The Sun On Virgo 30: An Urgent Task Needs No Distractions


Man With An Urgent Task DistractionsWhat distractions take you away from what you need to be doing? Are you able to focus and complete the tasks that are before you, or that you really need to concentrate on? How many times do you check your phone, the internet, FB, when you are really wanting to get something completed that means far more to you?

There is a need for single-mindedness in application here. ‘Distractions’ can lead one astray and waste valuable time. As can getting lost in the details. Pushing through with the work, avoiding temptations regardless of what’s going on around you will bring the rewards of completion.

Stay true to yourself and stay on the path. One-pointedness in application. The need for focus. Seeing something through to the finish.

The Caution: Paying too much attention to outside influences. Letting the slightest excuse take you away from what needs to be done – although rigidity of thought or action can lead one to miss creative or intuitive opportunities.

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Mercury On The Pilgrim And The Message In The Autumn Leaf Degree – Libra 25


Autumn Leaves Pilgrim- Ah, Venus on the Caravan Of Cars and Mercury on The Pilgrim degree – all adds nicely.. I love this degree, it is my Neptune. I’ve always been into photography and I’ve always loved the beautiful autumn leaves….

This Symbol implies the ability, or the necessity, of being able to see far more in simple things than most people see. Instead of merely seeing “An Autumn Leaf”, “The Pilgrim” sees the cycle of life, the seed turning into the tree, the leaves turning in the autumn, etc, etc. There is far more to see in simple objects than is first apparent. You may have learnt much and yet grown tired of seeking information about life through conventional channels. A sudden insight can lead to a whole new revelation of life and its processes. Seeing things that others miss, look for answers in simple, everyday things around you. They may be fleeting, but they are around you – look for the signs, they can have profound effects.

Seasonal adjustments. Fleeting inspiration. Pilgrims and journeys. Photographs. Snapshots in time. Angelic visions. Philosophical minds. Holograms. Synchronicity.

The Caution: Focusing on things with no lasting value or no longer relevant. Looking for answers in everything. Continual search for significance. Overreactions to simple things.

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Venus On Virgo 20: A Caravan Of Cars Headed For Promised Lands


caravan-holiday- Do you feel like moving? Feel like traveling? Have the desire to get going with something? Sense that you could – or should – be heading off into a new life with more promise, more joy, more companionship, more adventure?

There is a feeling of needing to move on to new thoughts, a new way of doing things, possibly even on to a new way of life, but you are probably not alone. There are likely to be several others who share the same impulses. Setting out on a new venture can be fun, even if somewhat risky. Having a map of where you’re going will help, as will a willingness to meet new people.

Venturing into life with like-minded companions. Seeking new territory. Buses, caravans, trucks, etc. Gypsies. Hollywood, California, “boom towns”.

The Caution: Forsaking the individual path in favor of the less satisfying, but more secure, common path. Ever perpetuating restlessness. Crazy goose-chases.

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Mars On The Old Owl High Up In A Tree: Sagittarius 5

The Sabian Symbol for Mars is Sagittarius 5: AN OLD OWL PERCHED HIGH UP IN A TREE

Luna 2008This Symbol implies the ability, or the necessity, of being able to quietly observe what’s going on around you. Owls can turn their heads right around and very little escapes their attention. At the same time, they’re not easily detected in the trees as they usually only come out at night. They wait and watch and listen before making their move. The wise “Owl” sees all, seeing what others miss, and keeps very quiet whilst digesting all that’s going on. There may be a need to consult with aged wisdom, either within yourself or from without. Emulating this behavior can bring feelings of solitude, but this may be just what’s sometimes needed. This degree can indicate insomnia caused by thinking or doing too much at bedtime.

Wisdom and strength. Evening contemplation. Night owls. Peripheral vision. Nocturnal vision. The spirit of birds. Silent flight. Acute hearing. Lofty ideals. Educated.

The Caution: Smug denial of available wisdom. Not saying anything even when it’s needed. Acting like one knows it all. Acting old before one’s time. Waiting for prey.
Photo of Luna by Lindsay McKenna - thanks!

