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A Chart Example – Hitler – An Example of Tyranny

When Hitler attacked the Jews I was not a Jew,

therefore, I was not concerned. And when Hitler

attacked the Catholics, I was not a Catholic, and

therefore, I was not concerned.

And when Hitler attacked the unions and the industrialists, I was

not a member of the unions and I was not concerned.

Then, Hitler attacked me and the Protestant church –

and there was nobody left to be concerned.

Marin Niemoller 1892-1984 – German theologian

In Congressional Record, 14 October 1968, p 31636

Many people have tried for years, with varying levels of success, to find the ‘secrets’ to Hitler’s chart. What gave him his remarkably hypnotic control of the masses? What allowed him to be such a cold-blooded murderer and dictator? Why does he remain such an enormous figure in our imaginations? It’s fascinating how Hitler just won’t go away. Barely a day passes when we don’t see him mentioned in print or in the media somewhere.

I’m not sure that I can answer all of the questions raised above, but one thing that’s certain is that if one analyzes Hitler’s chart without looking at the Sabian Symbols, an enormous amount of inherent meaning, that very thing we are looking for, can escape. As Marc Edmund Jones wrote in his 1953 book The Sabian Symbols in Astrology

“At the beginning the German would-be dictator seemed a rather laughable imitation of Benito Mussolini in Italy, a half-baked agitator not to be taken too seriously. This verdict would have been reversed immediately, however, on any consideration of the degree symbols for his planets in connection with his widely publicized characteristics.”

Having said that – it must be said that in the same way that astrology will not map the actual *consciousness* of a person, neither will the Sabian Symbols. Merely reading the Symbols will not reveal the level of awareness of the person. Rather, they will point to an inherent disposition. There is no way of knowing, when actually considering individual factors in a chart, whether any of the symbolism inherent (through any factors in a chart) will be used for good or ill.

Adolph Hitler’s chart is a good case to use to show how the Symbols can operate through the negative as well as the positive. Marc Edmund Jones says of this on page 73 of his The Sabian Symbols in Astrology book:

“Almost ideal for this purpose [of showing the negative side of the Symbols] is the recent Nazi leader of Germany, Adolf Hitler. His extreme frustration, his absurd fanaticism, his dramatic megalomania, all show the significance of the planets on the negative or self-defeating side.”

I’ve lectured many times using Hitler’s chart. At three different lectures in three different countries I didn’t reveal the data of Hitler’s chart or where he was born. In each case, the class analyzed the chart using conventional methods and then I read out the Symbols, without giving them a positive or negative slant, and asked the students who they thought the chart belonged to. I was amazed to find that at each of these lectures the only answer they could come up with was Gandhi! This is astounding, professional astrologers and students alike could see a ‘Gandhi’ in Hitler’s chart. But of course, we’ve seen this when we’ve tried to analyze the differences between two charts, one a victim and the other the perpetrator of a crime. It’s very hard to distinguish, most probably impossible. In fact it’s easy to see how a figure like Gandhi could emerge out of a chart with Hitler’s placements. There are issues of purity present in the likes of Gandhi, the battle between right and wrong and the overwhelming appeal to the masses. As we will see, these are issues that scream out of Hitler’s chart.

As Marc Edmund Jones wrote in The Sabian Symbols in Astrology (page 76)

“If the Austrian megalomaniac had received even the slightest appreciation known the least amount of genuine and normal human affection in his younger years, he might have played a role closer to a true messiah.”


The Chart




For many years, I’ve studied and used the chart of Hitler published in Jones’ 1953 book The Sabian Symbols in Astrology. This chart is set for 6.14pm and gives Hitler 24+ Libra rising and 1+ Leo on the MC.

I particularly liked Jones’ chart because of the MC/IC degrees. The degree on the MC is Leo 2: An Epidemic of Mumps. This degree describes a disease, or contagion, that takes hold and spreads quickly throughout the collective. Certainly this is what happened with Hitler’s thoughts, beliefs and ideas. Hitler’s power swept through the world like an epidemic. Another factor of this degree Symbol is that ‘mumps’ are said to sometimes bring atrophy of the testicles in men, and, sometimes (although rarely) sterility. True or not, stories abound of Hitler’s weird sexuality and his having one testicle. And, speaking of epidemics, apparently two of Hitler’s siblings died of diphtheria.

I always look at the symbolism of the degree before the actual degree as being the ‘karmic condition’ – something the individual is ‘working through’ in this lifetime. The degree before this MC degree is Leo 1. Jones’ 1931 version reads: A Fat and Normally Good-Natured Little Man of Affairs is Bursting With Determination to Have His Own Way. This sounds rather like Hitler, but even more so, it sounds a lot like the description of Hitler’s father (the MC in a chart is said to represent the father). From all the accounts of his early childhood, Hitler’s father seemed to be ‘bursting to have his own way’; Alois was rather determined that his son should follow in his footsteps and become a civil servant. Young Adolf had no intention of following that route and wanted to become an artist. Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf,

“When for the first time, after once again rejecting my father’s favorite notion, I was asked what I myself wanted to be, and I rather abruptly blurted out the decision I had meanwhile made, my father for the moment was struck speechless.”

