. Then I have stood on the peaky mountain wrapped in rainbows, with a harp and sword in my hands. Zora Neale Hurston

A golden key will open every lock. Yiddish Proverb

Every absurdity has a champion to defend it. Oliver Goldsmith

Commentary: ‘The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow’ is a wonderful image. ‘Rainbows’ are said to be a bridge to the Divine. They inspire awe as we gaze at their beauty and the sheer wonder of nature. They can represent boundless promise, and there is said to be a reward, a ‘Pot of Gold’, to be found at its end. In folklore, elves, leprechauns and fairies are associated with ‘The Pot of Gold’.

Oracle: The quest to find our ‘Pot of Gold’ is very tempting but it can be forever elusive because it appears to move as we move or as we change our perspective. However, we all have our dreams and with a little concentrated effort we can reach our own version of the ‘Pot of Gold’. It can imply riches and rewards on many levels, sometimes beyond our wildest dreams. There may be a need to reflect on just what exactly these “riches” are. The promise of the ‘Pot of Gold’ entices us, but this can also be the cause of problems if we forget other more important things in life. Some people want material or spiritual riches without putting in any hard work. This way of thinking may lead one astray. Although some people can earn their way through life on a wing and a prayer, most have to put in a true effort to succeed. Often it is not the finding of the elusive ‘Pot of Gold’ at the ‘Rainbow’s End’ that is the real reward, but the rewards found during the search and the wonder the ‘Rainbow’ creates as it links heaven and earth. Perhaps there is a constant search for rewards without recognizing the riches that are already at hand. In this situation, many rewards can come from creative and spiritual efforts – just be a little wary of expecting too much. Picture a ‘Rainbow’ in your mind, see ‘The Pot of Gold’; and hold it in your memory bank – this will sustain you and may indeed lead you to your reward.

Keywords: The promise of riches, in whatever forms these may take. Creative imagination. Goals and ambitions. Alchemy. Splashes of color. Rewards contained. The search for the treasure. Seeking communion with nature and life’s bounty. Wealth derived from changing perspective. Talent and beauty. Fantasies. Illusions vs. reality. Fairylands.

The Caution: Seeking easy, tempting solutions. Thinking that rewards are always just “over the horizon”. Thinking that one is never going to get near “it”. Elusive success. Forgetting the more immediate things in life. Seeking perfection. Castles in the air. Pipe dreams. Fool’s paradise.

The very obvious message of the Sun every Earth day is one of the need to protect our earth. We need our ‘clover’, we need our bees, we need clean water to cleanse the earth and provide crops. We are at a very curious time in our evolution, and one that can have us wondering what is happening on this beautiful planet.

Following on from Taurus 3 and Taurus 4 is Taurus 5 on Sunday in Australia and Saturday in the U.S. This is a very different image, and one that will, no doubt, give pause for thought. In Australia and New Zealand, commemorations are held for the ANZACS and other returned soldiers from war. There are marches, speeches, medals, war stories, gatherings of people in clubs all over Australia. At the least, we see the marches on TV, and, there are always documentaries shown about the wars of the past, particularly World War I.


Widow At An Open Grave The Lady Of ShalottThe bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone. Christopher Crowfield

One problem with gazing too frequently into the past is that we may turn around to find the future has run out on us. Michael Cibenko

If you’re still hanging onto a dead dream of yesterday, laying flowers on its grave by the hour, you cannot be planting the seeds for a dream to grow today. Joyce Chapman

Make the most of your regrets; never smother your sorrow, but tend and cherish it till it comes to have a separate and integral interest. To regret deeply is to live afresh. Henry David Thoreau

Every time I think that I’m getting old, and going to the grave, something else happens. Lillian Carter

The pain passes, but the beauty remains. Pierre Auguste Renoir

The grave is but the threshold of eternity. Robert Southey

Commentary: ‘A Youthful Widow, Fresh and Soul-Cleansed From Grief, Kneels at an Open Grave to Receive the Secret of Eternal Life’. She’s learning some hard-won and valuable lessons through her loss. She is mourning at a grave and receiving meaningful insights into the purpose of life. However, the ‘Grave’ is still ‘Open’, which shows that in some respect she hasn’t had the necessary time or hasn’t been able to complete the mourning process and move on with her life. The ‘Grave’ will only be filled in when she can sincerely say good-bye to the person or situation that has been lost. By continuing to stand at the ‘Open Grave’ the “burial ritual” cannot be fully accomplished or completed.

