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The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees of Wisdom

Lynda Hill’s interpretation of the Sabian Symbols has been called “uncannily accurate” and “a revelation.” The first easy-to-use and accessible book based on the Sabian Symbols and their meaning, The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees Of Wisdom offers extraordinary insight and guidance.

By tapping into the circle of the zodiac as well as the ‘ancient mind matrix’ accessed by astrologer Marc Edmund Jones and spiritualist medium Elsie Wheeler, it opens the doorway between our inner feelings and intentions, and our conscious mind. It does this by putting what’s within us into words and wisdom that enrich our life’s journey and illuminate our destined path.

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What’s Inside The Book

If you enjoy using the online Sabian Oracle, you’re in for a treat!

At 400 pages, the book contains far more information, interpretation and advice on each of the 360 Symbols. A set of cards is also included to expand the way you use the Oracle. Each page contains five sections to deepen the Oracle’s imagery and practical application:

  • Commentary
  • Oracle
  • Keywords
  • Caution
  • Quotes.

Using The Book and Cards

This book and set of cards is a system anyone can use – it’s a type of Tarot for the Zodiac. Every single page contains a message for you. Miracles, big and small, happen in your life when you tap into the field of the Sabian Symbols. