Venus On Gemini 11: Newly Opened Lands Bring A Pioneer New Experiences


Newly Opened Lands PioneerWhat ‘Newly Opened Lands’ are you wanting to head towards? What ‘New Opportunities For Experience’ are you desiring? Have you sensed that new doors are opening for you? Are you keen on heading into new territory?

This Symbol shows that there’s a need to break away from old familiar ground and move out into unknown territory. Fear is the greatest barrier to moving forward, but the familiar must be left behind for new possibilities. Taking opportunities to move on to new realms of being can lead to a whole new experience or indeed a whole new life. You have to be prepared to leave the old behind and to step out into new experiences with an open heart and an open mind. You could be starting from scratch with little to support you, but you could find depths of experience you never thought possible.

Pioneering attitudes bring their own rewards. Going off the beaten track. Coming up with new ideas. New spiritual realizations opening vistas of experience. Adjusting to new places.

The Caution: Clinging to the old and familiar. Restricting growth and change. Not taking new opportunities or moving on. Claiming what’s rightfully someone else’s. Running off.

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The Sun On Taurus 1: A Clear Mountain Stream


Clear Mountain StreamDo you have a destination that you’re determined to get to, but have snags and obstacles in the way? Do you sense that the best bet for you is to keep at it, to keep going, to make your way past anything standing in your way?

[It’s raining like crazy here in Sydney, so we could end up canoeing downstream even if we’re not wanting to :) ]

This Symbol shows purity of motive and a sense of knowing where one’s going along with a quiet determination to get there. There’s an assurance that you can be fresh and vibrant and revitalized from your spiritual source. Concentrate on the direction in which you are heading and don’t deviate from it. Perform your tasks with an untainted vitality and you will enrich those around you. Realize that many came before you, and you are a part of their product. There is tradition and strength behind you.

Flowing energy. Refreshment. Sure sense of direction. Remaining fluid. Blood lines and ancestry. Water as a resource. Dams. Cleaning and cleansing. Baptism. Traffic.

The Caution: Aimlessness. Physical, spiritual or intellectual smugness, bigotry. False sense of superiority. Being one-eyed. Not noticing people’s needs. Cold and heartless.

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The Sun On Aries 30: A Duck Pond And It’s Young Brood

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun is Aries 30: A DUCK POND AND ITS YOUNG BROOD

Duckpond And Its BroodThis is about youngsters, parents, families, pets, those you love. It’s about who you have in your ‘duckpond’, who you welcome in. We don’t always welcome in actual family, sometimes it’s those friends who stand by you when you need them… one’s duckpond is those you want to share your time, even your life, with.

This Symbol speaks of families, being with and caring for youngsters and for each other. Sometimes, there can be a feeling of being restricted and bound in by reality, but then there’s often also a feeling of being safe. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of the comforting things around us. Finding friends or family that enrich ones life can lead to a sense of community, belonging and love. Although one may sometimes wish for more exciting adventures – it feels good to have a place to hang one’s hat.

Nurture family and contentment. Realize limitations. Reliability. The problems and joys in the responsibilities of having a brood to look after. Psychoanalysis of family issues.

The Caution: Denying your own needs for those of your ‘brood’. Narrow-minded attitudes. Feeling stuck. Not wanting to grow up and take risks in life.

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The Aries New Moon: The Music Of The Spheres – Aries 29

Here’s the link to my blog on this Aries new Moon – Aries 29: THE MUSIC OF THE SPHERES

The Music of the Spheres 13 Strand DNAListen within yourself and look into the Infinitude of Space and Time. There can be heard the songs of the Constellations, the voices of the Numbers, and the Harmonies of the Spheres. The Divine Pymander

The new Moon each month marks a time of new beginnings and realisations. It’s like a birth after a time of gestation or being ‘in the womb’. Here, the light begins to return and we can see new beginnings and possibilities. A new Moon means that the Sun and the Moon are both together – bringing a synergy of their energies together.


The photograph is a cross section of 13 strand DNA. Amazing and so much like the Flower Of Life… Click here to continue reading… 

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Daily Rave: The Need for Rest – The Planetary Energy Just Before This New Moon

ascensionWhat is the message of the planetary energies at the moment? What are you feeling around what’s going on? Do you feel that you need to take some time out? This is a very evocative balsamic period (the time right before the new Moon), and we are being asked to take notice, to take a bit of time for ourselves, to slow down. To smell the roses, perhaps.