This particular conflict that Hitler had with his father is mentioned everywhere in the literature on his childhood. Dane Rudhyar’s version of this Sabian Symbol (as published in his 1973 book: An Astrological Mandala) describes the father’s reaction even better: Leo 1: Blood Rushes to a Man’s Head as His Vital Energies are Mobilized Under the Spur of Ambition. When blood rushes to one’s head, it is often difficult to utter anything. The wording of Jones’ 1953 version of this degree is quite different, but also brings to mind the father – it’s Leo 1: A Case if Apoplexy. Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf

“A stroke of apoplexy felled the old gentleman (Hitler’s father) who was otherwise so hale, thus painlessly ending his earthly pilgrimage, plunging us all into the depths of grief.”

Dane Rudhyar wrote of this degree:

“In a general sense the key word for this first degree of the sign Leo could be Conflagration. The energies of the biological drives as they irrupt more or less forcefully, into the field of consciousness.”

(Conflagration in the Oxford Dictionary: A great and destructive fire.)

Jones’ chart has Aquarius 2 on the I.C.: AN UNEXPECTED THUNDERSTORM. Hitler can certainly be described as a dangerous thunder and lightning storm. This image brings to mind the SS insignia which looks for allthe world like two lightning strikes side by side, but also brings to mind the glyph for Aquarius. Rudhyar says of this degree

“The Symbol itself… could be given a very positive meaning in an arid environment, but the emphasis on ‘unexpected’ tends to accent the sudden and dangerous character of the event. Such a thunderstorm in a region of dry hills can cause a devastating flood. At any rate, it refers to an event for which one is not prepared – a menace to men’s works… this scene stresses the fact that nature may reduce to impermanence the seemingly most permanent endeavors and constructive activities of men. Under a downpour of rain, adobe brick can return to mud. All human institutions and their achievements can be washed away, even in their day of great glory.”

The Germans called their attack on Poland blitzkreig, meaning “lightning war”.

The ‘region of dry hills’ and the ‘adobe brick’ that Rudhyar refers to is from the Symbol for Aquarius 1: An Old Adobe Mission in California – the degree I would assign as the karmic condition of Hitler’s I.C.The ‘adobe missions’ were built by people who swept across the country to bring religion and ‘salvation’ and a way of life (as they interpreted it) to those whom the missionaries thought needed saving. They built structures – sometimes edifices – so that the people would come and hear the message. In Mein Kampf, Hitler referred to what he had to do as ‘a mission’.

My own interpretation for this degree:

“Sometimes it’s easy to assume that one’s beliefs are right and that others need to be shown the real truth. Efforts need to be turned toward creating the infrastructure to pursue these beliefs. The real truth to be remembered is that relating is not about control, but acceptance and reverence of each person’s divinity . . . Forging links to new worlds. If expressed negatively – pushing one’s beliefs and ideas onto others, believing that one has all of the answers.”

Hitler felt very strongly that he had all the answers for Germany and he built enormous structures for the dissemination of this ‘truth’. The ‘electrical storm’ of Aquarius 2 certainly did come and sweep everything away.

Although I like Jones’ 6.14pm chart, for the purposes of this article, however, I’m going to be using the 6.30pm chart, as this is the chart that most astrologers have used for many, many years. Several books on Hitler’s life have a paragraph right at the beginning stating that he was born at 6.30pm. I feel that if a chart has been infused with this much energy, then it has a ‘life’, regardless of whether it is ‘accurate’ to the minute, or not. I see meaning reflected in Hitler’s life in all of the degree symbols from 1 through to 6 of Leo/Aquarius.

Hitler’s Sun Degree Symbolism

Hitler’s 7th house Sun degree is Taurus 1: A Clear Mountain Stream. Jones says of this degree:

“Positively it is a degree of freshment, and of a continuance of the real sustainment of self; negatively, it is an indication of cold and hard detachment in self.”

This Symbol reflects his obscene fascination with the concept of the Aryan race, ‘purity’ and nationalism. ‘The Clear Mountain Stream’ implies a certain aloofness, coldness and purity in terms of the fact that the ‘stream’ comes from snow melting from high altitudes. There can be a feeling of physical, spiritual or intellectual purity that can lead to smugness, bigotry or a false sense of superiority. It speaks of purity because the stream has not, as yet, gone very far on its course downwards toward the sea. It has not mixed with other streams that may have been polluted by agriculture, cities or industry. As it moves further down the mountain, it is bound to lose its own essential nature and blend with these other waters. Hitler was obsessed with seeing that only blue-eyed blondes mated with other blue-eyed blondes and, indeed, set up institutions where Aryan women were used as baby-making machines, inseminated with men hand-picked by The Reich. He spoke at length in Mein Kampf about how different races should not intermingle because of the loss of purity and how the Aryan’s blood would be ‘polluted’ by intermarriage.

It’s interesting to note that it’s possible that Hitler’s fraternal grandfather was Jewish. If this were true, then according to Hitler’s theories of race his own ‘stream’ was sullied.

Hitler was fascinated with the concept of race and blood. He expressed this when he wrote in Chapter 1 of Mein Kampf

“One blood demands one Reich.”