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The Sun On The Gaining Of Secret Knowledge From An Ancient Scroll


uffington_horse-google_earthI had quite an amazing experience with this Symbol several years ago. I was staying with a dear friend, Jude Levy, right near the fabulous Horse Of Uffington in England. I had some time before taken the figure of the Horse as my logo. Jude lent me her fabulous car and I drive up to the Hill where the Horse is (it is almost 360 feet long !  ) and walked over to it and sat near it and begin sobbing – just sobbing and sobbing. I had no idea why I was crying, the tears were flooding my face. I gathered myself up and drove to the little local museum. On the wall, there was a reproduction of a poster for a market day set some 250 or so years earlier. They held markets at the Horse every seven years where people would emerge from all over the countryside and there would be sack race, tobacco smoking contests (!), and, the people would scrape away the turf that we threatening to cover the hill figure of the Horse.

I literally had the poster – which was designed as a type of scroll – to the left of my computer and I cast the chart for this market day, some 250 years earlier… My eyes almost popped out as I saw the degree of the Moon – Virgo 29 A Man Gaining Secret Knowledge From An Ancient Scroll He is Reading – it was almost as if *I* was in that chart – I was part of that landscape – traveling back through time… it was an amazing moment for me. So incredibly holographic – life!

This ‘Ancient Scroll’ that the ‘Man is Gaining Secret Knowledge’ from can literally refer to newton blakewritten material, but it can also mean unwritten things, the myths and stories that are the base elements of our humanity. It is, however, the ability to translate this ‘Knowledge’ into a practical set of lessons for our day-to-day life that assists our progress as we grow and mature. Stories from the past and from mythology are the verbalization of our inner archetypes. An Oracle is something that reveals ‘Secret knowledge’; or our own inner wisdom is revealed by the inspiration of an Oracle. The most seemingly insignificant information can often turn out to be valuable for the future understanding or our experiences. There may be the feeling of not knowing what to do, or of not knowing what is going on. To gain a sense of clarity in your situation, go back to the basic or essential truths of the matter. This may indeed be the inner wisdom of the ages. Modern solutions may not be of use at this time. Understanding will come through patient, steady work and illuminating inspiration.

Keywords: Learning from ancient mysteries. Looking for answers. Study and its rewards. Reading between the lines. Finding clues from the past and applying them to the present. Being privileged to look into something special. Alchemy. The Bible, the Torah and the Koran. Manuscripts. Scrolls. Ancient writings. Akashic records. Classified documents. Secret papers.

The Caution: Failing to acknowledge old wisdom. Losing one’s common sense. Losing touch with reality. Reading importance into things that are not real or useful. Conspiracy theories. Religious zealotry. Feeling gifted over the rest. Finding nothing interesting in the everyday, modern world.

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The Sun On Virgo 28: Baldheaded Man In Uniform Seizing Power


Little Boy Pouring Lotion on bald head holding hairbrushA ‘Baldheaded Man in Uniform Has Seized Power’. This pictures a situation where male power is dominant. The fact that this person is pictured as being ‘Baldheaded’ doesn’t literally have to mean that he is ‘Bald’. Baldness has long been associated with macho strength and testosterone. The fact that he’s seen as being ‘In Uniform’ shows that this person has, or needs to be given, a position of authority or ‘Power’. However, this ‘Uniform’ may give him more of this perceived ‘Power’ than perhaps he should have or deserves to have.

This may be the time to ‘Seize Power’ and to push forward with decisions that need to be realized and grounded now. Someone may need to take a stand and direct the course of action. It is most likely by force of will that the best solution will be found, but one must be careful to temper the situation, as strong displays of masculinity could get out of hand very quickly. Somebody may be pushing their agenda a little too hard, taking over and showing control issues. There are times when someone has to take charge-the question is in this situation; are they doing it wisely and kindly? Is love guiding their decisions or are they just being pushy and forceful? If someone is being over the top and bossy, this may be because of feelings of inferiority that they are trying to mask or cover up, especially if they feel that life has passed them by. Reigning in the many facets of one’s personality into a single focus of action can work wonders now.

Keywords: Dominating other’s mental space. Male hormones running rampant. Issues to do with hair. Ponytails. The story of Samson and his hair. Taking positions of power. Uniforms. Demanding others follow one’s lead. Strutting one’s stuff. “Wearing the pants in the family”. The ability to direct and organize many people. Letting others express their opinions or have a say in things. Domination. The Government. The Military. Decisions based on logic.

