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There is nothing in this world constant, but inconstancy. Jonathan Swift

Times change, and we change with them. Anon

Things do not change, we change. Henry Thoreau

To go with the drift of things, To yield with a grace to reason, To bow and accept the end Of a love or of a season. Robert Frost

One should count each day a separate life. Seneca

A day is a miniature eternity. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could; some blunders and absurdities have crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; you shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense. Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is the highest wisdom that I own; freedom and life are earned by those alone who conquer them each day anew. Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

September’s Libran new Moon occurs on the 26th September in Australia and the 25th in the US. To my mind, this is an *enormous* new Moon, not only because of the huge number of retrogrades going on, but, much more importantly, it is *exactly conjunct* the Super Galactic Center (SGC – not to be confused with the Galactic Center at 27+ of Sagittarius).

I have spoken many times about the SGC as it is a huge power point of energy – an enormous super massive black hole. Philip Sedgwick describes it best:

The Super Galactic Center once held the title of the only Super-Massive Black Hole. With the discoveries of the Hubble Space Telescope, many other supermassive black holes have come to light. However, the Super Galactic Center is the prevailing, dominant force in the supermassive arena.

The largest known black holes, ZS, gravitationally organizes more than thirty galaxies, ours included, at the cost of cannibalizing all of them. Contained in this congregation structure lie 3 trillion stars and over ten thousand globular clusters, all captive to the infinite gravity, time dilation and violent energy eruptions of this central influence!

To learn more about what Philip says about the SGC (click on Galactic Anomalies on the left) – click here.

I learnt about the SGC from Philip in the early 2000’s, and, his thoughts on it are spot on and prescient, however,  my take on it is through the lens of the Sabian Symbols. In short, it, to me, is about connecting with the Mind of God, about changes and ascension in consciousness and bring about and accepting changes and the knowledge that we can, and do, create our own realities, our own lives.

On top of the new Moon smack on the SGC, we also have Mercury at first going direct, then retrograde and then direct again over it. We also have transiting Venus traversing it in the week following this new Moon.

To clarify – I see the SGC as having an eight degree orb of influence. According to Philip, it’s exact position currently is 2 Libra 22 minutes = Libra 3 in the Sabian Symbols – THE DAWN OF A NEW DAY REVEALS EVERYTHING CHANGED. 

Here are the Sabian Symbols that I consider to be the influence of the SGC:









What do these Symbols say to you? 

I always, always take note of planets or angles on the SGC, and, here we have not only a new Moon, we also have Mercury retrograding and prograding over those degrees, and Venus about to transit over them. This is huge in terms of manifestation and bringing through desired results rather than concentrating on the issues we may see in ‘actuality’ before us. As the fabulous Neville Goddard said – your imagination is your God and you can create what you want from your imagination. Looking into Neville’s teachings (BTW, he was, in his earlier years, an astrologer) changed my view of life. If I was to have a teacher (everyone is my teacher), it would be Neville Goddard. I feel to add, if I were to have a guru (I’m not into gurus), it would be Walter Russell – the fabulous American polymath. Both spoke extensively about using one’s imagination to create the life (world?) that one wants.

Jupiter features strongly here as it is almost exactly opposite this new Moon (and therefore the SGC). Jupiter’s Symbol is Aries 4: TWO LOVERS ON A SECLUDED WALK. This can speak of all kinds of relationship issues, finding time for others, finding time to get away, the issues of being alone versus feelings of loneliness, etc.

BTW, Venus is on the SGC  (Libra 3 – the new day dawning) at the same time that Mercury is turning stationary direct on October 2nd on Virgo 25: A FLAG AT HALF MAST IN FRONT OF A PUBLIC BUILDING smack opposite is Neptune on Pisces 25: THE PURGING OF THE PRIESTHOOD. Of course, this speaks largely of the wall-to-wall coverage of the Queen’s passing, but, it also can point to many other situations/people/realisations in our lives. A time in one’s life may be finished and now is a time of acceptance and moving on.

Just hours after the new Moon, Mercury (retrograde) and Venus conjunct on Virgo 27: ELDERLY LADIES DRINKING AFTERNOON TEA IN A WEALTHY HOME. This we’ve seen reflected through the coverage of the funeral of the Queen as people watch the proceedings for hours and days (it may yet turn into weeks…). Meanwhile, there are many, many people who are going to have to choose between eating and heating their homes, etc. The cost of living having shot up in many places, we may be experiencing the pinch and noticing the huge gulf between the haves and the have-nots.