I hope you enjoy this recording…

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Venus Is On The Striking Worker Degree: Gemini 8

Venus is on a very interesting degree – Gemini 8: AROUSED STRIKERS SURROUND A FACTORY

Striking WorkersAre you feeling it? Are there things you know you need to do but are not willing, or able, or have the energy or the inclination, to do now? Are you feeling to say no to orthodoxy? to have a different say than society is generally forcing on you? Are you willing to be a rabble-rouser to stand up for a cause, a situation, an injustice?

This Symbol shows the need, or the desire, to be able to call a halt or go on strike when one feels hard done by or taken advantage of. You may need to stand up for your rights, or perhaps those of others. You have some support from compatriots, but you can become separated from the general situation and may have difficulty finding creative solutions that satisfy everyone. It may help to consider what negotiations can be made to bring things back to a feeling of equilibrium. By withdrawing your energies for a while you will see how important you really are in the situation.

Bargaining to find more equitable solutions. Demanding better rights and conditions. Comradeship. Taking action or refusing to act. Knowing when to say no. Sweat shops.

The Caution: Being obsessed with what is wanted. Refusing compromises. Protesting about everything. Not noticing one’s rewards. Being left out in the cold. Greedy behavior.

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Mars On The Carrying The Heavy Load Degree: Taurus 13

Mars is on Taurus 13: A PORTER CARRYING A MOUNTAIN OF HEAVY BAGGAGE – this is my longer interpretation, taken from my book The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees Of Wisdom.

Porter Carrying Heavy LoadCommentary: A ‘Porter’, otherwise known as a baggage handler or bellboy, has a lot of work to do. He is performing a service for others and here he is seen having ‘a Mountain of Heavy Baggage’ to move or ‘Carry’. He needs to remain cheerful and not reveal how much this ‘Mountainous’ load is weighing him down; otherwise he may not get the approval of those he is ‘Carrying’ the load for. There would be no thanks and no “tips” if he were to complain, groan or grumble. ‘Porters’ do a lot of hard work but don’t often get much appreciation or attention. They are expected to just get on with the job, sometimes they become almost invisible. This Symbol can also be an expression of class-consciousness.

Oracle: There may be a load or a heavy burden to bear. It may be your own burdens or could indeed be other people’s. Be careful that you are not doing too much for others as you may be carrying their burdens for them. You could end up just helping people to hang on to their extra ‘Baggage’ through your desire to help out, be useful and share the load. This can be a problem, weighing them down when you are not available, and of course it can also weigh you down emotionally, as well as physically. It may be that others are expecting you to shoulder their responsibilities. Having so much to ‘Carry’ can lead to bad posture, bad backs or a distorted infrastructure. Are you going from one burdening experience to another? For some people, to have the service of a ‘Porter’ can be a pleasant and well-earned respite from their daily struggles. For others, there can be the expectation that someone else will always shoulder the load. That may be okay in a hotel or a train station, but how appropriate is it in everyday life? Don’t let yourself be used to carry other people’s “stuff”.

Keywords: Self-reliance. Owning other people’s ‘garbage’. Shouldering baggage or weight. Being weighed-down. Feeling responsible for everything. Bad backs and posture. Carrying others. Counseling people, taking on their emotions. Bad backs, shoulders, knees, etc. Strain and wear. Bearing the family guilt. Luggage. Trolleys. Looking for tips.

The Caution: Being busy with other peoples’ problems. Unable to work for your own benefit. Carrying other peoples’ responsibilities. Being indispensable until the energy is all worn out. Not knowing when to say “no” to other’s demands. The burden of debts. Being useful but unimportant.

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Mercury On Taurus 5: A Widow At An Open Grave


Widow At An Open Grave The Lady Of ShalottI always take notice when this degree is around. It is entirely evocative and brings up all kinds of reactions in people. I see that all the 4+ = 5 in Sabian Symbol analysis – are linked to loss or mourning or deep emotional states. What I mean is that Aquarius 5, Leo 5 and Scorpio 5 all have a link in with this theme. Aquarius 5, for one example, is A COUNCIL OF ANCESTORS HAVE BEEN CALLED TO GUIDE A MAN.

