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After twenty years of non stop long newsletter writing, I’m having a break from too much sitting at the computer 🙂 I’m in Turkey for an extended stay of ten weeks or more, and, I have been having a fabulous time in Istanbul. Of all the places that I’ve been, I feel that this has to be my very favourite city. Of course, I love my home town of Sydney, but, it can be way too vanilla for me: Istanbul is filled with much more exotic and fabulous sights and sounds and history and people. Amazing. Absolutely loving it.  And, many of you who have been with me on my journey know that I badly needed an injection of fascination and adventure, and, God knows, I needed a rest. So, here I am.

I have so much news, and, so many stories to relate, and, I hope to record those memories by writing about them, and, making audios. That’s the plan. Right now I’m in amongst experiencing it.

Tomorrow, the 5th of July, I fly to Sanliurfa, the big city right near Harran, the home of the ancient Sabians: The ‘ancient mind-matrix’ that Marc Edmund Jones said was behind the ‘experiment’ that was to become the Sabian Symbols. We will be visiting Gobekli Tepe, an amazing archaeological site that is said to be 12,000 years old, predating Stonehenge by some 6,000 years. The emerging story of Gobekli is really astounding, and, I feel certain that the people who lived there were the ancestors of the Sabians from Harran that Marc Edmund Jones spoke about. Harran is a mere 35 miles (57 kilometers) from there.

I have been feeling a very strong connection to the ancestors, lately, especially as my progressed Sun has just moved onto Aquarius 5: A COUNCIL OF ANCESTORS HAVE BEEN CALLED TO GUIDE A MAN. It will be on that degree for a year, so, I’m looking forward to not only ‘guidance’, but calling in all types of allies. There have already been many allies on this trip. The Moon’s north node is now on Leo 7: THE WONDER OF THE CONSTELLATIONS OF STARS IN THE NIGHT SKY, and, as we were finalising our details for our trip yesterday, Mercury was conjunct the north node on that degree. I feel that we will be calling down the constellations from the desert outside Urfa. Nice. The Sabian Symbol for the Sun on our first day there is Cancer 14: A VERY OLD MAN FACING A VAST DARK SPACE TO THE NORTHEAST – the degree of the fixed star Sirius, a star very connected to the history and mythology of this part of the world.

Click here to read more about the journey. For those who might realise, there should be a translate option in Google, or whatever browser you’re using. Sometimes it pops up on it’s own. The wonders of technology.

Click here to read about The Magic Behind The ‘Experiment’ in my article about the origins of the Sabian Symbols.

As I set out on this trip, my progressed Moon was exactly trining my progressed Sun, on Libra 5: A MAN TEACHING THE TRUE INNER KNOWLEDGE OF THE NEW WORLD TO HIS STUDENTS, and, I’ve been wanting to travel to this area, which housed the first university in the world, and, where the Sabians worshipped the planets out to Saturn, for some 29 years. This feels like the Saturn return of that wish, and, it feels like a culmination of sorts. I don’t know what, exactly, of course, but, it’s going to be fabulous especially as this trip to the Gobekli and Harran area came up so wonderfully a few weeks after my arrival in Istanbul, when my progressed Moon moved onto Libra 6: A MAN WATCHES HIS IDEALS TAKE A CONCRETE FORM BEFORE HIS INNER VISION. In other words, my progressed Moon is just completing a journey through the degrees defining the Super Galactic Center, that dynamic place in the zodiac that it is said that we connect with ‘The Mind Of God’. I’ve been feeling that a lot, lately.

You can find out more about Gobekli Tepe here. And, Harran here. Amazingly, this week as I’m preparing to go out to Gobekli, it has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. Amazing timing. Details can be found here, along with lots of great photographs. I have reflected on the fact that, soon after buying my little cottage in Sydney’s Blue Mountains, it was de

I’ve been in Istanbul since the 1st of June, and, I am loving it. Everywhere I look, there’s a photo opportunity. The streets are so alive, and, there’s a fabulous vibe in the air. I am sub-letting an apartment in a fantastic area of Istanbul, and, it has a huge view out the window to the Topkapi Palace, the Hagia Sophia, and, the Blue Mosque, and, it overlooks the Bosphorus, and, I can see the ships and ferries going in and out, and, sometimes, almost colliding. The picture to the left is part of the view out of my window here. It is quite something to watch what’s going on out there, and, it helps me to feel very connected with the area to have such an amazing vista. The picture to the right is a close up of the Topkapi Palace, the Hagia Sophia, and the Blue Mosque. An astounding view.

I have visited the Hagia Sophia twice on this visit, both times just soaking it up and revelling in the magnificence of this 15 centuries old building. It has to be seen to be believed. When I find the time, I will make a photo album of my pictures there as every part of it is astounding. Before my first visit, I had joked about John the Baptist on Facebook with someone, a very random post. The next day, as I was leaving, I saw the entrance to The Baptistry, where John the Baptist is mentioned. I had some extraordinary moments standing there, and, stories unfolded about the idea of ‘baptism’ in so many ways. The Sabians baptised, so, it felt like yet another connection to the ancestors. One of my favourite photos from the day is of the oil pots in the Baptistry. I took so many photos… extraordinary place.

You can learn more about the Hagia Sophia here.


I am so incredibly grateful to be able to do this journey, and, to take this time out. There’s more to be said, there always is. But for now, I just want to thank everyone for your very generous support and encouragement.







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    how wonderful for you, lynda! your experience seems profoundly fascinating and i’m looking forward to your share.
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