Mercury and Venus conjunct on Virgo 27 are exactly trining stationary direct Pluto on Capricorn 27. This can bring huge shifts and changes and transformations in our lives on so many levels. Pluto is asking us to strive further in our spiritual/creative/physical lives towards a higher sense of being with Pluto on Capricorn 27: A MOUNTAIN PILGRIMAGE. Of course, in some, the ambition can be to fight to be “top dog” – clawing tooth and nail to push past others. As it’s a trine aspect, I feel that we can see some rewards coming through, particularly from past endeavours or work.

There’s also a nice trine between Mars on Gemini 19: IN A MUSEUM A LARGE ARCHAIC VOLUME REVEALS A TRADITIONAL WISDOM and Saturn on Aquarius 19: A LARGE WHITE DOVE BEARING A MESSAGE. This can help ensure that we get things done, achieve goals, find solutions or resources – it can be a free-flow of energies when our minds are directed at good uses for our energies.

Then there’s the applying exact square between retrograde Saturn on Aquarius 20: A LARGE WHITE DOVE BEARING A MESSAGE and stationary Uranus on Taurus 19: A NEW CONTINENT IS RISING OUT OF THE OCEAN. This can feel like a “push me/pull you” thing. It can be a trying time of wanting to create something new in your life but feeling held back by authority or circumstances or one’s own history. This can be a time of butting up against things that you might prefer to set aside. A “message” may need to be sent clarifying your situation or your hopes, dreams and ambitions.

So, is it time to ‘arise’ just yet? It certainly feels like it, but, there’s a lot of retrogrades still happening. The sense is to set things in train by tuning into your power of attraction towards the things that you want. And then, perhaps, have a cup of tea (or something ;) ).

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The new Moon in Libra is on the Sabian Symbol of Libra 3: THE DAWN OF A NEW DAY REVEALS EVERYTHING CHANGED – the following is my full interpretation of this degree (the quotes, also, are above) from my book The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees of Wisdom:

Commentary: ‘The Dawn of a New Day Reveals Everything Changed’ pictures new beginnings that can be sudden and unexpected. It’s like a new awakening; something new is taking shape and form and emerging into a ‘New Day’ and this ‘Reveals Everything Changed’. What was happening or evident just recently, even just the ‘Day’ before, has ‘Changed’ through an event or some shift of the mind or heart. Things are ‘Changed’; things are ‘New’, they are somehow different.

Oracle: This ‘New Day’ may not have ‘Dawned’ yet, but it is definitely on its way. It’s hard to believe at first, but eventually it will ‘Dawn’ on you that many facets of your situation are different in the light of this ‘New Day’. Life may have been difficult, or things unsure, and you may feel like you’ve been through a long night, or a period of darkness. Perhaps someone has been too comfortable in their habits, or in their complacency, and has let things just go on and on. There may need to be major changes in attitude with the new situation or information before you, and sometimes these changes are hard to adjust to, especially if what’s happening hasn’t been your idea or your desired outcome. Take heart, realize that the darkness is abating, and gradually let go of what went before. Realize that it’s come time to let go of the old conditions and move on. This is an opportunity to “seize the day”; to see that there is light all around you. A change of scene can affect how you feel and how things appear. How does, or how will, this ‘New Day’ affect you? Only you can know. However, getting up and seeing the ‘Dawn’ can bring spiritual messages about the direction you are moving towards. It can infuse you with hope and energy for the future. This is the exact degree of the Super Galactic Center.

Keywords: New perspectives and realizations. Waking up to a whole new consciousness or sense of reality. Emerging from depression. Huge changes that erase things that mattered before. Radical shifts. Major life experiences. Being reborn. Events out of nowhere. Changes of fortune. Revitalized perspectives. Coming out of a sleep.

The Caution: Holding on despite all evidence and reason to move on. Refusing to believe that things are getting better. Waking up and not knowing where one is. Fickleness. Change for the sake of change. Sticking with the old. Having to adjust continually to changing circumstances. Unstable behavior.

