Mercury On Leo 14: Cherub-Like A Human Soul Whispers Into Every Receptive Ear


Cherub Like A Human Soul Whispers Into Every Receptive EarIt’s not that I have it in my chart, it’s just that when I see it operating, I know that messages that come filtered through are likely to hold all kinds of useful, creative, astounding, life changing, or whatever, energies. It’s a degree of holding one’s ear to the ground, to the air, to the airwaves, to the energies that are around. What is it that you are feeling? seeing? hearing? sensing? What messages are useful, what are not so. Do you need to filter out the ‘white noise’ that can sometimes fill up our ‘ears’ with so much useless time-wasting nonsense so that other, more fulfilling and creative realisations or ideas can come through?

This Symbol implies that at times in your life there will be deep realizations that may transform your life. Listening to one’s inner voice and heeding its messages can lead you on to the next level of life. Spirit is descending, wishing to make it’s self known – spiritual messages are wanting to come through into conscious expression. The trick is being able to hear what’s being whispered and translating it into useful information as one can be mislead by ‘voices in their head’ which can be confusing rather than enlightening. The thing is to discern what is useful and what is not.

Of course, you may have a voice that needs to be heard. It’s not only about the ‘ear’ it’s also about the ‘voice’.

New realizations and impulses. Having your voice heard. Channeling. Contacting the other side. Whispering. Passing on news and information. Speaking and hearing.

The Caution: Confusing inner voice. Signs of instability or madness. Fearing if you’re not heard, you will miss out. The need to be noticed. Ranting and raving. Losing the plot.

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Mars On Cancer 24 – The Relationship Triangle Degree


Two Women and a ManThis is the degree of the Cancerian new Moon that we had in the middle of this month. Mars here could see situations moving forward, sometimes in ways we might not have considered. Extra energy, ambition, assertion, anger, opportunities, etc, can pop up. We may need to be mindful of where we put our energies with Mars here as we could find ourselves as the ‘third wheel’. We could find that others pair up against us, or, that we could be doing that ourselves.

This Symbol implies that people seem to be locked into some situation, environment or relationship that defies the ordinary definitions of relationships. There could be too many people, as in relationship triangles, or there could just be too many people to take into consideration as sometimes happens when a child intrudes too much into a relationship between adults. You may find that it is difficult to choose what you want as others may have something different to say. Your wants seem to vacillate from one extreme to the other. Perhaps there is a need to get away from those trying to confuse you with conflicting views, although this may sometimes be impossible.

Feelings of being fenced in, too little room to move. Lack of privacy. Affairs. Isolation. Rivalry. Polygamy. Claustrophobia. The struggle to be noticed. Love affairs.

The Caution: Not seeing the whole picture. Fighting over ‘territory’. Having too many people to consider. The specter of ‘someone else’. Jealousy. Infidelity. Unacceptable relationships.

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Latest News From Lynda

Red Cross NurseHi All, just wanted to explain why all has been rather quiet. Two things: First, we had a cyber attack on the hosting company that hosts the website. Many have been in touch with me as they found it impossible to log into the site. I am hoping that this is now fixed. This hosting company is a very good one and an expensive one at that, this site is rather complicated and needs good hosting, which they provide. I just hope it’s all ok now. Feel free to email me at if you are still having problems logging in.

Secondly, I just had major surgery. I thought it was going to be relatively minor, but it’s proven to be far more than that and I’m in rather serious pain and moving very slowly (more needed to be done than was anticipated).  I had the surgery five days ago, so I’m still healing. Any Reiki or healing energies you might want to send my way will be gratefully accepted. This is NOT FUN.

I hope you understand and thank you for your patience.

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Guests In The Library And The Furious Storm: The Sun On Cancer 26 And Cancer 27


Guests in the LibraryThis Symbol points to the desire, or the ability, to relax and retire into luxury, being able to do what one wants and to share quiet moments of reflection and sharing with others. There is an opportunity to relax and enjoy yourself here and there is time to catch up on the attitudes of others without any pressure. Sharing your ideas, time and energy with others can be rewarding on many levels. This Symbol implies both luxury and indulgence. There does, however, need to be a caution against self-indulgence, as time can slip away if you’re not paying attention to what needs to be done around you.