As I have mentioned before, this degree is the degree of ANZAC Day = April 25, the Sun is on this degree. When they stormed the beaches in Gallipolli, the Sun was on this Widow degree. Also, they left the boats right on dawn – smack on it – so this degree was also on the ascendant. We are having the 100 year anniversary of that event and there are a lot of commemorations going on in Australia (and, I imagine, in New Zealand). I took a look at the chart for Australia a while ago and calculated the progressions for 2015 and Australia’s progressed Sun is on this degree… A Widow Standing At An Open Grave. How these things work is astounding. It’s so amazing. So holographic. Extraordinary.

This Symbol speaks of things from the past that sometimes block progress in the present or the future. Don’t let loss beckon you to give up and throw everything away. There must always be a time to grieve, but what is lost is lost and cannot be regained by losing yourself. Know when it’s time to fill in the grave and let go, whether it’s literally letting go of people who have passed away or have disappeared from your life in order to move on. Gather up your energies and move towards new objectives letting go of the old.

Letting go of relationships and things that no longer work. Purging the past. Gradual realization of the illusion of matter. The passage of grief. Redundancies.

The Caution: Wasting time staring at lost opportunities. Grudges and hard feelings

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The Sun On Aries 27: Through Imagination, Lost Opportunities Are Regained


This is such a fabulously evocative degree that I felt to post my longer interpretation of this degree. The following is from my book The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees Of Wisdom:

Through Imagination A Lost Opportunity Is Regained SayingCommentary: ‘Through Imagination, a Lost Opportunity is Regained’ implies an opportunity to set something right that was thought to be gone or past any hope of recovery. The power of the mind and the imagination are the best tools to use to retrieve this issue. This symbol shows that by using creative ideas, the very thing that was ‘Lost’ can be brought back into reality.

Oracle: You will have to summon up your talent and energy to recapture what has been ‘Lost’ to you. This can be about jobs, relationships, creative ideas, possessions, anything. Use your creative energy to revitalize an idea or opportunity, even if it seems to be hopeless or lost. Even if you don’t get exactly what you want, you will probably feel an incredible sense of relief as things are put back on track again. You need to believe that it is possible to recapture what you thought was gone. Create an image in your mind; imagine yourself with this ‘Lost Opportunity Regained’ then you will most likely succeed in your objectives, at least on some level. Visualizing what you want, allowing time and watching for it to manifest can bring astounding results. Just about anything can be recovered when this Symbol is around, but you must put some energy into it, particularly using your ‘Imagination’.

Timing may be important in this situation and you might need the help of others along theA Man Watches His Ideals Taking Concrete way. Finding ways to get the results you want may take time, or it could indeed happen overnight. Listen to your imagination and intuition and let creative solutions to your problems rise up from within. Remember, though, that often our rewards are different from what we first imagined.

Keywords: Creative imagination and visualization. Hopes renewed when all seemed lost. Second chances. Last minute reprieves. Retracing your steps. Judging things to be positive when once they were thought to be negative. Being exonerated or forgiven. Pardons giving release. Imagineering. Retrieving things. Making up for lost ground or time. Changing your mind therefore changing your outcome.

The Caution: Relying on self-pity. Denying the imagination to recover the situation. Not noticing solutions to problems. Letting chances for recovery disappear through inaction or laziness. Going over and over lost opportunities. Finding it impossible to let go. Staring at loss and not realizing what one has.

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Mercury On Taurus 3: Lawns Blooming With Clover


CloverThis is a beautiful degree and one of my favourites… it brings to mind all kinds of good things – we just have to step up to receive the good things in life…

This Symbol often shows comfort, luxury, riches, beauty and the good things in life. It implies that a time of fulfillment is close by, but there often is still some small effort to be made in that one has to take the simple steps towards inviting wonderful things into your life. Keep going the way you are, following your natural intuition, and you will find the peace you have in sight. Just be aware not to become complacent or lazy as doing nothing and not putting any effort in could lead to great possibilities slipping away.

Hopefulness. Inspirational possibilities. Gradually enlarging one’s vision. Harmony. Abundance. Nourishment. Being barefoot. Small efforts leading to large returns.

The Caution: Looking for the easy way out. Not making the effort to find what is a few steps away. Expecting everything to be laid out for you. Weeds and unkempt lives.

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