A Celebration Of Elsie Wheeler For Her Birthday

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Excerpt from videoThe 3rd September is Elsie Wheeler’s birthday and yesterday I recorded a youtube video outlining the story of her life.

I also speak of some extraordinarily amazing coincidences between Elsie’s life and mine – it’s an interesting tale.

Here is the link to the video. 

I hope you enjoy it! Here is a link to Elsie’s chart with a listing of her Sabian Symbol placements. 




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  • keryndawer

    Hi Lynda,

    What a great video /story! The synchronicities showing up throughout your life between you, Elsie and the Sabians/Sabian Symbols are truly amazing and fascinating…WOW!!! I do believe you are quite special to have been given (and accepted) the life mission of bringing Elsie’s world, her psychic and spiritual gifts and her ultimate legacy, the Sabian Symbols, to life for the world to more fully appreciate. I, for one, appreciate both you and Elsie for your innate knowing and your brave, sacrificial, heroic and humanitarian lives. It seems nearly every astrologer I read, listen to or watch now includes the Sabian Symbols in their chart analyses because they are so accurate, relevant and insightful. That is thanks to your hard work I believe!!! I’d love to learn more so I do hope you’ll consider additional “installments” :))))

    Blessings and Love,

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