Sharing of thoughts and ideas. Environments of luxury and social privilege. Publishing.

The Caution: Relating on a superficial level. Being told to “keep quiet”. Being concerned about how the neighbors will react.

However, the Sun, in about 24 hours, turns on a dime for many (not all, though! – it can be good – blowing away the ‘cobwebs’… the Sun will next occupy –


This Symbol implies that you may find yourself much deeper in situations than you had Stormplanned, but you find yourself restrained by the walls about you and the turbulence happening in and around you. Strong emotions or events may be unleashed and there may be no escape from the turbulence that is around, but things will settle down and peace will reign once more. The best thing to do is wait it out and protect your self the best you can. Arguments and emotional confrontations emerge as a result of the ‘pressure cooker’ environments in modern-day living.

Psychic energy being unleashed on the community or the environment. Furious emotions. Unexpected releases of power and turbulence. The awesome power of nature. Instability.

The Caution: Wrongly believing that you are in control of an uncontrollable situation. Enjoyment and promotion of emotional storms and turmoil. Whipping things up. Storms.

It may need to be pointed out that the words ‘Valuable Homes’ encompasses anyone’s home – all our ‘homes’ are ‘valuable’. Of course, the Guests Are Reading and the Furious Storm can imply the brown stuff hitting the fan for the rich and powerful. Still, we may have our own versions of the ‘Storm’ to sort out – even if it’s only happening in our hearts and minds and not so much in events.

And, here in Australia, we have rallies planned, and already starting, filled with ‘white supremacists’, stirring up hate against our Muslim population. UGH.

Also, here in Australia, we have had some strange weather – it’s been snowing heavily in places it never snows. People are staying inside and some people have lost power because of the storms and they are shivering and having to ‘rest in their libraries’.

Likewise in many parts of the world; the actual and emotional weather is weird, wild and somewhat uncontrollable.

These two degrees – Guests Reading In The Library and The Furious Storm In A Canyon, were passed over just hours after the new Moon. Here, we see an example of the Sun now passing over these Symbols, revealing how events, which can unfold after a new Moon, can seeem to be ‘ahead of time’ – the Moon sets them off first.

For those of us not stirring things up, we may find that we have to handle situations that require calm and a feeling of being able to negotiate interesting things that erupt into consciousness.

It will pay to watch both our words and our thoughts, as always.

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The Sun On Cancer 25: A Leader Of Men With A Cloak Of Power

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun today reflects one of power and the right use of it.


Invisible Cloak of PowerThis Symbol points to ‘Invisible’ levels of ‘Power’ that are cloaking someone. It could show someone who’s powerful, a leader, someone to be reckoned with. There is often an unavoidable need to accept powerful responsibilities and to respond rationally to anything that needs to be done. It is almost as though this has been thrust upon you, but it is as much because you have placed yourself in this position of power and responsibility and you both understand and accept the consequences of the role. Take care not to lord it over others. If this is not about you, it can be about someone in your environment. Leadership and its responsibilities. Powerful descent of energies taking over one’s very being. Recognizing brilliance and power. Mantles of power. Cloaks and shawls.

The Caution: Outer shows of superiority. Presuming to be more than one is. Being pushy. Megalomania. Not owning one’s magnificence. The weight of the world on one’s shoulders.

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My Father’s Funeral And The Sense Of Loss And Of Love

ascension_daliWe had Dad’s funeral service yesterday. It was beautiful – very heartfelt – he would have loved it. It reflected him very nicely… no mention of religion, no proselytizing… what a relief. They spoke about his love of astrology, dowsing (which I introduced him to) and Edgar Cayce and how he was very open to the esoteric. He loved his ‘crystal’ as he called it, his pendulum and used it often during the last few years and particularly his last days. He was very attached to that pendulum.

