Lynda’s Daily Rave Audio On February’s Aquarius New Moon

standglas_bernini.dove.lgThis coming Aquarian new Moon is a big one. Being squared by Mars in Scorpio, it seems set to be quite a challenge, especially to the status quo (of life, the universe, everything :) )

Here’s a Daily Rave I made (an audio) about this new Moon. There’s a lot to say… I hope you enjoy it!

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Waking Up To Realities, Making Changes And Seeing In The Dark


TMagritte - Mirrorhis shows the need to recognize, or realize, when conditions are changing or when there’s a need to work on your self or your image. This can imply having the ‘scales fall from your eyes’ about someone; you may have thought the world of them and then they are not the person you thought. You could wake up realizing that you’re not who or what you said or thought you were. Relationships may be left behind. The revelation can be amazing, but it requires accurately assessing what is and what isn’t the “Ideal”. Popular support does not always equate with depth of character and self-worth. Be wary of fleeting opportunities and committing before you understand what you’re dealing with.

The Big Awakening. Staying true. Reversals of fortune. Waking up just in time. Not truly seeing people OR scales falling from one’s eyes. Projections of personality.

The Caution: Clinging to false feelings of fame. Falling off the pedestal. Not realizing or admitting changes. Disillusionment. Disappointment. Being seriously let down.

This degree can have us waking up from some disillusionment, or, it can have us realising how we might not have been ‘portraying’ ourselves in the best light, or, it might have us second guessing something we were really sure about.

As an example; right through the election and inauguration of President Obama, the Moon’s north node was on this degree. For many, him becoming president was almost like the ‘second coming’ – many were ecstatic and expecting miracles from the man. Although I was not into bursting people’s bubbles around him being elected (and, I must add, I was glad myself that he was elected), I knew for sure that people would soon find out that he could not walk on water.

This Symbol can have us waking up on many levels. And particularly so as the following degree, which kicks in about twelve hours time… (I’m writing this at 9am Sydney, Australia time on the 30th January which equates to 5pm January 29 EST).


This speaks of noticing those moments of “Inspiration” that come through you and act toA Man Watches His Ideals Taking Concrete move, inspire, propel or goad you into changing your life. Taking time out, having a “Silent Hour”, even if it’s just five minutes, can regularly bring you new ideas, solutions and breakthroughs. You could find that despite racking your brain there has been no rational guidance. Slowing down and opening up to the message of your inner inspiration can bring huge shifts in your life. The rational mind can be noisy and interfere with the flow of intuition. A new inspiration is coming, one that may change your life. Be still and listen!

Welling creative power. Inspiration = breathing in the spirit. Coming to terms with reality. Spiritual awakenings. Quiet moments. Meditation. Intuitive awareness. U-turns.

The Caution: Exclusion of others. Obsession with one’s self or objectives. Being a hermit. Hearing voices that confuse. Feeling trapped. Dropping things too quickly. Being fickle.

Basically, this weekend is a good weekend for making some decisions – some people may make life-changing decisions – and, possibly, for waking up from some kind of dream, nightmare or delusion.

Over the next several hours, we also have the Moon traversing some very difficult degrees in Libra, AND, the Moon will conjunct the Dark Moon Lilith for a few hours.

At the time of posting this, the Moon is on Libra 16: AFTER A STORM, A Beaching A Big Boat Sea Bright, NJBOAT LANDING STANDS IN NEED OF RECONSTRUCTION - we may have survived some kind of ‘storm’ and need to reconstruct a usually stable and secure part of our life. How will you get out your hammer and nails and get cracking to make things better for you and yours?

Lilith is on, and within hours, the Moon will also be on Libra 18: TWO PEOPLE  HAVE TO GIVE AN ACCOUNTING FOR THEIR ACTS BEFORE THE TRIBUNAL OF SOCIETY – another version of this Symbol has it as TWO MEN PLACED UNDER ARREST. 

This Symbol implies the periodic need for people to step up to the line and explain themselves, or to justify some actions or ways of being, particularly in relationships. Sometimes our ideas or actions are under criticism, to the point of feeling that someone has offended social acceptability. Be thoughtful about situations, because problems you face may only exist in your own mind, stopping you from having fruitful relationships because of a lack of trust or a failed relationship in your past. You may need to forgive or feel forgiven. Relationships can be held in abeyance until the facts come to light. Things resolve themselves as time goes by.

