A Tribute To My Father 1927 – 2015

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lyndad1My father passed away less than 24 hours ago. He died on the Venus/Jupiter conjunction. The two were *exactly* conjunct, not just to the degree, but to the minute the moment he died. The Sabian Symbol for the Venus/Jupiter conjunction is Leo 23: A Carrier Pigeon Fulfilling Its Mission.

Born an Aries in 1927, he was a rocket man. I realised this when I awoke this morning with the words of Bernie Taupin and Elton John’s music ringing in my ears. My heart and mind were singing it and all the words made complete sense to me… and fit the situation like a hand in a glove. And the sunrise this morning was beyond glorious – the sky was so pink and blue – I have rarely seen such a display. I am up at Katoomba, in the Blue Mountains – the air is crisp and very cold. Here’s a link to the youtube video, complete with lyrics. 

The lyrics fit my feelings so well that when I listened to the song soon after waking up, it burst a dam of emotion that I’d been hanging onto. Prior to that, I just felt numb. 

Dad was an astrologer, particularly in the late 1960’s and during the 1970’s, when he would go over his charts, sometimes with his friend Gordon. Dad would pick the gender of babies before birth with astounding accuracy – he did it many times for people. He also used to have a great love of Edgar Cayce and founded a healing group in the ’70’s. It was a closed group, but I had the great honour of sitting in on it one Monday night at Dad’s fabulous farm at Oxford Falls (Sydney). The healing group would do silent prayers and healings on people who would send him letters detailing their problems. Dad said that he was “rapt in Edgar Cayce”.

Dad was always the round peg in the square hole. He had an extremely difficult, lonely and disjointed childhood. I was born smack on the full Moon and Mum and Dad split up when I was very little. Dad always felt very sad about my childhood… life can be like that.

I didn’t really have Dad in my life, except the occasional visit or stay during the school holidays. What he gave me was a love and respect for the esoteric. I never saw it as something unusual. I too, am a round peg. Dad’s fascination and admiration for Cayce is mirrored in mine for Walter Russell… and, of course, I’m an astrologer. It is in my veins. Always was.

Vail Dad. May your journey into the stars this full Moon with Venus exactly conjoined Jupiter bring you so many joys.

Elton John’s song Rocket Man had me howling (for the first time)… it broke through my numbness and into a place of love…. the words could not be more apt. My lovely sister Anne had packed Dad’s bag and he went into hospice just hours before he died. The words… extraordinary.

As I feel sure you’ll understand, I may be taking a little time to myself, digesting and moving through this experience 🙂

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  • lucindariva

    Lynda, I’m so sad for your loss….
    Sometimes, our Dads are a mystery whom we love, but don’t know why!
    Mine, too, was very special, but away most of the time…he was a Broadway actor, and often “on the road” with productions.
    I understand.
    Born in 1947, I’m merely 20 years younger than your Dad and
    I’ve read Edgar Cayce since I was 9 yrs. old.
    Thinking of you tonight…Blessings…
    Lucinda Riva.

  • Nicoletta De Simone

    Hi Lynda, I got up one hour ago and your post was the first thing I saw, it touched me very deeply, maybe because this Venus Jupiter conjunction together with the full moon makes me feel melted and vulnerable, without skin or boundaries, connected with the Whole. Your father is transforming now in a beautiful butterfly…. of some sort.
    I hold you tight, from such a huge distance…. we are all One.

    • Lynda

      Hi Nicoletta, thank you for your beautiful sentiments. Yes, the full Moon – a very meaningful time. Lxx

  • lunamoth

    Hello Lynda…My heart goes out to you at this incredibly difficult time. I have been following your blog & listening to your spontaneous & enlightening raves for a few months now. As a visionary surrealist artist, I have been studying the sabian symbols many years. Imagine my surprise when I realized how often I experienced them in my dreams, in waking life & manifesting in my artworks before I even knew about them. Synchronicity has long been a guiding force in my life. Your blogspot has helped me tremendously to positively deal with the swirling currents of chaos, I generally have to deal with on a semi-regular basis (karma apparently). Having been widowed at the age of 42, when my terminally ill & genetically handicapped 2nd husband of nearly 15 yrs, passed away in 1999. I KNOW from experience, that no one can possibly comprehend the depth of your pain, and sense of loss. However, I can tell you at this time, when the one you loved & lost, is as alive as he can possibly be, yet still be gone…and you are as dead as you can possibly be, yet still be alive… In that crucible of your heart, where there is now a void so vast , that if you look close enough, you can see stars… Look to the brightest ones, that shine through the long, dark night of your soul, the ones you have loved & lost, who loved you because you added a bright spark to their lives, to help you find your Way through the Darkness. Take what comfort you can in the knowledge that eventually, you will find a way to make peace with your Pain. In the meantime…& yes, time can be mean…try to be gentle with yourself. Treat yourself to small, but precious comforts… A long, bubble bath by candlelight with a glass ( or bottle) of wine to help you sleep… Banana splits or some other frivolous desert, when you have no appetite… Music that echoes how you feel inside (sing your heart out & cry when you must)… Take time to stop & watch the sun or moon rise…stop & listen to the birdsong… find a special garden, or park or place of power (beach, mountains, desert, waterfalls, lake, river, etc., ) where you can sit & rest, detox, and recharge, as needed…. Take your time to heal as needed, & don’t let anyone tell you when you should be done grieving, or the “proper” way to do so. I am merely offering suggestions based on what helped me. You have my best wishes girl. Becky Jo