In his book Hitler divides humans into categories based on physical appearance, establishing higher and lower orders, or types of humans. At the top is the Germanic man with his fair skin, blond hair and blue eyes. Hitler referred to this type of person as an Aryan. He asserts the Aryan is the supreme form of human, or master race. Although many countries around the world practiced (and still practice) Eugenics, when we hear that term we tend to think of Nazi Germany. Whilst researching this article, I found a web page on Eugenics – its title was ‘Upstream’!


Further, on ‘The Clear Mountain Stream’, Hitler spent most of his days either in Berlin or at his mountain retreat – often referred to as ‘The Mountain’. Hitler’s stays on the mountain provided him, as he often stressed, with the inner calm and assurance for his often surprising decisions. He would procrastinate regularly and put off writing his speeches for days. In ‘Inside the Third Reich’ Albert Speer wrote:


“He let the content of his speeches or his thoughts ripen during these weeks of apparent idling until all that had accumulated poured out like a stream bursting its bounds upon followings or negotiators.”


And, further, from ‘The Spear of Destiny’ a quote by August Kubizek:


“… like floodgates breaking their dykes, his words burst from him.”


In his later years, Hitler alternated his time between his mountain retreat and an underground bunker in Berlin, where he eventually ended up committing suicide.


People often make the statement that Hitler appeared to be possessed “his words burst from him”. He would start off his speeches in a calm, almost reticent, manner and build to a crescendo of shouting and fist waving. His Moon/Jupiter conjunction in the 3rd house, coupled with the Symbols, would go a long way to explaining it. In fact, I believe that the Symbols for his Jupiter and his Moon largely describe his capacity to control the masses. They are fascinating degree Symbols in the light of what he was able to do with a crowd of people. His Moon at 6+Capricorn has the Symbol of Capricorn 7: A Veiled Prophet Speaks, Seized By the Power of a God.


The interpretation from my book “The Sabian Symbols as an Oracle” has this to say about this Symbol:


“Information or knowledge is coming through, and it is difficult to know whether to trust it. Look carefully for the signs – is it truth that you are being fed? This energy can be used for the good of all involved, or it can just lead people astray. Hypnotherapy or hypnotic suggestion. If negative – conscious manipulation.”


Author August Kubizek was a close friend of Hitler. Quoting Kubizek from The Spear of Destiny:


“It was as if another being spoke out of his body and moved him as much as it did me. It was not all a case of a speaker carried away by his own words. On the contrary; I rather felt as though he himself listened with astonishment and emotion to what burst forth from him with elemental force…”


Rudhyar’s interpretation for Capricorn 7: The Veiled Prophet is:


“The ability to act as a mouthpiece for the revelation of a transcendent will and truth determining future action… Here we witness the deepest manifestation of that Power which operates within all relatively permanent social units, especially at the level of tribal organization. A tribe is a bio-psychic whole (or organism) integrated by a collective superphysical Power, the god of the tribe. In the Hebrew tradition this god is YHWH (Yahweh-Jehovah); in earlier tribes it may have been a deified more or less mythical “Great Ancestor”. All these tribal gods are local manifestations of the very power of “Life” within the earth’s biosphere. It is this deified Power which physically “seized” especially sensitive or religiously trained men or women, who became its mouthpiece – prophets, seers, oracles. That Power operates in our days as well, but in different ways because of the individualization and intellectualization of modern man’s consciousness. It binds together and helps to maintain the integration of organized social collectivities. It guides their development by releasing and focusing through especially open persons the visionary expectations of developments about to occur (my italics). At the threshold of tomorrow man is allowed to have a vision or revelation of the essential elements of the as-yet-unknown next step in evolution. The key word is Mediatorship.”


Jones’ 1931 rendition of this Symbol – Capricorn 7: ‘A Highly Sophisticated Ritual of Magic is Displayed, The Central Figure is a Heavily Veiled Prophet of Power. Jones’ interpretation:


“This is a symbol of the constructive fruits of the complexity of civilization, the gathering together to one purpose of the whole social force. Positively, it is a degree of intensified channelship; negatively, exaggeration of the confusion of life. The keyword is Supremacy.”


Although not meaning to draw any important parallels between Hitler and Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, it is interesting to note that Rajneesh had this degree for his Mercury. I took darshan (had a personal audience) with Rajneesh in 1979 and before I went in someone advised me to get somebody to take notes on what he had to say to me. I asked why and was told that many people go into a type of trance and don’t remember. My reply was that would never happen to me as I wasn’t under his ‘spell’. Well, that proved to be famous last words as I couldn’t remember half of what was said, I didn’t remember him touching my forehead, as he’d done to everyone else and I was definitely sure they didn’t take my photograph. A few days later I received my photo and, sure enough, Rajneesh’s thumb was planted firmly between my eyebrows.


Lynda Hill with Rajneesh


Why did people listen to and follow Hitler, such a weird little man with a comical little moustache? Hitler’s Jupiter in the 3rd house is very telling. It’s Capricorn 9: An Angel Carrying a Harp. Certainly Hitler was no angel, but he was extremely charismatic and he played a tune that many people were ready and prepared to listen to, a little like the pied piper. He followed the classic principles of persuasive propaganda by playing to the people’s fears and at an unintellectual emotive level. Then he created their new hopes. The ‘Angel’ will radiate harmonies that spread messages, in this case part of the tune he was playing was to bolster up the hopes of the German people, to reinforce their economy and make Germany a world power after their terrible defeat in World War I and the collapse of the stock market in 1929. He gave them a lot of vague promises whilst avoiding the details. He used simple catchphrases, repeated again and again. The people listened. As Albert Speer says in Inside the Third Reich:


“Hitler was eternally exposed to the worship of the masses” and adds “The public credited Hitler and no one else with the achievements in economic and foreign policy of the period.”