Unacceptable principles. People kept apart because of circumstances. Relationships like jail sentences. Staying too long. The law. Karma to be worked out. Judge and juries.

The Caution: Refusing to conform to society. Sabotaging relationship values. Feeling stuck, unable to move. Telling tales. Handcuffs and manacles. Severe judgments.

Within hours, the Moon will traverse this Symbol and then the next –


This Symbol implies that you may feel you have been wronged or something has been taken A Gang Of Robbers In Hidingfrom you. Often, there is no real way of finding who or what is the cause. It often happens that the feelings of loss or being taken advantage of are mostly in your own mind, making it difficult to trust or even to know how to trust. Make sure that there is no undermining of faith by indulging in suspicions that are ungrounded in reality. You could spend time searching for perpetrators, but a better solution is probably to get on with your life. However, do take precautions so you’re not easily taken advantage of. Things will most probably come to light when they are meant to.

Mental attitudes that sabotage, restrict or control. Counseling others to help improve their lives. Alert to intrusion or paranoid? The need for light. Spying. Ambushes. Psychology.

The Caution: Unfair advantage at other’s expense. Finding it hard to trust anything. Difficult hidden energies that erupt into consciousness. Unbalanced mental states. Fear.

I’m not posting these degrees to have people worried… I believe that, with a little conscious intent, we can wake up to things that are going on…. things that may have previously been kept in the dark. What relationships, attitudes, beliefs, events, etc, are keeping you back from the realisations that may change your life?

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The Sun On Aquarius 5: A Council Of Ancestors Have Been Called To Guide A Man

A Council Of Ancestors Have Been Called sayingWe do not inherit the land from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children. Native American Proverb

It is indeed a desirable thing to be well descended, but the glory belongs to our ancestors. Plutarch

Others have done it before me. I can, too. Corporal John Faunce

Behind every able man, there are always other able men. Chinese Proverb

I write to keep in contact with our ancestors and to spread truth to people. Sonia Sanchez

One cool judgment is worth a thousand hasty councils. The thing is to supply light and not heat. Woodrow Wilson

Every man serves a useful purpose: A miser, for example, makes a wonderful ancestor. Laurence J. Peter

Humans are not proud of their ancestors, and rarely invite them round to dinner. Douglas Adams

Some families can trace their ancestors back three hundred years, but can’t tell you where their children were last night. Anonymous

The Sun is on Aquarius 5 – one of the degrees that really stand out to me. There can be a sense of energies flowing to and through us. We can feel that the wisdom of the ancients surrounds us, we can sense their presence, their guidance, their knowledge.

The following is my interpretation from my book The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees Of Wisdom. 


Commentary: The ‘Council of Ancestors Has Been Called to Guide a Man’ implies faith, trust and hope in the wisdom and understanding of those who have gone before. The wisdom of the ‘Council of Ancestors’ is often invoked in tribal spiritual practice. With this Symbol, whenever there is a need for guidance, wisdom or knowledge, whether it is in the present or from the spirit world, the energy of the elders can ‘Guide’ us. This ‘Guidance’ often comes from the ‘Ancestors’ who have passed on, but can also originate from the knowledgeable ones that are still among us.

Oracle: This Symbol reflects the energy and influence that is always available to us throughascension_dali spiritual practice, meditation and the willingness to seek help. You will find you are strengthened by the wisdom of precedent; that which has gone before. There is so much understanding available through the experienced elders and this is what needs to be tapped, experienced, followed and honored in some way. The ‘Council of Ancestors’ holds a storehouse of knowledge and experience and this image suggests that they are being called on to lead and ‘Guide’ you. An issue out of the past may need to be brought to the present day and this can secure much needed guidance and protection. Those who are older and probably wiser in some measure have something valuable to teach us and the time is probably right for this to come through now. However, sometimes things from the past really belong in the past. What the truth of the matter really is needs to be assessed by those involved. Whatever, getting the “authorities” on your side will help you achieve what you want. Listening and learning from those above will lead, one day, to you being able to take charge in your own good time. Sooner or later, you may find yourself invited to join this ‘Council’, taking your own place of authority.