The Karmic Condition (the previous degree) of this new Moon is Libra 2: THE LIGHT OF THE SIXTH RACE TRANSMUTED TO THE SEVENTH

This Symbol shows a time of new beginnings with an implementation of a brand new order. Often, people with this degree are interested in attaining spiritual transformation and attainment. As you change and grow there’s a need to respect the value of what is waning, and take the best qualities with you into your future. This often shows people who are within reach of their ultimate potential. Some aspects of society are left behind for a higher, more evolved state. Ascension to a higher order is pictured, but there is a need to remain rooted in the reality of practicality, lest one loses one’s way.

Keywords: Younger or more vital elements taking over from the elders. The fruits of the new age. Theosophy—Blavatsky’s theories. Finding kindred spirits. Sharing visions. Ascension and evolution. Inheritances that move one forward. Growing older and wiser. UFO’s and aliens. Music that lifts one’s spirits. Gurus and avatars. Demarcations of evolution. Transmutations. Indigo children. Evolving.

The Caution: Losing touch with practical survival. Can be racial (or other) discrimination. Feeling that one is from a “higher” order (or more evolved) than other people. Leaving others behind.

The Quest Degree (the degree following) of this new Moon is Libra 4: A GROUP OF YOUNG PEOPLE SIT IN SPIRITUAL COMMUNION AROUND A CAMPFIRE

This Symbol implies the desire or the need to be with others who share similar feelings, aspirations and goals and beliefs. There is a common focus here amongst the “Group” that opens up to creative and enlivening possibilities. There may be the feeling of being ‘out there’, in the ‘wilderness’, and you may be in some way, whether you’re miles from anywhere or you’ve been bought together by something very unique or unusual. It may be important to keep in mind that you don’t have to be going alone – there is a “Group” of people who share the same beliefs and concerns. Gathering with them will lift your spirits. The “Campfire” can be anything that unites people in a common cause.

Keywords: Material concerns left behind. Pioneering with like-minded others. Sweat lodges. Walks in the woods. Scouts and Girl Guides. Men’s groups, women’s groups. ESP. Kindred spirits. Soul mates. Unity. Fellowship. Campfires. Camping. Friends and companions. Spiritual circles.

The Caution: Being dependent on others. Feeling left out. Having to fend for one’s self. Being lost in the wilderness. Obsession with objectives.

Mercury is retrograde on Virgo 28: A BALDHEADED MAN IN UNIFORM HAS SEIZED POWER

This pictures a time to seize power and push forward with decisions that need to be grounded now. It is by force of will that the solution will be found, but one must be careful to temper the situation as displays of masculine will can get out of hand very quickly. Somebody may be pushing their agenda a little too hard, taking over and showing control issues. There are times when someone has to take charge—the question is in this situation; are they doing it wisely and kindly? Is love guiding their decisions or are they just being pushy and forceful? If someone is being over the top and bossy, this may be because of feelings of inferiority that they are trying to mask or cover up, especially if they feel that life has passed them by. Reigning in the many facets of one’s personality into a single focus of action can work wonders now.

Keywords: Dominating other’s mental space. Male hormones running rampant. Issues to do with hair. Ponytails. The story of Samson and his hair. Taking positions of power. Uniforms. Demanding others follow one’s lead. Strutting one’s stuff. “Wearing the pants in the family”. The ability to direct and organize many people. Letting others express their opinions or have a say. Domination. The Government. The Military. Decisions based on logic. Taking action or control.

The Caution: Pushing too hard or fast. Ramming one’s convictions. Being unkind and bossy. Putting on a show because one’s in uniform. Power tripping. Being cruel and domineering. Lording it over others. Being opportunistic. Corruption. Misuse of power. Bullying. Big business calling the shots. Domestic violence. Taking charge because one can. Strict rules to live your life by. Taking over. Not listening to what others have to say.

Venus, the ruler of this Libran new Moon, is on Virgo 26: A BOY WITH A CENSER SERVES NEAR THE PRIEST AT THE ALTAR

It doesn’t matter whether what you are doing is inconsequential, because even the smallest contribution is an important part of the whole. Your time will come as you grow and mature and you’ll be able to take the higher position in life. Sometimes there’s the need to wait things out until one is more mature, practiced or prepared to be in charge. Right now you may be someone’s “right-hand man” and not in charge of proceedings. A more exalted position will be attained, given time. Give reverence and respect to your everyday routines, no matter how insignificant they seem and you will find your sense of hope renewed. However, watch out for any feelings of jealousy that someone is bigger, better, more experienced or more respected than the other. Measuring

Keywords: Youthful attitudes. Doing what’s simple, with silence and devotion. Participating in the toil but not the glory. Altars and shrines. Incense. Burning candles. Passing down wisdom and knowledge. Looking up to those in power. Work experience. Apprenticeships. Feelings of awe and respect. Religious and social ceremonies. Issues of authority and the abuse of it.

