A Doozy Of A Time: The Sun On Cancer 27: A Violent Storm In A Canyon

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

The Sun today is on a very concerning, rather disruptive and, for many, rather life-changing degree… Cancer 27: A VIOLENT STORM IN A RESIDENTIAL CANYON FILLED WITH VALUABLE HOMES

ascensionThis Symbol implies that you may find yourself much deeper in situations than you had planned, but you find yourself restrained by the walls about you and the turbulence happening in and around you. Strong emotions or events may be unleashed and there may be no escape from the turbulence that is around, but things will settle down and peace will reign once more. The best thing to do is wait it out and protect your self the best you can. Arguments and emotional confrontations emerge as a result of the ‘pressure cooker’ environments in modern-day living.
Psychic energy being unleashed on the community or the environment. Furious emotions. Unexpected releases of power and turbulence. The awesome power of nature. Instability.
The Caution: Wrongly believing that you are in control of an uncontrollable situation. Enjoyment and promotion of emotional storms and turmoil. Whipping things up. Storms.

Further to that, the Sun is in a square aspect with Mars, and this aspect is *exact* today… The Sabian Symbol for Mars is Libra 27: AN AIRPLANE SAILS, HIGH IN THE BRIGHT CLEAR SKY
This Symbol shows the ability to transcend strife and to rise above issues. You can feel above situations and are being carried away and beyond the mundane towards something completely new. You can sail above issues and avoid more everyday, down-to-earth problems. Having a calm, objective and somewhat detached way of observing life reveals a lot to you. Don’t, however, get so far above things that you feel removed entirely from what’s really going on in reality. This won’t help when you need to employ practical solutions or have a need to really deal with life and its ramifications.
Transcending difficulties. Optimism that knows no bounds. Having a bird’s eye view. Airplanes, birds, flight. Roller-coaster rides. The need for navigation. Objectivity.
The Caution: Difficulty seeing the details of what’s going on. Escape from reality. Running out of fuel. Egoism. Playing with gravity. Disconnection from the real world.

Mars’ Symbol seems to be suggesting that we need to rise above the storms that are going on around us, and, quite possibly, within us… We need to ‘ascend’ so we can observe. I don’t think the answer is to cut off, though, although for some, that will definitely be the best bet. For some of us, though, we can’t just sit back and watch – we can feel reactionary, or that we need to do something – even if it’s just stating the bleeding obvious on FB and other social media.

Topping it off is the Moon’s north node (said by many to be a very karmic point) is conjunct Mars and squaring the Sun as well on Libra 24:A THIRD WING ON THE LEFT SIDE OF A BUTTERFLY
This Symbol can show imbalances of many kinds, be they physical, mental, spiritual or emotional. Understanding and accepting fragility and differences in our self and others can give greater empathy for those who have difficulty operating efficiently in the world. When the transformation into full potential occurs, it is a wonderful thing, however, you may feel that you are unnaturally developed or somehow lopsided in the emotive, intuitive realms. Instinct may swamp logic or logic may take from your instinct or intuition. Physically, you could find that one side of your body works more efficiently or smoothly than the other. It helps to try to regain balance and equilibrium in your life. More can be achieved by finding that still space in the middle.
Creative overbalance. Oddities. Beautiful imperfections. One side being more perfect than the other. Being light and flippant. Savants. Bodily impairments and handicaps.
The Caution: Unrealistic reliance on being different. Obsession with strange things. Flapping around and not getting anywhere. Restlessness, nervousness. Lopsidedness.

So, finding balance, along with somewhat removing one’s self from situations may indeed be the answer.

To add to the mix, the Moon over the next several hours, will be opposing Mars and the Moon’s north node and squaring the Sun from Aries.

Heck. Be wary of whipping up emotional storms as they will only add to the situation. I have trying hard to watch my own reactions as I watch horrendous things unfolding left, right and centre. It is not easy….

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