The Caution: Pushing too hard or fast. Ramming one’s convictions. Being unkind and bossy. Putting on a show because one’s in uniform. Power tripping. Being cruel and domineering. Lording it over others. Being opportunistic. Corruption. Misuse of power. Bullying. Big business calling the shots. Domestic violence. Taking charge because one can. Strict rules to live your life by. Taking over.

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The Drums Of War…

Talk about the drums of war…

Army OfficerNeptune is on Pisces 6: A Parade Of Army Officers In Full Dress –

Chiron is on Pisces 15: An Officer Drilling His Men In A Simulated Attack,

Vesta (and soon, Saturn) is on Scorpio 21: Obeying His Conscience, A Soldier Resists Orders and then both Vesta and Saturn will be on Scorpio 22: Hunters Shooting Wild Ducks,

Mars is on Sagittarius 3: Two Men Playing Chess…

The Sun is on Virgo 25: A Flag At Half Mast In Front Of A Public Building –

Heck! All this talk of war – all this chest thumping. At least this coming new Moon, which I’m writing up a newsletter about right now, contains some brilliant, amazing and redeeming Symbols… this new Moon is really quite extraordinary. As we are heading into the ‘dark of the moon’ period in the next few days, it will help to remember that there is a possibility for a turn around, at the very least in our hearts and minds… this coming new Moon is one of the best I’ve seen in a long time for redemption, hope and resurrection of the good…


The Asteroid Vesta On Scorpio 21: A Soldier Resisting Orders

The asteroid Vesta is on an interesting degree: Scorpio 21: OBEYING THEIR CONSCIENCE, A SOLDIER RESISTS ORDERS

Soldier Going AWOLIt seems that the ‘feminine’ component of our selves does not want to continue the warring – we want to have peace. We want to follow our ‘Conscience’ – whether that leads us away from things we would normally do or support, OR, into a feeling of having to step up and fight for something because it is the right thing to do.

Saturn will be on this degree very soon - bringing a further dimension to it all…

This Symbol shows someone who’s “Conscience” stops them from following a certain course of action, staying with a project or relationship when they’d rather leave, or, someone not prepared to compromise their values to do something that society says they must do. You may find yourself in situations where what you are expected to do is against your inner values, conscience or how you see your future unfolding. You may at times in your life have to make the difficult choice between allegiance to duty and your own inner truth. True freedom can only be found when one faces situations with a sense of integrity and prepared to face the consequences, be they positive or negative.

Personal morality. Doing what one’s conscience dictates. Longing for a return to a state of love and innocence. Love that restrains. Not following orders. Going AWOL.

The Caution: Cowardice or lack of courage to act. Not doing what is expected. ‘Going over the top’ in a wild and crazy way. Freezing and confining emotions. Tantrums.


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Mars On The Two Men Playing Chess Degree: Sagittarius 3

Mars is on Sagittarius 3: TWO MEN PLAYING CHESS - an interesting degree seeing so much is at stake now with the men of war banging their chests and wanting to rub each other out. What strategies can you employ to not get caught up in arguments, or feeling like you’re in a life-or-death situation? What is your best move in order to come out of situations unscathed, perhaps the winner…? Is there a need for a ‘winner’? Sometimes we play the game just to play it, but we don’t have to go all the way in a desire to ‘rub the other out’… Mars here could be telling us to observe how we get caught up in arguments and how to really see things for what they are – a game.

illusion-chess-boardThis Symbol shows the ability, or the necessity, to indulge in strategic games, arguments or competitions. There can be a strong sense of knowing how to maneuver situations in order to win or come out on top, often with an eye to possible outcomes. Often, there’s a need to be thoughtful and cautious, taking into account the wider picture. Impulsive acts with no forward planning can be risky. It probably pays to not show your weak side, but do everything with the possible objective of winning. It can be difficult to relax in competitive environments; one often feels that they can’t let their guard down because they might be taken advantage of, in some way. Take one step at a time and move with purpose and forethought.

Strategic competition. Seeing the picture several moves ahead. Trying to knock out the opponent. Arguments. Court battles. War strategies. Matching wits. Lawyers. Divorce.

The Caution: Depending on pure luck. Underestimating the opponent’s skill or strategy.
Bickering and trying to get the better. Wanting to slay the opponent. Not knowing when to stop.

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