The Caution: Being dominated by spiritual hierarchy that is devised by human rationalism. Doing “lesser things” to avoid responsibility. Not taking a place of authority when one could or should. Feeling not good enough because of inexperience. Someone always hanging around. Incompetence. Refusal to take instruction. Sexual abuse. Betrayal of beliefs. The church overpowering one’s life.

The Karmic Condition of Venus is Virgo 25: A FLAG AT HALF MAST IN FRONT OF A PUBLIC BUILDING this is also the degree that Mercury goes direct on, and, the Sun and the Moon have also recently passed over this degree during the days of the passing and the funeral of Queen Elizabeth.

This pictures a situation of carrying a task through to completion. It is a time for recognition of what’s been accomplished. A life may have been lost, or it may be about a project that is finished. This can produce a feeling like something has passed from your life. Grieving may be a necessary part of the process, but it is also a time for assimilating what it took to get you where you are, and for moving forward into the future. This means that you don’t have to hide or pretend that nothing has happened. Others may prefer to have a simple and respectful sign that brings the loss to their attention. This allows for understanding without the embarrassment of saying or doing the wrong thing in what may be a sensitive and emotional time for both yourself and others. The fact that this ‘Flag’ is in ‘Front of a Public Building’ implies that this passing away may have importance to many in the community. People, or groups wearing a black armband are similar to the flag at ‘Half-Mast’. Grieving may be a necessary part of the process, but it is also a time for assimilating what it took to get you where you are.

Keywords: Public tribute and recognition. Political affairs. The desire to leave a gift or a legacy to society. Having the power to sway the masses or authorities. Signs for all to see. Destinies fulfilled. Coming together as a community or nation to share loss. Judgment on one’s life. Appraisal of deeds and character. Public holidays. Obituaries. Taking the time to grieve. Black armbands. Institutions that are closed. Mourning the loss of somebody greatly admired.

The Caution: Feeling an obligation to carry on without taking time to sort out issues from the past or mourn any loss. Devastation and mourning. The burning desire to leave behind something no matter what the cost. Things coming to a standstill. Crocodile tears for what’s passed away. Hypocritical mourning for the chosen few.


This Symbol speaks of knowledge and wisdom coming through from those who went before. In a progressive world we look so often for new ideas and new solutions and Traditional wisdom is nowadays often ignored. Many old traditions may no longer be relevant to the present but ‘Traditional Wisdom’ is something we can often benefit from. You may be experiencing intuitive wisdom outside of your own experience and potential. This wisdom is inherent in us all and needs merely to be tapped to be understood. Learn from the best of the past. The truths held there are worthy and valuable to you in the now.

Keywords: Reading and learning. Collective knowledge coming from ancient sources. Enormous potential to be tapped. The Akashic records. Astrology. The Bible. Learning from the victories and mistakes of the past. Old stories that come out of the past or are hard to forget. Shamanic knowledge. Learning from heritage. The roots of civilization. Books. Ancient sources of information. The mysteries. Being in the public domain.

The Caution: Not understanding wise messages or advice. Being caught up in accepting only what tradition dictates. Old fashioned rules of “the book”. Old and outdated laws.


This Symbol speaks of spending time with a lover, with loved ones, or addresses the issue of being alone versus being lonely. Being with someone you love and enjoying their presence without rush or pressure is likely to be important – even if this means being with that part of you that you never seem to give yourself much time for. You should be able to escape the realities of the world and touch the deeper feelings of your heart, without fear of being excluded or criticized. Try to find some time for quiet romance and balance.

Keywords: Walking love’s path. Secret love affairs. Seeking shelter from others’ eyes. Wanting or needing to be undisturbed. The young at heart. Being by one’s self and wondering where the ‘’other’’ is. Romance. Quiet moments. Seclusion and peace. Intimacy and sharing. Desired destinations. Walking and strolling together. “Keep Out” signs. Relationships that are solid and satisfying. Issues of seclusion, inclusion or exculsion. Privacy. Being self-sufficient.