Oracle: Looking at things that are gone or lost can stop people from accepting newer, more vital relationships and opportunities. Don’t let loss make you give up and throw everything away. Gathering up one’s energy and starting on a new path is often the key. Realizing that life must go on, we learn that we can recover our feet and move forward. However, it is very important to allow time to grieve. Letting go of the past, and things that are worn out, and being accepting will bring release. The memory of the person, thing or situation that has passed from your life can bring tears of ‘Grief’, but also tears of joy. Remember the gifts that have been given or left to you, and don’t focus on the losses that you can’t replace. How many times and for how long do you have to say good-bye to someone or something? Don’t stand still, staring at loss, immobilized by fear. Imagine yourself walking away to a new chapter of your life. Take note of when it is time to fill in the ‘Grave’ and complete the circle. Fill in ‘The Grave’, bless the past and move on.

Keywords: Gradual realization of the illusion of matter. Letting go of that which no longer works. Purging and burning the past. Giving up past grievances. The passage of grief. Receiving the gifts that loss and separation can bring through time. Grief, divorce, loss. Redundancies. Near-death experiences. Inheritances.

The Caution: Wasting time staring at lost opportunities. Grudges and bad feelings that last much longer than needed. Staring at issues of loss and death. War and its horrors. The feeling that one has no future. People or events that just won’t leave one’s memory. Hanging on for fear of the future. Empty legacies.

How are we seeing the future of the earth? Are we feeling an ever more urgent need to protect the earth and it’s resources? We are seeing warning signs everywhere – from the devastation of the loss of great swathes of the Great Barrier Reef, to gas fracking our water while multi national companies suck water out of the ground to sell in plastic bottles. I could go on, of course, but, well, we know what’s happening.

I find this run of Symbols that the Sun traverses over to be so very interesting and worthy of our consideration. There is, of course, a lot more to be said.

Happy Earth Day!

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The Sun At The End Of Aries: A Duck Pond And Its Brood – Aries 30

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun is Aries 30: A DUCK POND AND ITS YOUNG BROOD

Duckpond And Its BroodThis Symbol speaks of families, being with and caring for youngsters, and caring for each other. Sometimes, there can be a feeling of being restricted and bound in by reality, but then there’s often also a feeling of being safe. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of the comforting things around us. Finding friends or family that enrich our life can lead to a sense of community, belonging and love. Although you may sometimes wish for more exciting adventures – it feels good to have a place to hang one’s hat and people and a place to call one’s own.

Nurture family and contentment. Realize limitations. Reliability. The problems and joys in the responsibilities of having a brood to look after. Psychoanalysis of family issues.

The Caution: Denying your own needs for those of your ‘brood’. Narrow-minded attitudes. Feeling stuck. Not wanting to grow up and take risks in life. Narrow boundaries.

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Light Is The Task Where Many Share The Toil: April’s Scorpio Full Moon

My new blog is up… here’s a snippet:

Neighbours House RaisingThe Scorpio full Moon falls on Friday, April 22. This is a very interesting, and for many, very rewarding lunation. The Sabian Symbols that go with the planetary energies are really quite extraordinarily wonderful – ‘Neighbors Coming Together’, ‘Steps Up To A Lawn Blooming With Clover’, ‘Jewelry Shops Filled With The Most Valuable Gems’, ‘The Boxer Entering The Ring’, ‘The Gate To The Garden Of All Fulfilled Desire’, ‘The Royal Coat Of Arms Enriched With Precious Stones’ – and more – the Symbols contain a host of encouraging and desirable images.