It’s interesting to note that Hitler was often nicknamed the ‘Angel of Destruction’ or ‘The Angel of Darkness’. Jones’ keyword for this degree is Communication.


To further illustrate the conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter in the 3rd house (and their respective Sabian Symbols), Liz Greene in The Outer Planets and Their Cycles says


“You can see Hitler preparing to give a speech to an audience. He stands rather diffidently in the background, obviously unsure of himself, very eager to please. He climbs up to the podium, and smiles and dimples and shuffles a bit… He begins to speak in a fairly ordinary voice. Then something begins to happen. His gestures change completely and begin to become rather jerky, and his voice alters, and his eyes glaze over. You can see the tenant in the basement rising up to take control of the house. All of a sudden this rather shy and diffident man begins to radiate immense charismatic power. He is giving voice to what everyone in the audience is caught by. They are all in a state of participation mystique, and the collective vision has taken possession of them all.”


This conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter in the 3rd house of oratory is a very powerful one, especially when combined with the Sabian Symbols. It’s almost like a direct tap root to the consciousness of the crowd. The Moon at 6+ and Jupiter at 8+ of Capricorn gives a midpoint degree of 7+ Capricorn. The Symbol for this midpoint is Capricorn 8: Birds in the House Singing Happily. This is what Hitler promised the people: an abundant, carefree life with everything that one would need for happiness. After the Great Depression of 1929, they were willing to listen to someone who would set himself up as a Messiah and the Rescuer. The Depression chart of Oct. 29, 1929 shows a conjunction of the North Node and Chiron at Taurus 13: A Porter Carrying Heavy Baggage. They wanted to hear how the angel with the harp and the sweet tune could lift the ‘load’ they had shouldered since the Depression so that they could move into a new era.


Another focus of strong persuasion and manipulation lies in the symbolism for Hitler’s Saturn. At Leo 14: In the Form of a Cherub, Whispering Soft Coaxing Words Into Every Receptive Ear, a Human Soul Seeks Expression (Jones 1931). One of the underlying motifs of this symbol (when expressed in a more ‘negative’ way) is that if one is not ‘heard’ then it follows that one does not exist. Rudhyar’s version of this Symbol: A Human Soul Seeking Opportunities for Outward Manifestation. Rudhyar’s interpretation reads:


“Behind the many rhythms and drives of individual existence, beyond the child, the adult and the old man, stands the soul seeking always to manifest itself through the personality. This is the transpersonal urge of the spirit, expressing itself in many ways during the whole life span. But most avenues are blocked, and the soul waits until it can wait no longer. Then comes the dramatic release, which may mean a joyous carnival or madness… [this symbol]… brings a transcendental clue to the technique of living: LET the soul speak out!”


His Saturn has a lot of energy, even though it hasn’t got a lot of aspects. It is a 10th house Saturn, which is square to his Venus/Mars conjunction, and is the ruler of his Moon, Jupiter and South Node. I’ve often seen this degree to indicate that people either speak very quietly and are afraid to be heard, or they speak loudly so that everyone gets the message. This degree can indicate disabilities, both physical and mental. This 10th house Saturn tells me that he had the feeling that if he wasn’t ‘heard’ then he would ‘disappear’ and nobody would notice him. This Symbol tells me that he was desperate to ‘be’ somebody. In his speeches, as we’ve seen, he would often scream and yell.


His exact 7th house Venus/Mars conjunction is Taurus 17: ‘A Symbolical Battle Between Swords and Torches. This Symbol speaks of the battle between ‘might’ versus ‘light’ – the sword being ‘might’ and the torch being ‘light’. It represents war, propaganda, arguments over ideals and the stranglehold the media has on information. Scenes from film footage often show hundreds of thousands of people at Nazi rallies holding torches. This Symbol hardly needs explaining in the light of what Hitler set out to achieve. He wrote in a directive to his Generals in 1938:


“One might accuse me of wanting to fight and fight again. In struggle I see the fate of all beings. Nobody can avoid fighting if he does not want to go under.”


It’s fascinating to note that Hitler had an obsession with gaining possession of ‘The Spear of Longinus’ – often called “The Spear of Destiny”. This spear was said to be the one that pierced the side of Christ whilst he hung on the Cross. According to the legend associated with the spear “the claimant to this talisman of power has a choice between the service of two opposing Spirits in the fulfilment of his world-historic claims – a Good and an Evil Spirit”. In terms of the ‘torch’, Hitler spent years researching the spear, and was completely obsessed with obtaining it.


Bill Kalogonis from his web page Hitler and The Holy Lance states


“…a legend came to center around the spear which Hitler believed in very strongly; that whoever possessed the Spear and understood its powers for serving good and evil could conquer the world.”