The Caution: Being ‘selfish’ by keeping one’s partner or friend to oneself. Jealousy when others are around. Feeling ‘left out’ and uninvited. Narrow-minded responses to people or things. Loneliness and/or the desire to be left alone. Denial of self and needs. Not wanting contact. Rejecting those who don’t measure up. Seeing one’s partner as a possession.

Saturn is retrograde on Aquarius 20: A LARGE WHITE DOVE BEARING A MESSAGE

This Symbol shows the ability, or the need, to be able to spread “Messages” that bring solace, comfort and joy to those who need help. “A Large White Dove” brings messages, possibly ones you’ve been waiting for for some time. You may need to resolve your situation by relying on peaceful messages that come from your spiritual center. They should be offered with gentleness and without malice. It can indicate either being seen as a savior or one who needs saving as you will at times be the one “Bearing a Message” at other times receiving the message. Whichever side of the equation you’re on, there can be relief once you’ve been able to assimilate the meaning in what’s being revealed to you. There can be a longing for peace and harmony in a world that feels chaotic.

Keywords: Being seen as a savior or one who needs saving. Blessings delivered—all will be well. Celebration. Somebody who brings blessed relief. Issues of hope and salvation. The Covenant. News. Announcements. Peace movements. The Rainbow Warrior. Utopian idealism. Olive branches. Noah’s ark.

The Caution: Staying with the assumption that things will never improve. Refusing solace. Shooting the messenger. Not trusting the good things in life. Not being content with any message that’s relayed. Insincere messages caused by the pain of not facing the real truth.

Uranus is stationary retrograde on Taurus 19: A NEW CONTINENT IS RISING OUT OF THE OCEAN

This Symbol shows the rising of a new place, a new place to be, a new country or somewhere new or different to be or to live. It implies that you can find that extra spark to create a brand new, original opportunity. This pictures the beginning of something that holds an enormous amount of potential for the future. There is much work to be done developing this into something fertile and productive. A whole new field of activity is coming to light. What you have done in the past has led you to this, but these new beginnings need to be met with a fresh sense of purpose and possibility.

Keywords: Enormous potentiality emerging. New trends and ways of being. Sudden eruptions of talent or fields of endeavor. The greenhouse effect. Global warming. Atlantis and other ancient underwater cities. Evolution. Patience. Developing slowly but surely. Emerging generations of people. New environments. Things feeling suddenly foreign. The birth of a nation. Migration. Land masses. Endeavouring to hold life together under the enormous pressure of the new.

The Caution: Continually seeking “new worlds” rather than finding a place in the existing one. No responsibility for the birth of the new. No respect for the old or established. Not shifting or evolving. Staying stuck in old realities.


This Symbol shows the ability, or the need, to be able to live with others, to share the same space, to create a happy life. The people pictured in this Symbol all live together and have “Created a Great World All Their Own”. No matter how well people get along, people still have to compromise and give and take in order to sustain good community relations. Drawn together by similar hopes and ambitions it is ironic that sometimes compromise is the only way to successful coexistence. Making the most of what is available, even though it is restrictive, will help to dispel any feelings of being cutoff and isolated. Who are you comfortable sharing your space with? Who would you have sharing your desert island?

Keywords: Adaptability and cohabitation. People jammed in. Seeking others of like mind. Knowing a lot of people. Always considering others. Noise and light pollution. Feeling like new blood is needed in order to grow and flourish. Coexistence. Apartments. Living together. People moving in.

The Caution: Cutting off from those around. Not having enough privacy—or space. Things being kept too “all in the family”. No chance to be alone. Pollution and garbage. Crowding out people. Loneliness even amongst many. Being deserted and lost.

Pluto is stationary direct on Capricorn 27: A MOUNTAIN PILGRIMAGE

This Symbol shows the ability to, or the need for, being able to climb high, to rise to occasions, perform well, have a mission and, probably most importantly, to embark on spiritual journeys. Many people travel, but more often than not it implies a spiritual striving; an ascent in consciousness and the ability to transcend earthier, immediate matters. There is always the desire, or the need, to strive further, to learn more on the path to understanding and transcendence. You may desire to follow those that have gone before you to achieve a true sense of inner fulfillment. Work towards your own ‘mountain top’. The effort may be great, but so are the rewards.