For sure, though, there are stresses in amongst it all, especially as we have some very strong retrogrades happening – Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, and soon, on the 28th April, Mercury. This can be a somewhat frustrating time, especially with Mars retrograding until the beginning of July. Plans we may have been wanting to push forward with may need to have some revisions, second guesses, wrinkles ironed out – all those kinds of things, and more.

With all those retrogrades, we still have this push to forge forward, particularly with Venus on Aries 21: The Boxer Entering The Ring conjuncting (together with) Uranus on Aries 22: The Gate Opens To The Garden Of All Fulfilled Desires. What a combination. As I have said before, I see this two degrees as a type of binary: One steps up to the plate and then steps through the gate. Click here to read more…


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Through Imagination, A Lost Opportunity Is Regained – The Sun On Aries 27


A-Man-Watches-His-Ideals-Taking-ConcreteThis Symbol shows the talent or the ability to be able to use inner creative energy to revitalize ideas or opportunities that seemed to be lost. Whatever it is that you need to do, believe that it is possible and create an image in your mind and you will most likely succeed at gaining it or recovering it. Always take heart; there is energy here to recapture things that seemed to be lost. Visualizing what you want, allowing time and watching for it to manifest can bring astounding results. Sometimes, however, the “lost opportunities regained” are in a different form than we had first imagined.

Creative imagination and visualization. Hope renewed. Second chances. Last minute reprieves. Being forgiven or pardoned. Imagineering. Making up for losses.

The Caution: Relying on self pity which denies using the imagination to recover situations. Not noticing the solutions to problems. Going over and over lost opportunities.

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The Sun And Uranus Together On Aries 21: A Boxer Entering The Ring And Aries 22: The Gate Opens To The Garden Of All Fulfilled Desires

Boxer vintage postcardThe Sun and Uranus are on the same degree today, and, being the Sun and Uranus, in Aries, on The Boxer degree, well, this is rather archetypal and energising, certainly it can get us going in life…and, the energies can be rather confrontational. We may have a big push to step up to the plate, or, to defend ourselves, take something on, answer the call, realise our true desires, etc.

The Sun and Uranus are on Aries 21: A BOXER IS ENTERING THE RING

This Symbol shows that there may be a temptation to take on issues, even to fight, but it needs to be with dignity and regulation. You may feel a need, or the urge, to step up to the plate and take something or someone on. There are rules to follow and often others will be end up being the judge of the final outcome. Make sure you possess the skills and training to defend what you believe. Remember that sometimes you need to back off if you’re not winning a contest. Question: are you more on the attack or on the defense?

Physical or psychological self-assertion and determination. Fighting for one’s emotional, psychological or physical space. Being a contender. Entering the ring or the arena.

The Caution: Using power to dominate people or those who challenge you. Wanting to knock people out. Storming in and taking over. Looking for combat. Being combative.

The following degree, the Quest Degree, is a fabulous one, and it speaks about stepping through the gate. I have long seen The Boxer and The Gate To Fulfilled Desires as being a binary – they seem to work together. Many times, I have described these two as ‘stepping up to the plate and stepping through the gate’.

The Sun’s next pit stop – and, Uranus will be on this degree soon – is Aries 22: THE GATE OPENS TO THE GARDEN OF ALL FULFILLED DESIRES

This Symbol brings up fabulous opportunities and possibilities. You could find yourself in The Boxer and The Gate To Fulfilled Desiresbeautiful places with your desires met. There can be the promise of happiness; stability and feeling like you’ve arrived where you want to be. At times, though, you may be right at the point of what you want, but perhaps you need to make the deliberate action of opening the gate; admitting to your self what you want and where you want to be. Perhaps you need to knock, showing your intention of wanting in. Maybe you already have everything you need – look around.

Craving for happiness. Gardens. Pathways to joy. Rewards and treasures. Domestic bliss. Passages to a better life. Acquiring property. Realizing luck and wealth. Utopia.

The Caution: Denying the right to receive just rewards. The grass always being greener on the other side. Always wanting more and more. Possessions owning you. Cup half-empty or half full.