The holder of the spear was said to hold the destiny of the world in their hands. Hitler was fascinated by Richard Wagner’s opera Parsival, at the center of which was the struggle between the Grail Knights and their adversaries over the possession of the Holy Spear.


From the book, The Spear of Destiny:


“In the hands of the Knight, Sir Parsival, who served the Archangel of the Grail, the Spear was a holy symbol of the blood of Christ – a sacred talisman of healing and redemption. In the grasp of the sinister Klingsor, surrounded by his seductive flower maidens in the fastness of an eyrie in some southern clime, the Spear became a kind of phallic wand in service of black magic powers.”


Hitler claimed possession of the Spear when he annexed Austria in 1938. Quoting Bill Kalogonis from Hitler and the Holy Lance; this event:


“…must be regarded the most critical moment of the twentieth century until the Americans claimed the Spear in the city of Nuremberg in 1945, and, while holding it in their possession, inaugurated the Atomic Age by dropping their bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


And further:


Germanic tradition says that Charlemagne had kept the spear with him throughout 47 victorious battles, and had only died when he accidentally dropped it. Barbarossa (Frederick I), like Charlemagne, died within minutes of dropping it as he crossed a stream.” This Spear had a history which could be traced at least as far back as Constantine the Great, the Roman Emperor who had legalized Christianity. In addition to Constantine, the spear had been possessed by such men as Theodosius, Alaric (who sacked Rome), Theodoric who turned back Attila the Hun, Justinian, Charles Martel (who had defeated the Moslems at the Battle of Poitiers), five Saxon emperors who succeeded the Carolingian Dynasty, seven Hohenstauffen emperors including Frederick II.


Today, the Lance belongs to the House of Hapsburg, and rests in the Hoffburg Museum in Vienna, just as it did in 1938 when Hitler seized it in the name of the Reich. After having declared Austria to be a part of the Reich, der Fuhrer had it loaded onto an armored SS train and taken to Nuremberg on October 13. There it remained in St. Catherine’s Church for the next six years until it was removed to a safer, protective underground vault where Lt. Walter William Horn, of the United States Army, took possession of it in the name of the US Government at 2:10 p.m. on April 30, 1945. Hitler committed suicide 80 minutes later, at 3.30pm.”


It seems clear that Hitler came into this world to teach us the evils of hatred and war. The hope would be that The Torch (the light) will overcome The Sword (issues of might).


Dane Rudhyar says of this degree:

“Refusing to depend upon the past, the seeker turns warrior, fighting anew the eternal “Great War.”He wrote “This…Symbol suggests that salvation is attained through the emergent individual’s readiness to face all issues as if there were only two opposed sides.”


Rudhyar’s keyword is “Polarization of Values”.


This clearly shows the battle between the ‘Aryans’ and ‘the others’ (Hitler decided who the ‘others’ were). The symbol also very much brings to mind the image of the Swastika.


Echoing again this theme of ‘the swords and torches’, H.P. Blavatsky wrote in an article entitled ‘Cross and Fire’ – Theosophist Magazine, November 1879:


“Perhaps the most widespread and universal among the symbols in the old astronomical systems, which have passed down the stream of time to our century, and have left traces everywhere in the Christian religion as elsewhere, are the Cross and the Fire, the latter, the emblem of the Sun. The ancient Aryans had them both as the symbols of Agni [Agni: The god of fire in the Vedas]. Whenever the ancient Hindu devotee desired to worship Agni – says E. Burnouf (Science des Religions, c.10) – he arranged two pieces of wood in the form of a cross, and, by a peculiar whirling and friction obtained fire for his sacrifice. As a symbol, it is called Swastica, and, as an instrument manufactured out of a scared tree and in possession of every Brahmin, it is known as Arani”.


Hitler’s radical ideas and the widespread dissemination of them can be shown through the degree of his Pluto at Gemini 5: A Radical Magazine, Asking for Action, Displays a Sensational Front Page. In 1923, Hitler attempted to overthrow the government in the Munich Beer-Hall Putsch. This failed. He was tried for treason and ended up in jail. His progressed Sun had come to conjunct his natal Pluto on Gemini 5: Before the judges and representatives of the world press in Munich, Hitler proclaimed loudly:


“I alone bear the responsibility. But I am not a criminal because of that. If today I stand here as a revolutionary, it is as a revolutionary against the revolution.”


It was during this time in prison that he wrote his famous book “Mein Kampf” (My Struggle) – certainly a “Radical Magazine Asking for Action”! M.E. Jones’ 1931 version has Gemini 5: A Publication Devoted to Some Vital Moment in Human Welfare Flaunts an Attention-Compelling Cover. Mein Kampf was first published in the autumn of 1925. The sales of the book were comparatively modest but rose with the fortunes of the Nazi party with sales jumping from 9,473 copies in 1925 to 90,351 in 1932.


From ‘The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich’:


“Hitler’s royalties – his chief source of income from 1925 on – were considerable when averaged over those first seven years. But they were nothing compared to those received in 1933, the year he became Chancellor. In his first year of office Mein Kampf sold a million copies, and Hitler’s income from the royalties, which had been increased from 10 to 15 percent after January 1, 1933, was over one million marks (some $300,000) making him the most prosperous author in Germany and for the first time a millionaire. Except for the Bible, no other book sold as well during the Nazi regime, when few family households felt secure without a copy on the table. It was almost obligatory – and certainly politic – to present a copy to a bride and groom at their wedding, and nearly every school child received one on graduation from whatever school. By 1940, the year after World War II broke out, six million copies of the Nazi bible had been sold in Germany.”


