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I do readings for clients all over the world. Regardless of your time zone, we’ll find a time that suits us both. For the consultation, I ring or Skype you – there’s no extra cost for the phone call.

For a lesser charge, I also offer recorded readings where we don’t have a conversation – I read your chart and record my observations.

Whether we have a conversation, or, you order a reading without the conversation, I record it and email you a link to the recording and you download the file into your computer (or tablet or other device). It is very easy to do and not at all complicated.

If you want a face-to-face reading in Sydney , you can ring 0414 450 419 to discuss details and to book.

Please note that I am soon doing a complete of the order page for the readings, and, when I do, I will be increasing the cost of the readings within the coming few weeks. In other words, if you want a reading, make the payment NOW to avoid the increase. Here’s the link to the page – please note that prices are in US dollars…click here to book a reading. 

To learn more about these readings, check out this short youtube video. To book a reading click here on this link.  Please note that the prices are in US dollars. Please note, also, that you will receive a free copy of the pdf of my 400 page book The Sabian Oracle as a gift with your reading.

If you are Australian and would rather pay by direct credit to my bank account, you can do so in Australian dollars (which will be a saving of about 25% as you will not be paying in US dollars). Contact me by email on for payment details and if you have any further questions.

To check out some testimonials on Lynda’s readings click here. 

Whether you are generally curious about your astrology chart, looking for greater self-awareness, wondering how long a bad patch will last or seeking clarity on what your future holds, individual consultations empower you to take control, and often mark a major turning point in your life.

The reading explores what’s going on in your life, how your life is unfolding, your gifts alongExcerpt from videowith your challenges, why you are going through certain situations or attract particular types of relationships. The Sabian Symbols reveal, brilliantly and amazingly, your spiritual path and where you are headed. Lynda’s readings are like no other as she employs the Sabian Symbols in her unique and in-depth style in order to draw together the pictures that colour your life and your destiny.

If you know nothing at all about astrology, you’ll see that astrology AND the Sabian Symbols are one of the best tools for self awareness, insight and discovery. You will understand what’s going on in your life and why and the reading will provide you with a clearer focus of what’s possible and what’s ahead.

If you are an astrologer or into astrology, this reading will open up new doors of perception and understanding to you about your own life, and, will also show you how to see an astrology chart through the lens of the Symbols. The Symbols provide wonderful and valuable information that a normal astrology reading does not provide. The Symbols have their own lens into the world of astrology and their stories provide enormous depth.

All consultations are recorded, and can be done in person in Sydney , Australia , or over the phone or on Skype to anywhere. The cost of the reading covers the Skype or phone call.

•  Lynda records the session and emails you a link to the recording which you simply download into your computer. This is an easy process and Lynda recommends that you listen to the reading a few times as a lot is said and it takes some time for it all to sink in.

•  After you’ve made payment, Lynda will email you to get your date, time and place of birth.

•  You can have a standard astrology reading or a Draconic reading.

•  Standard Readings: These are based on your chart, along with your progressions and transits. No knowledge of astrology is necessary in order to benefit, but please do let Lynda know whether you have a knowledge of astrology or not.

•  Draconic Readings: These are based on your Draconic chart, which is said to reveal the soul’s contract that you made before birth. These readings are highly insightful. Lynda recommends that you have a Standard Reading first, and then a Draconic, in order to get the most out of this reading. Progressions and transits are also used in this reading. You do not need to having any knowledge of astrology to understand the reading, but please do let Lynda know how much astrology you do understand.


“Omg! Lynda, what a gift! You’re truly amazing! You are spot on with everything…you spoke about the Native American connection and that is exactly who I am. The book I”m writing (young adult fiction novel) is all about a past life connection to a Native American tribe of my ancestors. I’ve listened to the reading twice now but I’ll be listening again and again. You’ve given me such beautiful a gift, so much more than words can say, I’ll cherish it always! I loved it and you! Thank you so very much! Much love and abundant blessings.”
Jody Endersbe-Groebner, Minnesota USA

“Wow! Lynda, your reading is fascinating! I can relate to so many aspects of your comments. The beautiful and powerful Sabian Symbols are very relevant and insightful when looking at the story they tell from my charts. They brought me clarity and validation of where I am coming from, where I am at and where I am heading to, which I find very comforting.”
Thank you so much . Namaste. Anne Pouliquen. Nambucca Heads, NSW, Australia.

“Lynda’s readings are powerful, precise and accurate – and most importantly, always compassionate and humane.”   Jessica Adams, astrologer   Vogue ,   Cosmopolitan ,  Women’s Weekly.

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