Keywords: Inner knowledge. Instruction. Direct tap roots to deep sources of energy. Karmic connections with the past. The place one comes from. Ancient wisdom versus “old fogies”. Parents and grandparents. Families and family lineage. Proving bloodlines. Committees, boards and councils. Memories of those who’ve gone before. The Akashic records.

The Caution: Reliance on conservatism. Obsolete boards of authority. Not being able to move with the times. Needing the nod of approval from others to validate what one’s doing. Not being free to do what one wants. Having to please the elders in some way. Bound by family or past-life karma. Nagging negativity. Old fashioned views that limit expansion.

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Mercury Retrograde On Capricorn 24: A Woman Entering A Convent

Mercury is retrograde on Capricorn 24: A WOMAN ENTERING A CONVENT – the Sun was on this degree yesterday. Are you feeling the need to get away from it all? To spend some time contemplating? Meditating? Looking at your place in life, in the world, in relationships?

There are things to confess that enrich the world, and things that need not be said. Joni Mitchell

When you’re not feeling holy your loneliness tells you you’ve sinned. Leonard Cohen

It is not easy to be a nun. It is a life of sacrifice and self-abnegation. It is a life against nature. Poverty, chastity and obedience are extremely difficult. But there are always the graces if you will pray for them. Kathryn Hulme

I have been studying how I may compare the prison where I live unto the world. William Shakespeare

The man who has begun to live more seriously within begins to live more simply without. Ernest Hemingway

Gretels Mary MackillopThis Symbol shows the ability, or the need, for spending time in contemplation and dedication to one’s spiritual life or to a higher cause. At times, you will have to drop the demands of society and the lower, base nature, to concentrate on more spiritual, higher, or meaningful things in life. There may be a need to get away from the pressures of society and time contemplating your inner thoughts and values. This may be a lonely passage and you may be disenchanted with the pressures and ways of society. There needs to be times of inner work, just as for outer work. Dedicating oneself to the big picture can bring rewards, but hiding yourself away too much can lead to losses on many levels.

Spiritual retreat. Losing the libido. Renouncing things. Taking vows. Marriage with God. Longing for love of a higher kind. Sexual retreat. Sacrifice. Opting out. Maintaining faith.

The Caution: Self sacrifice to win sympathy. Complete neglect of self and hiding away. Crisis of faith. Feeling devoid of emotion. Lost and alone. Self denial. Loss of hope.

This painting is a wonderful piece from a long-time friend of mine, Gretel Pinniger (AKA Madam Lash) – it’s a portrait of Australia’s first saint – Mary McKillop, Australia’s first and only saint (and a female) – whose birthday it is today. Mary has both the Sun and Mercury on The Woman Entering A Convent degree (no kidding)… behind her is Gretel as The Immaculate Lash.

Are you feeling this? And if so, which archetype of The Woman Entering The Convent do you most identify with?


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A New Blog Post Is Up: Tuning In And Turning On To The Invisible: January’s Capricorn New Moon

A Hidden Choir Being Heard In A Church ServiceWhat’s invisible sings, and we bear witness. Rita Dove

Let us be silent that we may hear the whispers of the gods. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent. Victor Hugo

The hidden harmony is better than the obvious. Alexander Pope

Of course the music is a great difficulty. You see, if one plays good music, people don’t listen, and if one plays bad music people don’t talk. Oscar Wilde

I like the silent church before the service begins, better than any preaching. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Religion’s in the heart, not in the knees. Douglas William Jerrold

It is difficult to produce a television documentary that is both incisive and probing when every twelve minutes one is interrupted by twelve dancing rabbits singing about toilet paper. Rod Serling

Let us go singing as far as we go: the road will be less tedious. Virgil

January’s Capricorn new Moon occurs on the evening of the 9th in the United States and on the 10th in Australia. This is a very powerful new Moon and one that will have many ramifications – some great, some not-so-great (as always).