Keywords: Ascent in consciousness. Spiritual, material, corporate or political striving. Having an entourage of people (or wanting one). Aloneness and separation. Setting off to somewhere else. Going on a mission. Finding one’s spiritual grounding. Getting back to the purer elements of life. Ambitions to get to the top. Wanting the highest office in the land.

The Caution: High moral stands with no depth of feeling. Feeling “high above” others. Feelings of being, or acting like, an ascended being. Haughtiness. Intellectual snobbery. People scrambling for the top. The “tall poppy” syndrome. Ambitions that know no bounds. People ridiculing others for their lesser position. Spiritual or corporate struggling for position.


This Symbol shows how the traditional skills of life can symbolize the story of both the past and the present. It shows the ability to take time out to create something that is not only useful, but contains the symbols of the story of your life, culture, skills, etc. Also, some things need doing, just because they need to be done. Taking the best materials and taking time to do the job well will ensure a sense of meaning and purpose in your life. As this is in ‘the light of the setting sun’, there may be a feeling of tiredness or that there’s not much time left to do what you want to, or need to, do or get done. Steady progress can lead to things being accomplished one day at a time.

Keywords: The fabric of one’s being. Traditional pastimes and skills. Weaving security and independence. Patience and gentle handcrafting. Stories, especially those handed down. Tales and traditions. Consideration of one’s unique history. Weaving, spinning looms. The warp and weft of life. One’s life story—past and present. Being focused on one’s tasks. Colours, dyes. Threads.

The Caution: Underestimating skills of self-expression in comparison with intellectual skills. Allowing dull routines to overcome. Feeling one hasn’t got much to contribute. Inability to apply to routine and necessary tasks. Being too “full-time” about one’s work. Feeling insecure no matter what the situation. Selling off one’s integrity. Finding that it’s too late in the day to get anything done. Not knowing when to stop.


This Symbol implies people and all living things living together in peace and harmony. They are playing and enjoying and living at the edge of the water on the beach, doing their own thing and getting on with their own lives. People with this Symbol often just want to get on with their own activities and enjoy life and nature. This is a lovely image of a live-and-let-live attitude. Try taking some time out by the water and interact with others there. With the coming and going of the tide, people do what comes most naturally to them. Just be careful that you don’t get out of your depth trying to be like others.

Keywords: Being self-sufficient. Looking after one’s own affairs. A sense of at-one-ment with all forms of life. Having a live and let live attitude. Peripheral vision. Returning to the source. Feeling safe in a natural environment. Playing alongside nature. Building sand castles. Playing in pools or baths. Buckets and spades. Sun protection. Interacting without really interacting. Swimming. Sand, wind and sea. Rockpools. Shellfish, oysters, shrimp. Rock lobster.

The Caution: Meddling in people’s lives. Restriction of play. Being distracted. Sandcastles that will eventually get washed away. Not knowing how to loosen up with others and relax into a natural environment. Fussing that people aren’t doing the ‘right thing’. Sunburn and exposure to weather. Voyeurism.


This Symbol implies the ability, or the need, to be able to connect in with people or situations, sometimes with tools and equipment. This degree shows networking, along with the desire to talk to people or bring them together and improve communications. If people have been experiencing failure in fully expressing their thoughts, ideas or emotions, there is nothing to be achieved by just worrying about it; but rather do something to repair the lines of communication. Doing this can cause surprising new connections with people linking up, even from surprisingly isolated places. Sometimes expert advice and help must be called in; this degree often shows people who can do it.

Keywords: Acupuncture and other therapies that work on the body’s meridians. The nervous system. The Internet. Forming new lines of communication. New connections taking place. Linking people up. Making sure that messages get through. Mobile phones, faxes, email. Networks and networking. Switchboards. Satellites. Wires. The ability to reach far distances. Getting on other peoples’ wavelengths. Contacts. Hooking up with the system. UFO experiences. Mobile phones.

The Caution: Failing to see the necessity for repairs to personal communication. Becoming involved in other people’s lives. Gossip. News, thoughts and ideas spreading rapidly and getting out of control. Constant chatting. Being fickle. Sabotage. Engaged signals.