Venus And Mars Meet At A Street Pageant: Leo 15

The Street PageantVenus and Mars are meeting up together on Leo 15: A PAGEANT MOVING ALONG A STREET PACKED WITH PEOPLE

– this is quite a major event with Venus slowing right down and going stationary before turning direct this week. So, Venus is highlighted here and Mars is sure to be turned on, at least in some measure! (and who knows which variety of Mars is meant to come out of the cupboard smile emoticon – it could be joy, passion and excitement, or, as it’s Mars here (who may want to call the shots), it could be irritation and anger if there’s too much congestion going on – too many people, too much to consider, too much to navigate.

This meeting of energies must surely be suggesting that we have either got to get out into the main stream of people and mix it up OR we may feel like we’re tired of the so many and want to get away from that rat race smile emoticon

Of course, we can mix it up with people on line – it’s not quite the same as actual rubbing of shoulders, but, at least, it’s where a lot of people are and one can make a cuppa, or, sit on the lounge, and one doesn’t have to spend ages looking for a public toilet smile emoticon

This Symbol implies situations where a lot of people gather together. It may be that some achievement has created a desire for a big celebration. Perhaps it’s a regular seasonal street festival that has brought all these people together. A sense of fun and give and take and feeling at one with people gathering together in a crowded street can bring new friendships, the chance to look at what’s on display, to buy food and goods and an opportunity to rub shoulders with people in a relaxed and friendly situation. People support each other and share in the festivities if they feel invited and included.

Demonstrations of joy. Spectacular displays. Street festivals. Food stalls. Traffic closed off. Pedes

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The Sun On Virgo 2: A Large White Cross Dominates The Landscape


Large White Cross LyingThis Symbol can bring about a fair degree of pain, isolation, the desire to live up to expectations of society (or, the rejection of all that!) and a feeling, perhaps, that one has sacrificed so many things and for what? Of course, it feels like redemption is right around the corner as in less than 24 hours, the Sun will conjoin with Jupiter on Virgo 3: Two Guardian Angels Bringing Protection – perhaps the Inquisition is short-lived this time :)

This Symbol implies faith, religion and spirituality being dominant factors in society and the life of individuals. These signposts and other expressions of faith have a powerful influence. In your life religion may hold a special place, OR, you may have had a strong sense of religion which dominated your family life and now you reject some, or all, of it. Believing that suffering is the way to salvation has significance for many, but what does it really mean? Often people maintain their spirituality without organized religion being dominant. There can isolation, possibly because of religious beliefs. Don’t sacrifice for others; you may not get much appreciation for doing it anyway.

Religion dominating. The fear or wonder of God. Following a mystic path. Monuments to pain and suffering. Reminders of salvation and faith. Images of redemption.

The Caution: Aloneness or sacrifice or yearning for it. Dogmatism. Being a scapegoat. Symbols that inspire guilt and anguish instead of love, acceptance and forgiveness.

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Mercury On Virgo 27: Aristocratic Elderly Ladies Drinking Afternoon Tea


Witches Having Afternoon TeaI have a soft spot for this degree… I was lecturing at a conference in Russia in the mid ’90’s and we went to a student hostel for a Saturday night drinking session…. (that’s what it turned out to be)… the hostel was so run-down. The furniture was falling apart… it’s a long story and it was very very amusing. At one point, after the bed we were sitting on fell apart, someone suggested we ask the Sabian Oracle a question about it. We got this degree… most were drinking vodka and it was very, very rowdy. I loved this response… we laughed for several mins and it became a bit of a subject of jokes… 

Face your situation with elegant composure as it will bring the respect of others. However, keeping things looking “respectable” may take on too much importance. The question is: How real about life and each other are the people gathering together? There is no need to rush. Sharing your time with people who quietly know and understand each other will bring peace of mind.

Quiet knowing atmosphere. Special privileges for the few. Taking time off to relax with friends. The appreciation of culture.

The Caution: Social exclusivity and smugness. Idle gossip. Expecting others to do the hard grind.

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The Moon’s North Node On The Super Galactic Center: Libra 2 – The Light Of The Sixth Race Transmuted To The Seventh

The Moon’s north node is on a fabulous degree and one that talks about ascension in consciousness… and, leaving behind parts of you that no longer work… parts of you, parts of your life.

ascension_daliThe Moon’s north node is on the Super Galactic Center. This is HUGE, not litle, this is monumental. We are being escorted (willingly or kicking and screaming) into a new sense of ourselves, a new sense of our lives, new realisations and new awarenesses.


This Symbol shows a time of new beginnings with an implementation of a brand new order. Often, people with this degree are interested in attaining spiritual transformation and attainment. As you change and grow there’s a need to respect the value of what is waning, and take the best qualities with you into your future. This often shows people who are within reach of their ultimate potential. Some aspects of society are left behind for a higher, more evolved state. Ascension to a higher order is pictured, but there is a need to remain rooted in the reality of practicality, lest one loses one’s way.