So where are you now when it comes to where you want to be? There may be some frustrations around, particularly as Mercury is on Taurus 8: A SLEIGH WITHOUT SNOW

Sleigh Without SnowThis Symbol implies having the vehicle, but not the fuel, the gas or energy to get the vehicle going or make use of what’s available. It speaks about seasonal variations where things available some times are not available at others. You may have to make the most of situations without much help. Are you expending energy trying to make things work in difficult conditions? You can often fuel things by tapping into your imagination. What adjustments or improvisations can be made? You may sometimes need to wait until the time is right, to have the ‘fuel’ to complete your mission.

Independence from outer circumstances. Anticipating future conditions. Having no money or resources to move forward. Filling up your tank. The value of timing.

The Caution: Forcing your ideas or feelings even when you know the time is not right. Lack of environmental support. Missing connections. Right thing in the wrong place.

Very soon, Mercury will move onto Taurus 9: A CHRISTMAS TREE IS DECORATED AND SHINES IN THE DARKNESS - and this may be a big part of the solution – to see what you have around you, to celebrate your friends and family – to see the connections and the joy and goodwill available to you…

This Symbol speaks of the joy and togetherness of celebrations such as Christmas. It shows the need for experiencing or accepting family and friends and celebrating cultural ties, and enjoying release from more difficult times. Activities of the group will bring joy to all those who participate or pass close enough to see. Gathering people together in a common cause in order to celebrate festivities and a sense of family can enliven everyone and give them hope. Joy will spread and life will be celebrated.

The fruits of one’s culture. Warmth within although it may be cold outside. Festive seasons and giving and receiving gifts and good wishes. Family and friends. Angels.

The Caution: Loneliness. Unfulfilled longings for family togetherness. The pretence of happiness or success in a show for social reasons. Only doing the externals. Commercialism.

How will you step forward to the things you want? Do you have to jettison some things along the way? Are you prepared to accept happiness and fulfillment into your life? Sometimes, the feeling of having it precipitates the actual arrival of it! :)

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New Blog Post Up: All Aboard For The Magic Carpet Ride: April’s Aries New Moon

Magic Carpet Vasnetsov_samoletI’ll need a magic carpet to get out of this one. Donald Davis

If you surrendered to the air, you could ride it. Toni Morrison

Aerodynamically the bumblebee shouldn’t be able to fly, but the bumblebee doesn’t know that, so it goes on flying anyway. Mary Kay Ash

If the winds of fortune are temporarily blowing against you, remember that you can harness them and make them carry you, through the use of your imagination. Napolean Hill

Man’s desires are limited by his perceptions; none can desire what he has not perceived. William Blake

A field cannot well be seen from within the field. Ralph Waldo Emerson

The power of thought—the magic of the mind! Lord Byron

The Aries new Moon in March is a particularly interesting one as it is in a very close conjunct with Uranus. Occurring on April, it can bring about breakthroughs in decisions, understanding, events, etc, and we may find some rather surprising events along the way. Right before the exact new Moon, there is a trine from Saturn to the new Moon, and this could have us really assessing things in the clear light of day and making moves based on what is truly possible, desirable, available, new, useful, innovative, etc. etc. There is quite a nice balance in that, as, in most cases, we’ll be able to amass the reality and facts of the matter in order to sort out where to from here.

Then, Uranus is likely to have us making moves that might have been building for some time, but needed the added impetus to get them going. We may have been waiting for an appropriate time, not sure the energy is right, or, feeling like our ducks have not been in a row in the right manner… with Uranus so closely aligned with this new Moon, we may have decisions taken out of our hands. We may have events and circumstances handed to us in a way we might not have imagined or foretold. Uranus often brings the unexpected and the downright surprising. Insights, realizations and events can have an electrical quality that can cut through extraneous detail to the core of the matter.

The big whammy, though, of this new Moon is the square from Pluto. This could bring things up to the surface that have been simmering for some time down below. Major and radical transformations can take place and we would do well to watch and observe and measure and not react too quickly (if that is at all possible). Pluto can bring up things from a subterranean level and we would do well to listen to that deeper reality, that deeper impulse.

This feels like a very powerful new Moon. Read more… click here.

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