For a start, we have Venus and Saturn conjunct (together) on some very interesting degrees. Saturn is on Sagittarius 13: A WIDOW’S PAST IS BROUGHT TO LIGHT. This Symbol, especially with Saturn (the Lord of Karma, among other things) on this degree. It speaks about secrets coming out, the revelations of things that have previously been kept under wraps. It can also be about our fears that such things might be brought to the surface, rather than the reality of it actually happening. Saturn here could show us where we keep parts of our lives suppressed, quiet, out-of-bounds. It may show were we have some regret or shame attached to incidents, especially from the past. Add to this the fact that the day before the new Moon, Venus is also on this ‘Widow’s Secrets’ degree.  To read more click here… 

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2016: Leaving The Unwanted Behind And Forging New Pathways – Jupiter And The Nodes

It’s interesting that, as we say goodbye to 2015 and hello to 2016, the Moon’s north node is on Virgo 25: A FLAG AT HALF MAST IN FRONT OF A PUBLIC BUILDING - big events can happen with a planet or a point on this degree. Hopefully not difficult or challenging ones…

Sailors Lowering An Old Flag and Raising a New OneThis Symbol points to recognition for a life well lived or for a notable contribution to society or someone in the public eye. This is about carrying a task through to completion, or, having the enormous desire to leave something, a legacy perhaps, to society that is worth commemorating or celebrating. It also signals a time for letting something go or knowing when to just give up or let go. It shows recognition of what’s been accomplished. A life may have been lost, or a project finished. This can produce a feeling that something has passed from your life. Grieving may be necessary, however, so is assimilating what it took to get where you are, and for moving forward again into the future.

Public tribute and recognition. Walking away or leaving. Signs for all to see. Having the power to sway the masses. Obituaries. Public holidays. Taking time to grieve.

The Caution: Feeling an obligation to carry on without taking time to mourn loss. Denying your life in order to fulfill some social function. Hypocritical mourning.

It’s even more interesting when one factors in the Sabian Symbol for the Moon’s south node: Pisces 25: THE PURGING OF THE PRIESTHOOD

This shows seeing through those who hold important positions yet abuse trust or those whoThe Purging Of The Priesthood make great claims but don’t live up to them. At this time, you’re likely to find yourself leaving others behind, kicking them out, or experiencing falls from grace. Periodically, there is a need to examine moral and spiritual sincerity. It is easy to allow those who don’t really belong to stay because of familiarity or habit. We can lose sight of the ideal through our rationalizing intellect, ego and emotive passion. There is a need to cleanse and purify your life, leading to better spiritual values. What side of the “Purging” are you on? Are you the one with the ‘right motives’? Who’s in charge?

Things holding you back. Revealing the truth. Throwing out what doesn’t measure up. Dismissals and redundancies. Being a hot shot or not. Betrayal of trust. Cover ups.

The Caution: Battles over spiritual direction. Abusing authority. Whistle blowing. Damning others. Deceiving, lying or misleading. Corruption and scandals. Burning books.

Meanwhile, issues to do with co-dependence are on the radar with Jupiter stationing retrograde (which means it is currently sitting on this degree for an extended period of time) – on the Karmic Condition of The Flag At Half Mast (the Karmic Condition is the degree before a planet or a point).

Jupiter is on Virgo 24: MARY AND HER WHITE LAMB - this Symbol can be one of trying to do ‘the right thing’ and yet being judged, scorned, rejected. As with Mary’s White Lamb, there may be no place for you or your emotions or thoughts or self to really land or comfortably ‘be’. Trying to please everyone is one side-effect of this degree – OR – it can be about realising where you might do this – Jupiter could be saying that it’s time to make changes – time to stop being the one who always ‘turns up’, the one who always helps out, the one who forgets her/him self in amongst what’s going on. This is a beautiful degree, but, combined with the nodes on the degrees that talk about remembering yourself in amongst it, strengthens the message of the realisation of co-dependence or the lengths you might go to to keep people happy.

Mary And Her White LambThis Symbol can show purity of motive and pure and wonderful relationships and friendships. However, it can also point to dependence or codependence where people can’t stand to be separate. Hence, relationships may need to be assessed to see how healthy they actually are. The need for constant reassurance that everything is OK can be wearing and put a strain on those involved. Keeping a sense of innocence and purity will lift you up and out of any problems. Be loving and be there for others, but don’t let things get out of hand as you could find yourself sewn at the hip with another and not able to get any free time for yourself.

