A Time Of Great Revolution: The Libran Lunar Eclipse On The Super Galactic Center

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Here’s my take on the upcoming lunar eclipse. 

We are in eclipse season and March’s full Moon is an appulse lunar eclipse, otherwise Penumbral_eclipse_11-20-2002_Fred_Espenakknown as a penumbral lunar eclipse. Occurring on March 23, this eclipse is not a total eclipse, but rather the Sun will only be partially blocked out by the Moon’s shadow. There is always a crescent of sunlight visible at an appulse lunar eclipse. It will be visible from east Asia, Australia, and most of North America.

Falling on the Super Galactic Center, this is a powerful eclipse, not because it is a penumbral eclipse: A penumbral eclipse is more subtle, and more difficult to observe, than a total or partial eclipse. They happen when the moon moves through the outer part of Earth’s shadow.

Galactic CenterHowever, the fact that it occurs on that part of the zodiac that points to the Super Galactic Center, means that this eclipse could be even stronger than a total. The orb of the SGC is from approx 28+ Virgo to 6+ Libra. The Super Galactic Center is said to be where the ‘Mind Of God’ resides. Whether we believe in God, or that idea, or not, this is where we are said to be able to connect in with the Law Of Attraction – to make affirmations and decisions about what we want in life and to see these things coming to pass. It is a very powerful part of the zodiac and the Sabian Symbols, too, reflect that fact. 

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