June’s Gemini New Moon: Two Dutch Children Talking And Studying Their Lessons Together

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

New Moon in Gemini set for Washington DCThe Gemini new Moon occurs on the 4th June in the United States and the 5th in Australia and the UK. This is a very big new Moon. Falling on Gemini 15, it may even be the biggest of the entire year as it is forming a grand cross with Saturn on Sagittarius 13, Jupiter on Virgo 15 and Neptune on Pisces 13.

The New Moon, and Venus, are on Gemini 15: T

The Dutch are known to be intelligent, urbane, to speak several languages and to be rather unemotional, and, perhaps, this translates into this degree. They could be speaking Dutch, English, French, Spanish, Flemish – whatever… it shows intelligent children gathering together to learn and digest knowledge, and, no doubt, to share their stories, joys, sorrows, etc. The following is from my book The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees Of Wisdom 

Commentary: ‘Two Dutch Children Talking and Studying Their Lessons Together’ shows the need for clarity and for those of like mind to share and communicate spontaneous and creative ideas. The ‘Two Dutch Children’ are discussing and sharing their thoughts, ideas and feelings about ‘Their Lessons’. Every now and then they are likely to bring up side issues about their personal lives and to chatter about friends, etc. It may be that they are meant to be only ‘Studying Their Lessons’, however they probably have the freedom to be able to relax and take things easily. The people around them probably won’t be interested in what they are ‘Studying’, although they may sometimes pretend to be. Some may feel left out because the level of conversation or the ways of communicating are so carefree, in-depth or inaccessible to others’ minds.

Oracle: This Symbol shows people enjoying each other and sharing common goals. When a lot of the confusion of the day-to-day life is put aside, there can be an understanding of each other or those around you that is so strong it can feel like a soul connection. As these are said to be ‘Dutch Children’, feeling cut off and isolated because of language or cultural separations can be frustrating, but if you have companionship with someone on your wavelength, it is much easier to bear. You should be able to relax and feel comfortable with your associates. Try not to look for or create any unnecessary complications. Get on with your job quietly and effectively with company that seeks the same things in life. Getting a grip on life’s ‘Lessons’ will enlighten and enrich everyone in this situation. Finding a friend to learn and be creative with could lead to some valuable lessons about friendships, relating and the world.

Keywords: Sharing of innocence and carefree thoughts and ideals. Exchanging views with like-minded individuals. Simplicity. Sense of companionship. Communication. Best friends. Having the right teacher. Learning and studying. Conversations that illuminate issues. Speaking many languages. Gossiping. Issues to do with education. Children.

The Caution: Failing to communicate in depth. Unsophisticated viewpoints. Excluding others as “unworthy”. Societal or racial prejudice. “Hearing voices” that don’t make sense. Not hearing the opinions of others to further understand how the world works. Foreign languages that exclude others..

So, we are in throes of a tight square between Saturn and Neptune. We may find that Alexander and the Gordian Knotour dreams and hopes and visions – Neptune – for our lives (and/or our world), may be coming up against the old-guard, Saturn. It can be a hard bump with reality and we may want to overthrow the past – to purge our lives, beliefs, intentions, etc, of those things that are no longer viable, useful or promising – to cut the Gordian Knot as Alexander The Great did, solving the puzzle of the past so he could go on to conquer greater lands.

The square between Saturn and Neptune can be rather depressing, but this is more likely if we are not moving forward in a way that is taking into account current realities, current possibilities, etc.

It is interesting to note that the Sabian Symbols for both Saturn and Neptune are talking about the past – the necessity of facing it, dealing with it, cleansing it, releasing it, healing the stories we might have, stopping the battling, the pushing, the arguing, etc. The Symbol for Saturn is Sagittarius 13: A WIDOW’S PAST IS BROUGHT TO LIGHT, and, Neptune on Pisces 13: A SWORD IN A MUSEUM. Issues that are coming up are likely to have something to do with relationships – past or present – and the need to face up to some ‘secrets’ or issues that may have previously been suppressed, ignored, kept hidden or not comfortable to have come to light. The ‘Sword’ is, among other possibilities and outcomes, showing us that we may need to cut the Gordian Knot – to sever something that no longer works for us. All kinds of connections can be cut now. If a connection is cut and yet it comes back to you in a more pure form, then it was supposed to be in your life. If not, it is probably time to let it go completely – to stop thinking about it, obsessing, going over and over the details – the what ifs, etc.

Venus is exactly conjunct (together with) this new Moon. This can bring a wonderful promise of good to come from this period. However, Venus is opposite Saturn, square Jupiter and square Neptune and you may find that the promises from Venus come from making decisions about who and what you are going to have in your life, leaving some people, issues, places, etc, behind. It can be important to remember that, although Venus is known as a greater benefic (a pleasant, wonderful, planet), it can also be the bitch from hell. It is, after all, Venus that sends Mars to war. Mars would not know what to do or what ideals to go after, what battles to fight, what issues to challenge, etc, if it wasn’t for Venus. Venus can be vengeful and demanding, after all – this is something I don’t hear talked about much in astrological writings, etc. Venus is not always the good, generous, the beneficial. It all depends on what’s really going on.

To read more about the new Moon – click here.

Best wishes for a fabulous new Moon!

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