Simple childlike innocence or pure escapism. Feeling stuck in a relationship. No room to move. Kindness. Friendship. Bonds between people or pets. Looking out for someone.

The Caution: Avoidance of the real picture. Naiveté. Doubting motives of others. Paranoia. Stalking. Doe-eyed attraction. Jealousy through favoritism. Being the black sheep. Narcissism.

So, we have Jupiter (Mary And Her White Lamb – codependent issues, issues of purity of relationships – issues to do with narcissistic attitudes) conjuncting the Moon’s north node (which is on The Flag At Half Mast) and the Moon’s south node on The Purging Of The Priesthood.

The Moon is also in amongst all this for New Year’s Eve, especially if you’re in Australia or New Zealand (as we head into the new year ahead of the US and Europe, etc). The Virgo Moon is smack on the Moon’s north node.. an interesting placement and one that emphasises the whole thing even more.

What does all this mean to you? Well, in a world of possibilities, it is hard for me to predict – *however*, it is a strong message of remembering the roots of relationship and friendship and not putting up with being second best…

Here’s part of the message – don’t play second fiddle! – don’t be second best in relationships. If someone is treating you like an underling, or as an afterthought, or forgets you, treats you badly, does not appreciate what you bring to the relationship, it is either time to bring it up so issues can be brought to light OR it might be time to say goodbye.


This shows being able to see, or to accept, when it’s time for people to move on or to part People Going Ahead With Their Different Projectsfrom each other. They need to “Go Ahead With Their Different Projects” – their focus has changed and, quite possibly, they’ve parted ways. There’s a picture here of new beginnings. People will have their own response to situations – not everyone will react in the same way. It can be a good idea to direct some energy into your desires or projects at the time of the new moon. Light a candle and state your intentions with honesty and love.

Diversifying. Applying talents in new directions. People splitting up and splitting off. New opportunities and potentials. Divorces. New jobs, directions and destinies. New eras.

The Caution: Not giving emotional support. Feeling split off and alone. The fear and loathing of separation. Failing relationships. Overthrowing the old too quickly. Fickleness.

The Moon’s north node has just recently also passed over Virgo 26: A BOY WITH A CENSER SERVES NEAR THE PRIEST AT THE ALTAR – the major message of which at the moment is *don’t play second fiddle*.

Boy Priest Second Fiddle AltarThis Symbol implies doing an apprenticeship or spending time with someone who knows about a skill, craft or profession, or, being in an authoritarian position with someone younger or less experienced who is rising up through the ranks, learning as they go. It doesn’t matter what part you’re playing; even the smallest contribution is an important part of the whole. Give reverence and respect to everyday routines, and find hope renewed through the promise of what’s to come in the future. Either your time is coming as you grow and mature and take a higher position in life, or, you’re handing over the reins to someone younger who’s prepared to carry on with the work.

Doing with silence and devotion. Participating in the toil, but not the glory. Altars and shrines. Incense and candles. Passing down wisdom and knowledge. Work experience.

The Caution: Dominated by spiritual hierarchy. Doing ‘lesser things’. Avoiding responsibility. Imbalance of responsibility or rewards. Abuse of power. Exploiting the innocent. Feeling second best.

Strong relationships and friendships, of course, will go from strength to strength. BUT, those relationships that you have with others were you are not happy, not fulfilled, not being acknowledged, rewarded, reciprocated, enjoyed. Those relationships that leave you feeling empty and powerless and merely serve to remind you of bad memories, events, emotions – do you really want to take them into 2016 with you?

That is the major message of Jupiter and the Moon’s nodes at the moment.

Jupiter has recently been on and the Moon’s north node is going to be on Virgo 22 for some weeks right through February, March and April. The Moon’s north node is set to bring us further realisations about our worth, our heritage perhaps, our sense of self.

The major message from the Moon’s node during the first four months of 2016 is –


This Symbol implies is a strong connection to heritage and family lines. This can give rise to Royal Coat Alessandro Allori. Tapestry with the Medici-Lorena Coat of Arms.feelings of pride and honor as one accepts that a sense of nobility is one’s birth right. Even if there’s no actual nobility in your bloodline, there can be a sense of nobility about your character and bearing. There are things to stand up for and represent, regardless of where you come from and who your ancestors and your family are. Believing in yourself and your abilities will give you strength and stability and people will believe in your beauty, talent or worth, regardless of your background or where you’re from.