Spear goes on to say:


“…no one can accuse him [Hitler] of not putting down in writing exactly the kind of Germany he intended to make…the blueprint of the Third Reich and, what is more, of the barbaric New Order which Hitler inflicted on conquered Europe…is set down in all its appalling crudity at great length and in detail between the covers of this revealing book.”


His progressed Sun certainly activated that 8th house Pluto at Gemini 5 and pushed him towards publishing that ‘publication devoted to some vital moment for human welfare’!


This man HAD to be heard and he had the elements just right for formulating his revolutionary ideas, writing them down (as an inmate in prison), getting them published and making a lot of money in the process. He achieved an amazing dissemination of his ideals. His ideas spread like an epidemic.


Conjuncting his Pluto in the 8th house and furthering his ability to see into the ‘mind of the masses’ is his Neptune at Gemini 1: A Glass-Bottomed Boat Reveals Undersea Wonders. This degree, especially on an outer planet in the chart of a person who lives a transpersonal life, can dispense the ability to see into the recesses and places that others cannot see. It is very much like having a special pair of goggles fitted, to enable one to see into the depths or the ‘other side’. My book, The Sabian Symbols as an Oracle says of this degree:


“…being able to see ‘within’ to forms that are not usually observable. Clairvoyance. Being able to connect in with the collective unconscious. Spiritual gifts that enlarge one’s perspective…”


Hitler’s North Node at Cancer 16: A Man Studying a Mandala in Front of Him, With the Help of a Very Ancient Book. Amongst other things, this Symbol speaks of the hours and hours of study Hitler did. It implies very pointed concentration on a subject. He studied architecture, Goethe, Dante, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche along with the Eastern religions, Theosophy, Yoga, Occultism, Hypnotism and Astrology.


The ‘Mandala’ can mean many things, amongst them astrology which he was said to have employed, but Hitler’s ‘Mandala’ was often portrayed as the tables mapped out with war maneuvers and his pouring over architectural plans. Jones’ 1931 version of this degree reads A Futuristic Editorial Office Provides Unconscious Symbolism; Table, Manuscript, Martial Visitor, All Are Square. This version of the Symbol really conjures up the image of Hitler, perhaps with his generals, bending over vast miniature toy models of countries with tanks and planes and all sorts of artillery.


Hitler’s South Node clearly describes Hitler Youth. It’s Capricorn 16: Boys and Girls in Gymnasium Suits. He was determined to amass a nation full of fit and healthy youths. Germany was renowned for its focus on physical fitness and tens of millions of young people were members of various Youth organizations.On December 1, 1936, Hitler decreed a law outlawing all non-Nazi youth organizations, thereby assuring the membership of tens of millions in his Nazi organization. Children, from the age of six to 18 were forced to sign up, their parents being threatened with imprisonment for noncompliance. Documentaries on Hitler always contain scenes of vast numbers of young people, all dressed in the same uniforms, all doing exercises. This Symbol clearly describes physical exercise and fitness, but it also implies the idea of conscription – from the age of 18, conscription to the armed forces was mandatory.


His Mercury shows his ability to accomplish many things and his desire to attain almost the entire world. The Symbol for his Mercury is Aries 26: A Man Possessed of More Gifts Than He Can Hold. Many people said that he was rather talented in many fields and, indeed, he had many interests. But a large part of the negative expression of this Symbol lies in the looting and plundering that went on all through the years of the Third Reich. Hitler attempted to possess everything. The Nazis looted money, art works, gold, countries, etc. Even though he was probably more eccentric than clever, Hitler seemed to believe that he had a great intelligence.


Perhaps the most astounding Symbol, and the key to the underlying psychosis of Hitler, is the one for his twelfth house Uranus at Libra 20: A Jewish Rabbi Performing His Duties. Marc Edmund Jones’ 1931 version of the Symbols has it as: In a Tiny Room Ridiculously Cluttered With Manuscripts and Books Sits a Jewish Rabbi at Ease With Self and the World. Hitler projected most of his 12th house rage onto the Jewish race, perhaps in part because of the surety of their religion and their scholarly ways. Robert Pelletier says of Uranus in the 12th house in his book ‘Planets in Houses’:


“This house shows the spiritual debts carried over from previous life experiences, which may haunt you on occasion as you observe injustices in your environment or throughout the world. This house represents the gnawing feeling you have when you hear about individuals who are caught in physically painful situations or who must endure dehumanizing conditioning because of social, political, economic or religious constraints… All of your unresolved problems lie here, buried under the debris of consciousness.”


Rudhyar says of the Jewish Rabbi degree:


“It’s…the ability to draw on the power of ancestral tradition in order to serve and inspire one’s fellow-men. Here we see at work the constructive use of rather rigid yet effectual socio-cultural and religious patterns. The energies of the collective Unconscious are channeled through well-defined, age-old forms and formulas. This implies limitations and the possibility of sclerosis or inertia when confronted with new situations, yet there is beauty and wisdom in such a ritualization of behavior and of thinking. At this stage the relation of man, the individual, to his community – and beyond it, the universe – is seen in stabilized and effective operation. Inherited Wisdom can be focused through a person who accepts its limitations.’


