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The Karmic and Quest degrees add another dimension to a chart. They add depth and meaning and will no doubt answer some questions, and, probably, give rise to more questions as you plumb the depths that the sequence of Symbols can bring up. Realisations can bring amazing and real breakthroughs in understanding. Check them out!
The Karmic Condition is the degree before a planet or a point. They can and will show something you’re good at, something perfected, something you’ve brought through from a past life, perhaps, something that’s a habit or a talent. Whether you see a particular Karmic degree as being ‘good or bad’ depends on your point of view. It may bring up things that you really like, or, it can show areas that you may need to work on or let go in some measure. The Karmic degree is often, depending on the planet or point, what was happening right before birth – the expression of that planet or point right before birth.  For those who understand astrology, you can interpret the Karmic Condition somewhat like the Moon’s south node.

The Quest Degree is the degree after a planet or a point. It is something we often need to grow towards, to integrate, to realise, to accept into our lives perhaps. It can be something that comes easily, or, it can be quite a lesson or a challenge. Straight after you were born, the planet or point moved over this degree and it was deposited into your very being both by transit and progression For those who understand astrology, you can see the Quest Symbol somewhat like the Moon’s north node.

Whether you see a particular degree as being ‘good or bad’ depends on your point of view; it is up to your conscious, and probably subconscious, mind. Regardless, they are all useful in guiding us towards a better understanding of the unfolding of life.