A long lineage standing behind. Nobility. ‘Coats of Arms’. Pure blood. Hereditary issues. Having rights and prestige. Pageantry. Knights jousting. Inheritances. Privilege. Tartans.

The Caution: Superficial judgment on one’s worth. Privileges for the select few. Elitism. Snobbery. Feeling above everyone. Class consciousness. Treating people like underlings.

How amazing. Moments after posting about the Moon’s north node recently being on Virgo 26: The Boy With The Censor Stands Near The Priest At The Alter AND the Moon’s south node NOW on Pisces 25: The Purging Of The Priesthood, I see this:


Nature Spirits And Fairies: Are We Off With The Pixies?

Venus is on Scorpio 28: THE KING OF THE FAIRIES APPROACHING HIS DOMAIN - here we are again, not wanting to piss off the fairies…

Warning Dont Piss Off The Fairies - AngelsThis Symbol shows the ability, or the need, to feel at ease and in charge of your home, territory or domain. You may have been searching for where you belong or where your “Domain” is. Although you may at times be off looking for this, feeling alien and alone won’t work; there’s a need to feel accepted, welcomed and loved. There may be the feeling of wanting to be a dominant leader or having a doting populace. As long as egos are in control, this can be a fabulous experience of ‘returning home’, a nice, and calm and spiritual place to be. Also, this degree can show a world of one’s own creation or imagination – which can be fabulously rewarding although it can also be rather ungrounded in reality.

Imaginary worlds. Finding a place to fit in and feel comfortable. Feeling in charge and in demand. Returning home. Taking command of your life. Fairies, nature spirits. Elves.

The Caution: An imaginary world. Dependence on trickery. Someone acting like a ‘hot shot’. Lording it over people. Being impotent. Feeling locked out. Homelessness.

Curiously, I woke up this morning to an email saying my domain name had automatically renewed. Ha, the Sabian Symbols can be so incredibly literal like that.

Do you know where your domain is? Do you feel safe, secure and respected?

Taking things lightly may be the message of this time, especially with Venus and Mercury in a lovely sextile aspect.

Mercury on Capricorn 26: A NATURE SPIRIT DANCING IN THE MIST OF A WATERFALL - we may need to remember to ‘dance’, to enjoy life, to be light-hearted.

This Symbol shows skipping lightly over the surface of life, dancing and playing. You may feel emotionally light and almost mischievous. The worries of life and the deeper parts of your feelings are ignored as you effortlessly flit over the surface of any troubles. Whilst this is, essentially, a beautiful symbol of a joy, harmony and a ‘lightness of being’, there may be an element of feeling cut off from your body, or reality. This can lead to a sense of alienation or difficulty in knowing where to land or evading problems by ignoring them or rising above them.King Of The Fairies Approach His Domain

Effervescent spirits. Dancing in a carefree manner. Water and fun. Peter Pan attitudes. Celebrations of the natural world. Waterfalls. Mist. Nymphs, fairies. Subtle energies.

The Caution: Irresponsibility, avoidance of real situations. Not taking anything seriously. Escapism. Moving, or flying, around. Perceptions of light. Fear of dark places. Naïve.

The trick is: There might be misunderstandings and quick tempers flaring up as Mercury is moving into a square with Mars in Libra. Mars in Libra tries to keep a sense of equilibrium – “it’s ok, it’s ok, it’s ok, IT’S SO NOT OK!!” – we can find our apple carts upset rather easily and issues can come up rather unexpectedly. The trick is to rise above situations and take a heightened perspective.


AirplaneThis Symbol shows the ability to transcend strife and rise above issues. You can feel above situations and are being carried away and beyond the mundane towards something completely new. You can sail above issues and avoid more everyday, down-to-earth problems. Having a calm, objective and somewhat detached way of observing life reveals a lot to you. Don’t, however, get so far above things that you feel removed entirely from what’s really going on in reality. This won’t help when you need to employ practical solutions or have a need to really deal with life and its ramifications.