It was a lovely service. I am feeling somewhat depleted. I guess that is normal.

And today, my lovely son Joel is taking Tigger, our 18 year old gorgeous half Burmese half tabby street cat, to the vet to be put down. She is at the end of her days and it’s the right thing to do… it sure is stirring up feelings of loss for me… and, I feel that loss is not the right word. But, it will do. Joel and Tigger live miles from me, otherwise I would go and be a part of it, but then it’s probably best if I continue to move slowly.

I’m having a little too much Saturn on my Sun and Moon and finding it hard to do anything…. almost no motivation. Just stillness.

Oh well, life can be like that.

Thanks, all, for your lovely thoughts about my father. I so appreciate it and appreciate you. And for those who have lost someone and are feeling that loss, I send hugs and much love.


Daily Rave: Venus And Uranus Retrograde And The North Node Traversing The Super Galactic Center


I’ve just recorded another Daily Rave. This time it’s on Venus and it’s retrograde, with a tip of the hat to Jupiter and Uranus, which is also going retrograde at the same time as Venus. I also speak about the Moon’s north node transiting over the Super Galactic Center – a once in 19 year event.

I see this period, right up until the first or second week of December, as being quite momentous and rewarding on so many levels.

I hope you enjoy the recording.

The audio is below – I have yet to figure out why all the blank space – the audio bar seems to take up a lot of room…


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A Tribute To My Father 1927 – 2015

lyndad1My father passed away less than 24 hours ago. He died on the Venus/Jupiter conjunction. The two were *exactly* conjunct, not just to the degree, but to the minute the moment he died. The Sabian Symbol for the Venus/Jupiter conjunction is Leo 23: A Carrier Pigeon Fulfilling Its Mission.

Born an Aries in 1927, he was a rocket man. I realised this when I awoke this morning with the words of Bernie Taupin and Elton John’s music ringing in my ears. My heart and mind were singing it and all the words made complete sense to me… and fit the situation like a hand in a glove. And the sunrise this morning was beyond glorious – the sky was so pink and blue – I have rarely seen such a display. I am up at Katoomba, in the Blue Mountains – the air is crisp and very cold. Here’s a link to the youtube video, complete with lyrics. 

The lyrics fit my feelings so well that when I listened to the song soon after waking up, it burst a dam of emotion that I’d been hanging onto. Prior to that, I just felt numb. 

Dad was an astrologer, particularly in the late 1960’s and during the 1970’s, when he would go over his charts, sometimes with his friend Gordon. Dad would pick the gender of babies before birth with astounding accuracy – he did it many times for people. He also used to have a great love of Edgar Cayce and founded a healing group in the ’70’s. It was a closed group, but I had the great honour of sitting in on it one Monday night at Dad’s fabulous farm at Oxford Falls (Sydney). The healing group would do silent prayers and healings on people who would send him letters detailing their problems. Dad said that he was “rapt in Edgar Cayce”.

Dad was always the round peg in the square hole. He had an extremely difficult, lonely and disjointed childhood. I was born smack on the full Moon and Mum and Dad split up when I was very little. Dad always felt very sad about my childhood… life can be like that.

I didn’t really have Dad in my life, except the occasional visit or stay during the school holidays. What he gave me was a love and respect for the esoteric. I never saw it as something unusual. I too, am a round peg. Dad’s fascination and admiration for Cayce is mirrored in mine for Walter Russell… and, of course, I’m an astrologer. It is in my veins. Always was.

Vail Dad. May your journey into the stars this full Moon with Venus exactly conjoined Jupiter bring you so many joys.

Elton John’s song Rocket Man had me howling (for the first time)… it broke through my numbness and into a place of love…. the words could not be more apt. My lovely sister Anne had packed Dad’s bag and he went into hospice just hours before he died. The words… extraordinary.

As I feel sure you’ll understand, I may be taking a little time to myself, digesting and moving through this experience :)

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