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Remarkable things happen when we use the Sabian Symbols. Events can become almost surreal and multi-layered. Watching the Symbol come alive around you expands your sense of everything being interrelated and events of synchronicity happen more and more often. Things can occur that defy explanation.

One such time was during a workshop I was giving on the Symbols in the mid 90’s in New Zealand at the Planet Camp Conference at Lake Taupo. During the first part of my lecture, a woman at the back of the class asked if she could use numerology to come up with a Sabian Symbol. The woman was in her late 50’s, blonde and pretty and had her daughter sitting next to her. I replied that it didn’t matter what system one used to come up with a Symbol, there would be meaning in it. I continued my lecture and some minutes later huge peals of laughter came from the back of the room. I said “come on now, you’ve got to tell us what you’re laughing about!” She told the class that she’d added up the numbers in her name and it came to 35. She’d looked up the Sabian Symbol on page 35 and the Symbol was so extraordinary to her that she just exploded, laughing. The Symbol is Taurus 5: A Youthful Widow, Fresh and Soul Cleansed From Grief, Kneels at an Open Grave to Discover the Secret of Eternal Life. Her husband had built a coffin for her! Her daughter was in hysterics too, as you can probably imagine. The woman said that the coffin was stored in their garage and every time she drove in and out of the garage, she was confronted by her own coffin. I said “that’s very nice of him, why on earth did he do that?” She said it was to save money and added that he’d built one for himself, so their two coffins stood on end, side-by-side in her garage. Needless to say, she was brought face-to-face with her own mortality every time she saw the coffins, which were on display in their garage.

I use the Symbols in all my readings, but in compatibility readings they can be especially helpful. They can reveal issues in a chart that other aspects of astrology may not. Knowing one’s Sabian Symbols can bring fascinating new realizations about how we interact with others. These symbolic images help to bring breakthroughs in understanding the dynamics of both the individuals and their charts together.

A fun example: I had an older couple come to me years ago. They had a problem in that he desperately wanted to buy a boat and she didn’t. This problem was threatening to break up their marriage. They’d never owned a boat, but he desperately wanted one. I believed her when she said that he was so possessed with owning a boat that he bought a huge and ugly picture of a galleon ship at a garage sale and had hung it over the mantelpiece. I saw in his chart that he had an amazing number of Sabian Symbols that depicted his life as a naval or sea man. In her chart, she had her Saturn (the planet associated with fear, limitations and heaviness) on “The Retired Sea-Captain Sitting on the Porch of His Cottage” – she didn’t want to sail, now or ever! I explained that he had this natural pull towards the sea and it was an experience that he needed to explore – she didn’t have to share this with him, she had her own interests she could pursue. By the time I’d finished with the consultation, they were off to find a boat to buy, and she finally understood his craving for going to sea. The Sabian Symbols had helped to pull the whole situation around. They both left happy, holding hands as they walked down the driveway.

Interestingly, it seems that the Sabian Symbols can have a sense of humor at times. I was speaking at an astrology conference in Moscow in 1996.  A party was held for the speakers, both foreign and Russian, on the Saturday night in the hostel room of a couple of the Russian academics. It was by no means a luxurious place; it was a cheap student hostel. People brought their contributions of food and wine and it was cramped, fun, smoky, and the conversations raucous and inspiring. One by one, we learnt the foibles of the furniture in the room: First, I was warned not to put bottles of wine (which I’d bought from Australia) on the table as it was in danger of collapsing; then we were warned not to sit on a particular chair and a then a different one collapsed and a bed fell into pieces as we tried to move it to make way for more people to come into the room. I still have photographs of everyone screaming with laughter as the room dissembled.

Amongst gales of laughter, my translator insisted that somebody draw two Sabian Symbol cards to get a message for the moment. The message was Virgo 27: Aristocratic Elderly Ladies Drinking Afternoon Tea in a Wealthy Home – the Sabian Symbols revealing a great sense of humor; this was the EXACT opposite of what was happening. The guy whose bed fell apart fell against the wall and slid down it, laughing. Spirits, hearts and minds quenched by the pure joy of sharing the silly side of it all. There was not one complaint. The Sabian symbol was showing a wealth of spirit and the aristocracy of joy.

Of course, many times the answer will reflect serious and important issues in your life. One client of mine selected the Symbol Virgo 22: A Royal Coat of Arms Enriched With Precious Stones. Up until she pulled that Symbol she wasn’t feeling very happy or regal at all. However, the Symbol surprised her as she was actually directly descended from New Guinea royalty and the Symbol was reminding her of it. The Symbol told her to believe in herself and hold her head up high.

Several years ago, our 14 year old tabby cat, Bubbles, died. We were all very upset, especially my two children. The same day she died, my daughter Jess, who was about 12 at the time, asked me if we could ask the Sabian Oracle for a message about Bubbles. She picked two cards and the answer she received was at once enlightening and reassuring; Aquarius 14: A Train Entering a Tunnel. We somehow knew that Bubbles was heading for the ‘light’ and we sat and cried together tears of joy, feeling that she was moving somewhere towards the light. The following day, Jess asked if we could ask the Oracle again. I hesitated, wondering what on earth it could tell us, but knowing that the Oracle is always illuminating in some measure, I decided to take another look. The Symbol Jess got was Leo 27 Daybreak – The Luminescence of Dawn in the Eastern Sky. That felt extraordinary! Reading the words I’d written about that Symbol was very healing for Jess: “You may feel that there is finally a chance for a new beginning. Things have been sacrificed and there may be a certain emptiness, but now you can see the light and move forward again. New ideas, new opportunities, new perspectives, new realizations are emerging.” It seemed to us that Bubbles had reached the other side, indeed it felt that she was reincarnating!

There are many, many Sabian Symbol stories… all of them interesting, all of them profound in their own way.