Transcending difficulties. Optimism that knows no bounds. Having a bird’s eye view. Airplanes, birds, flight. Roller-coaster rides. The need for navigation. Objectivity.

The Caution: Difficulty seeing the details of what’s going on. Escape from reality. Running out of fuel. Egoism. Playing with gravity. Disconnection from the real world.

Providing a lovely counter-point to the energies of Mercury and Mars squaring each other is Jupiter trining Mercury from Virgo 24: MARY AND HER WHITE LAMB - Jupiter is stationing retrograde on this degree, so this Symbol is highlighted for some time and becomes a big message for this period of time as we go into 2016. Where do we need to soften our approach to others? Where might we recognise co-dependent behaviour? Are there those who hang onto you rather too tightly? Does someone watch your every move? Do you find that you, or others, feel sewn at the hip with you?

This Symbol can show purity of motive and pure and wonderful relationships and Mary and Her White Lambfriendships. However, it can also point to dependence or codependence where people can’t stand to be separate. Hence, relationships may need to be assessed to see how healthy they actually are. The need for constant reassurance that everything is OK can be wearing and put a strain on those involved. Keeping a sense of innocence and purity will lift you up and out of any problems. Be loving and be there for others, but don’t let things get out of hand as you could find yourself sewn at the hip with another and not able to get any free time for yourself.

Simple childlike innocence or pure escapism. Feeling stuck in a relationship. No room to move. Kindness. Friendship. Bonds between people or pets. Looking out for someone.

The Caution: Avoidance of the real picture. Naiveté. Doubting motives of others. Paranoia. Stalking. Doe-eyed attraction. Jealousy through favoritism. Being the black sheep.


The Sun On The Galactic Centre – The Law Of Attraction And Our Visions Taking Concrete Form

ascensionIt may be that our role on this planet is not to worship God but to create him. Arthur C. Clarke

Art is not a mirror to reflect the world, but a hammer with which to shape it. Vladimir Mayakovsky

A man paints with his brains and not with his hands. Michelangelo

Every separate thought takes shape and becomes visible in color and form. Liu Hua-Yang

The universe is one of God’s thoughts. Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller

If you do not find yourself beautiful yet, act as does the creator of a statue that is to be made beautiful: he cuts away here, he smoothes there, he makes this line lighter, this other purer, until a lovely face has grown upon his work. Plotinus

We must become the change we want to see. Mahatma Gandhi

The Sun today and tomorrow is traversing the Galactic Centre. This is where we look out at the Galactic Centre and this area of Sagittarius is the part of the zodiac that is aligned with it (from our perspective (!) ). The Galactic Centre is said to be where ‘The Mind Of God’ resides. It speaks of the Law Of Attraction… and, the Sabian Symbol is, as usual, astounding. (I will add here that Elsie Wheeler, when she was channelling the Symbols, giving birth to them in 1925, had no conscious knowledge of what Sabian Symbols – the Sabian Symbols are phrases – was being assigned to what degree of the zodiac – astounding).

It is astounding that she gave the Galactic Centre this degree (the GC was exactly on this degree when the Symbols were born in 1925 – they move at the rate of 1 degree every 72 years, due to the procession of the equinoxes.

Today, the Sun is on Sagittarius 27: THE SCULPTOR’S VISION IS SLOWLY BUT SURELY TAKING FORM – the following is from my book The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees Of Wisdom – 

Commentary: ‘The Sculptor’s Vision’ shows an image of some desired shape or outcome, a picture that is projected out onto the world through creative work. The fact that the ‘Vision Is Slowly But Surely Taking Form’ shows that slow and sometimes painstaking detail is needed to work towards something that is truly worth the time and effort.