Transference of the best of the past into the present. Younger, more vital energies taking over. Theosophy. Blavatsky’s theories. Finding kindred spirits. Ascension and the New Age.

The Caution: Losing touch with practical survival. Discrimination against the ‘lower classes’ or less evolved. Being a space-cadet. Leaving others behind as ‘not worthy’.

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Venus Retrograde On Leo 18: A Chemist Conducts An Experiment For His Students

OK, where, when and how are you willing to experiment in your life, particularly in the realms of Venus (relating, relationships, money, sense of self, beauty, etc)… are you prepared to change the way you do, see or handle things? Is there a better way? Perhaps some new interventions, some new inventions, some new decisions and affirmations…

A Chemist Conducts An Experiment For His StudentsVenus is retrograde on Leo 18: A CHEMIST CONDUCTS AN EXPERIMENT FOR HIS STUDENTS

This Symbol implies situations of being willing to try something new and different and to step outside the square. You may find yourself in a new discovery in an authoritative and/or observant position. The message for either situation, whether you’re a participant or an observer, is to pay attention and attend to details. A mix of new ingredients can lead to new creations and can lead to surprising results. Even if you’re unsure of outcomes, being willing to take risks can lead to different and interesting possibilities. However, only going by the tried and true scientific model that sticks to doing experiments in exactly the same way over and over will only ever lead to the same result. Be sure of the mix of ingredients though, as some are dangerous or unpredictable.

Alchemy. Radical educations. Wisdom passed on. Putting things to the test. Teachers taking chances on outcomes for students. The thrill of discovery. Leading by example.

The Caution: Always “by the rules of the book”. Inertia and suppression of creative ideas. Narrow viewpoints. Being afraid of outcomes. Skepticism. Conservative science.

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Jupiter On Virgo 3: Two Guardian Angels Bringing Protection

Jupiter is on one of my favourite degrees. It speaks of love and protection and help arriving. How fabulous that we have Jupiter highlighting that right now (and for me, my auntie just died and she is for sure being escorted into higher realms)…


The Song of the Angels  William BouguereauThis Symbol brings a strong sense that you are protected, guided and directed and therefore you will find the true path you must follow. Feeling good about your direction, and being protected builds your inner strength. You are never alone with this Symbol, always being looked after in times of stress or indecision. Your angels are with you, but you probably need to remember them and thank them for their guidance and influence in your life. With this degree there is often a sense of help arriving at just the right time or people showing up who have your best interests at heart.

Connecting with inner guidance. Invisible protection. Salvation. Creative solutions to problems that seemed hopeless or lost. Counseling and advice. Security systems.

The Caution: Feeling lost and alone. Expecting that fate or someone else will always pick up the pieces. Resisting help in order to hang onto your ‘wounds’. Victim status.

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Mercury On Virgo 26: The Boy With A Censer And The Priest At The Altar


Boy Priest Second Fiddle AltarDo you feel that you have to stand back while someone else gets to call the shots, gets the accolades, steps up for the awards, abuses their positions, etc? Or, do you feel like you are graduating to where you can take your true place at the altar – be the one ‘in charge of operations’, finally seeing your true value and worth? Either can happen now. One thing is for sure, imbalances in power, experience and privilege can cause some very interesting realisations to come up.

It doesn’t matter whether what you are doing is inconsequential, because even the smallest contribution is an important part of the whole. Give reverence and respect to your everyday routines, and find hope renewed through the promise of what’s to come in the future. Your time will come as you grow and mature and you’ll be able to take the higher position in life.

Doing what’s simple, with silence and devotion. Participating in the toil, but not the glory. Altars and shrines. Incense and candles. Passing down wisdom and knowledge. Looking up to those in power.

The Caution: Being dominated by spiritual hierarchy. Doing ‘lesser things’ to avoid responsibility. An imbalance of rewards and responsibilities. Abuse of power. Taking advantage of the innocent.

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Mercury On Virgo 25 Yesterday: A Flag At Half Mast

Sailors Lowering An Old Flag and Raising a New OneJust sitting here contemplating how my dear aunty died yesterday. She was my sister Jo and my only auntie. She died too soon, but the peace of death takes us when it will. Curiously, Mercury was on Virgo 25: A FLAG AT HALF MAST IN FRONT OF A PUBLIC BUILDING

Is there something that you are mourning? Is there something you perhaps should be letting go of? Is there something or someone who has been taken from you lately? Perhaps by lowering the ‘flag’ and acknowledging the loss,you can continue to move forward.

This pictures a situation of carrying a task through to completion. It is a time for recognition of what’s been accomplished. A life may have been lost, or it may be about a project that is finished. This can produce a feeling like something has passed from your life. Grieving may be a necessary part of the process, but it is also a time for assimilating what it took to get you where you are, and for moving forward into the future.

Public tribute and recognition. The desire to leave a legacy to society. Signs for all to see.

The Caution: Feeling an obligation to carry on without taking time to mourn loss. Denying yourself a life in order to fulfill some social function.

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