In part, Hitler’s rage against the Jewish race seems to stem from this 12th house placement. By progression, Uranus traveled backwards through the Jewish Rabbi degree (Libra 20) until he was twelve. Further, Uranus traveled retrograde through Libra 19 until he was 48 (approx. the beginning of the war). Libra 19: A Gang of Robbers In Hiding. M.E. Jones wrote this Symbol in 1931 as: A Gang of Robbers Are Seen in Hiding, Ready and Anxious to Attack the Heavily Armed Caravan Just Coming Into Sight. And, for the last seven years of his life (and, thereafter), the progressed Uranus degree was Libra 18: Two Men Are Placed Under Arrest and Taken Away to Give an Accounting For Their Acts Before a Tribunal of Society. This degree certainly describes the Nuremberg Trials.




The Symbols for his progressions are extremely revealing and map his unfolding life.


Hitler dodged the military draft in 1910 and 1911 – his progressed Sun was on Taurus 22: A White Dove Flying Over Troubled Waters. From my book The Sabian Symbols as an Oracle –


“Although there is trouble all around, you are able to rise above this and find safe ground”.


His progressed Mars was exactly conjunct progressed Neptune on Gemini 2: Santa Clause Filling Stockings Furtively. When negatively expressed, this Symbol speaks of one hiding true gestures behind futile pretense and concealing one’s true intentions behind a facade and trying to get away with something. He lied to get out of military service. Hitler couldn’t continue to evade the authorities and was ordered to have a medical examination in 1914. With the Mars/Neptune progression still in effect, he was rejected for military service because of poor health. To further illustrate this degree – this is O.J. Simpson’s North Node degree.


Alan Bullock, author of “Hitler – A Study in Tyranny” speaks of how Hitler’s “racist views began to percolate in an obscene fashion” whilst in Vienna in 1912-13. He was twenty three and a man with few roots in Vienna. His progressed Sun was on Taurus 24: An Indian Warrior Riding Fiercely, Human Scalps Hanging at His Belt. This Symbol speaks of fighting for one’s territory, trophies of aggression (scalps), basic instincts and territoriality. It’s also about claiming one’s soil and one’s due rewards as a result. These attitudes were recorded in Mein Kampf. Hitler wrote:


“My inner aversion to the Hapsburg State was increasing daily…This motley of Czechs, Poles, Hungarians, Ruthenians, Serbs and Croats…the Jew, here and there and everywhere – the whole spectacle was repugnant to me…The longer I lived in that city the stronger became my hatred for the promiscuous swarm of foreign peoples which had begun to batten on that old nursery ground of German culture”. I have edited out some appalling statements. He really wrote some very vile accounts of his feelings toward other races which don’t need to be repeated here. During this period in Vienna, the image of ‘taking scalps’ was formulating in his mind.


The image of the cowboys and the Indians started early in Hitler’s life. In 1899, at the age of 10, his progressed Mars was on the Indian Warrior degree. Then, in 1902 his progressed Mercury was on this degree.


Quoting The History Place web site on Hitler’s boyhood:


“His favorite game to play outside was cowboys and Indians. Tales of the American West were very popular among boys in Austria and Germany. Books by James Fenimore Cooper and especially German writer Karl May were eagerly read and re-enacted. May, who had never been to America, invented a hero named Old Shatterhand, a white man who always won his battles with Native Americans, defeating his enemies through sheer will power and bravery. Young Hitler read and reread every one of May’s books about Old Shatterhand, totaling more than 70 novels. He continued to read them even as Fuhrer. During the German attack on the Soviet Union he sometimes referred to the Russians as Redskins and ordered his officers to carry May’s book about fighting Indians.


…Cowboys and Indians gave way to battle re-enactments, especially after the Boer War broke out in Africa. Hitler, now eleven years old, took the side of the Boers against the English and never tired of playing war.”


Cowboys and Indians seem to have been etched onto his consciousness. His progressed Sun passed over the Indian Warrior degree in 1912 (at the age of 23) and it was his progressed Descendant degree from 1928-1930.


Hitler’s progressed New Moon was in March 1928. The Symbolism is very telling when one considers his life after this date. The New Moon was at Gemini 9: A Quiver Filled With Arrows.


To quote from The Sabian Symbols as an Oracle:


“You need to arm yourself before hunting for what you want. There is no need to rush forward and hope for the best, this will only leave you feeling inadequate when you do find something. Compose yourself for a moment and realize that you have the ammunition and the sure marksmanship. Getting to the point. If negative – going into battle unprepared. Overconfidence in a mission.”


Geli Raubal


In the Summer of 1928 Hitler met and consequently fell in love with his twenty-year old niece, Geli Raubal. She was actually said to be the love of his life. His progressed Moon was Gemini 12: A Black Slave Girl Demanding Her Rights. It’s not known whether they actually had a sexual affair but they were both very possessive of each other. He suspected that she had had a clandestine affair with his bodyguard. She objected to her uncle’s tyranny over her. He forbade her to go to Vienna to continue her singing lessons, squelching her ambition for a career on the operatic stage. He wanted her for himself.