Oracle: You are in a situation where you are able to manipulate things or events into something of value and lasting integrity. There is the ability, or the need, to project shape and ‘Form’ onto materials or situations to have a desired outcome; to have the ‘Vision’ actually be allowed to ‘Take Form’. Who and what we are in our more private moments right through to our public lives is largely shown through the life we manifest, the reality we see before us and create. This Symbol can indicate the changing of one’s body shape or gaining or losing weight so the appearance can fit the vision that one has in mind. Whatever ‘The Vision’ is, it is ‘Surely Taking Form’, and you’ll be able to see clues to how it’s shaping up in the situation facing you. The work that needs to be done, or the desired outcome, is finally able to take shape. However, it is a good idea to observe and decide whether the ‘Form’ that you want is actually what is eventuating or in the pipeline. Attention and work on the situation at hand will ensure a final outcome of one’s objectives. Be especially careful to ask for what you truly want or need. Is the ‘Form’ that is evolving truly resonant with who you are? Concentrate on what you want and don’t deviate from the ‘Vision’ as your work could be spoilt with one wrong stroke of the brush. Follow the ‘Vision’ and be creative; picture an outcome and watch it materialize.

Keywords: Concrete creative manifestation. The Godhead. This is the Symbol of the Galactic Center. Creating the ‘Vision’. Evolution. Things going from crude beginnings all the way up to concrete outcomes. Sculptors and sculptures. Molding shapes and forms. Seeing and visualizing things ahead of their time. Sticking with the creation.

The Caution: Disregard of others’ needs. Unnatural focus on the goal. Being one-eyed about the outcome. Watching a situation, or one’s life “crystallize” into unbending shapes. Having one’s designs set in stone. Sitting back and thinking that things will just magically happen without any effort being made. Others believing they know what you should do or be.

Tomorrow, the Sun will move onto Sagittarius 28 – and this is smack on where the GC is now (the GC moved onto this degree in October 2014 – from memory – anyways, it’s splitting hairs – there is an orb of influence that is a few degrees before and after this degree).

We are told never to cross a bridge till we come to it, but this world is owned by men who have “crossed bridges” in their imagination far ahead of the crowd. Speakers Library

Sagittarius 28: A SPLENDIDLY BUILT BRIDGE, A HERITAGE OF UNKNOWN AGES, STILL SPANS THE BEAUTIFUL AND WILDLY PRIMITIVE STREAM - we are to be ‘The Bridge’ – we can be the bridge between us and others, between ourselves New Harmony bridgeand God, between ourselves and what we want. We can be the bridge that forms the link between others and God… we must be The Bridge. I Believe this to be one of the biggest messages of this age.

Commentary: A ‘Splendidly Built Bridge’ is shown. It is a ‘Heritage of Unknown Ages’. The ‘Bridge’ implies strength, dependability; passages, links and shortcuts across things that would otherwise divide and keep people and places apart. This Symbol represents a ‘Bridge’ that was ‘Built’ long ago, but is still of use and benefit to all that use it.

Oracle: You may need to find ‘A Bridge’ between your fresh, energetic aspirations, thoughts and emotions and constructive thought and activity. Traditional ways of approaching things may lead to the best solutions now. It may be that the ‘Bridge’ was developed by the experiences of many generations. It could also reflect inherent qualities carried through from history, perhaps past lives. Whatever, you are able to span different levels of awareness with a ‘Splendidly Built Bridge’. If you feel disconnected, know that you can be confident, restiing in the reassurance that the ‘Bridge’ is still there. The ‘Bridge’ is an ever-present capacity that is a gift to you from the universe. However, there may be a “toll” to be paid for going across the ‘Bridge’. If so, is this journey (this event, conversation or habit) an outworn one? Is there a continual reversing of direction or position—or is there movement and links being forged in one sure direction? If you don’t know how to raise your level of awareness or intuition into the conscious realm, be confident that you really do know intuitively. Thoughts or emotions can act as a link or a barrier between our soul centered inspiration and the source of higher awareness. The ‘Wildly Primitive Stream’ is a symbol of those emotions, but no matter how far back or deeply active our emotional landscape is, the ‘Bridge’ can take us safely across.

Keywords: Enduring elements from past traditions providing links with the modern day. Reverence for things of worth that stand as reminders of yesterday. Linking people, places and things with clarity. Connections with the “old country”, or past lives. Beautiful and inspiring landscapes. Getting in touch with people. Ever repeating journeys. Passages across the water. Permanence.

The Caution: Sticking with old, outworn methods, with no new ideas. Themes of buying the “Brooklyn Bridge”. Continually having to tread the tried-and-true path without deviating.

I made a youtube video about this. You can watch it here… click here.