    • Lynda

      Thank you, BeckyJo, I so appreciate your heartfelt thoughts. Lxx

  • SoulmeetsBody

    Lynda, I have been following you for a few months, been meaning to join your site and when I read your missive today about your father’s passing I knew that I HAD to join to pass that my condolences, if only that. You know best what this mean, if it means anything in the timing of the universe or how…I think more than anything it means that it is a reflective time for you and us. This past month of May, I nearly lost my older brother (and he “aint’ that old) and only a few days ago, I sat with my father discussing life, his, my brothers, my mother’s passing when I was of the tender age of 13…all of life is a passing, it’s a mystery at any passage, reveling in the now, the present moment of those who are here, to love those beside us are so important. Honor your father, honor your love for him, your relationship as a daughter, and then honor the love that continues to flow through you as a being to others. Your father lives in you. He gave you your love for astrology and profession, what a gift and all of her at “sabian symbols thank you,” but as you know, there is so much more…much more…

    Thank you, many blessings sent your way. ~ Soulmeetsbody

  • megan_lyneham@yahoo.com.au

    Thanks Lynda for sharing about your dad – I’m sorry for your loss.

    I love what you do – thanks always for your wonderful astrology and earthy soulful wisdom. All good wishes. Megan xo

  • DC

    Dearest Lynda,
    I’m so sorry to hear this news of the passing of your father, and the pain you are going through at this moment.
    Sending you much Love and Light, and many prayers.
    Your are in my thoughts.
    Deepest condolences.

  • leanne

    Dear Lynda,

    I am sorry for the loss of your Father. What a beautiful tribute to him you leave. And what a legacy of his spiritual life. And the Sabian Symbol of his passing at the exact conjunction of Venus and Jupiter is such a brilliant light.

    As the Symbol suggests, in this his life truly delivered a message, because not only on the personal level spiritual energies were delivered, and touched life’s, but through this we also see on the collective level the energies released as effectively fulfilling it’s mission. This is purpose and a meaning.

    I have been having several Dove encounters, direct meeting in front of me, as well as cooing for weeks now outsid my house. I am very much feeling to be open to the message to be received. So far what I feel is coming through at these times is a call to blessings love and trust. I feel very thankful to receive this message indeed.

    Much love and Peace to you at this time.


  • happybird

    Wise Lynda,
    You know that your journey with your father is far from over. You have lived together looking at the stars and now he will be able to send you postcards from that beyond, stamped and embellished with dust of the Milky Way.
    Great dreamers never die, because their dreams are passed along to those who loved them.
    I cherish all that your work gives to us.

  • keryndawer

    Dear Lynda,

    I read your tribute today as I lay beside my sick, 17-year old beloved feline companion who is, I believe, just days away now from leaving me (or perhaps needing me to help him go). I cannot stop balling my eyes out for your loss and for me and for all of us right now as life seems to be making so many endings. I take care of my mom full-time and for that I also need a good cry on a daily basis just witnessing how rapidly her condition is deteriorating. Yet, I feel so blessed to have this time with her. I know life is constantly teaching us letting go, but it will always be the hardest lesson. I am truly devastated hearing about your father and I hope you know how much happiness you bring into my life with all you do. Sending you so much Love and Light at this time Lynda. Infinite Blessings, Keryn xo

    • Lynda

      Oh Keryn, I so feel for you… and there is a bit of synchronicity going on here… my son is taking our beloved Tigger to the vet this morning. 18 years old, she is fading rapidly and will be going to sleep about now as I write this. Sad.

      I feel for you… looking after your mother and all the things asked of you – it is not easy.

      Big hugs,

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