The interpretation of this degree from The Sabian Symbols as an Oracle:


“You want to be taken seriously. You’re tired of being treated like the slave or dutiful underling. You have rights and need to spread your wings to improve your situation. Rising above conditioning and limitations. Standing up for one’s self. If negative – feeling hard done by and deserving better. Blaming others for the situation. Bucking authority.”


In the Summer of 1931, Geli announced that she was returning to Vienna to resume her voice studies. Hitler again forbade her to go. There was a scene between the two when Hitler left his Munich apartment to go to Hamburg on September 17, 1931. The young girl was heard to cry to him from the window as her uncle was getting into his car, “Then you won’t let me go to Vienna?” He was heard to respond “No!” The next morning Geli Raubal was found shot dead in her room. The verdict was suicide. By this time Hitler’s progressed Sun was also at Gemini 11: A Black Slave Girl Demanding Her Rights. Transiting Mars was on Scorpio 1: Tourists on a Sightseeing Bus, (revealing his anger about her wanting to go off to another city to pursue her dream) was opposing his Taurus 1 Sun. Transiting Mercury was also conjunct transiting Neptune (to the degree) on Virgo 7: A Harem which speaks of the pain and angst often involved in waiting to be ‘the chosen one’. For months after her death he was inconsolable. His progressed Venus was at Taurus 5: A Widow Standing at an Open Grave. It was to be another 14 years before he finally married, and it was to Eva Braun on the day of his own suicide. His progressed Venus had come to Taurus 13: A Porter Carrying a Mountain of Heavy Baggage. Eva Braun did not have to join him in the bunker in order to marry him and to end her life with him on the same day. It is said that she did it because she felt that it was her duty.


Examples of Hitler’s Arabic Parts –


Part of Fortune – Cancer 4: A Cat Arguing With a Mouse. He profited by gaining unfair advantage against weaker opponents. He would often bicker and argue.


Part of Increase – Cancer 5: At a Railroad Crossing, An Automobile is Wrecked By a Train. This describes a situation where the individual’s will is pitted against the will of the collective (or vice versa). From The Sabian Symbols as an Oracle


“The individual’s ideas will not survive in a collision with the more powerful collective. This is not a time for one to be insisting bravely that one should be considered. The collective has too much momentum and will not stop. If someone pits themselves and their energies against society, sooner or later they are going to lose . . . being prepared to sacrifice other individuals for the sake of larger gains”


Part of Spirit – Aquarius 20: A Large White Dove Bearing a Message – negatively, it can be shooting the messenger. Perhaps this degree confirms that it was Hitler’s mission to drive home the message of the uselessness and waste of war. The following Symbol is Aquarius 21: A Woman Disappointed and Disillusioned, Courageously Facing a Seemingly Empty Life. It was said by everyone who knew him that he was a brooder, rarely happy and often spending time alone. This Symbol also describes the millions of widows left behind.


Part of Fatality – Aquarius 10: A Popularity That Proves to Be Fleeting. Dane Rudhyar’s An Astrological Mandala has this Symbol as A Man Who had For a Time Become the Embodiment of a Popular Ideal is Made to Realise That as a Person He is Not This Ideal. This image can certainly be defined as his ‘part of fatality’ as his suicide, in his bunker in Berlin, resulted from the realization that he’d lost the war and the Russians were advancing on the city


Part of Organization – Sagittarius 1: Retired Army Veterans Gather to Reawaken Old Memories. This Symbol surely shows what Hitler wanted for the Third Reich – victory and enormous things achieved. Jones’ 1931 version has it as: A Group of Elderly Men in Uniforms; Eyes Bright With Reminiscence, are Gathered at a Grand Army of the Republic Campfire.


Part of Sudden Advancement – Virgo 17: A Volcano in Eruption. Hitler certainly advanced through the ranks very quickly – almost like an ‘eruption’ of irresistible forces.


The Part of Inheritances and the Part of Bondage are particularly telling and rather awe-inspiring, conjunct at Pisces 21: A Prophet Carrying Tables of the New Law is Walking Down the Slopes of Mount Sinai. Jones’ 1931 version has it as: Down the Man-Made Mountain of Industry in Allegorical Representation Comes the Prophet With Tables of a New Law. Rudhyar says of this degree:


“The Symbol obviously refers to Moses after he received from the God of his people the basic principles upon which a new religion, and even more a new ritual of living, should be founded. This basic ‘Law’ has to be “brought down”. It represents a descent of formative and structuring power, a divine Revelation…The keyword Mandate is appropriate; but the basic problem is how to fulfill it in the right spirit.”


An examination of Hitler’s chart through the lens of the Sabian Symbols reveals many layers of meaning that are not evident through other means. This article has revealed the positive, the straightforward, the complex and the negative aspects of Hitler’s chart in a way that, at the very least, reinforces our notion that there is a pattern of existence that is reflected in the astrological chart. The Sabian Symbols are tools that expand our understanding of both the inner and outer meanings in not only the literal and intellectual, but also in the inner and personal. I pray that when someone with a chart like this comes again he chooses to be a ‘Gandhi’ and not a ‘Hitler’. Let us watch closely.


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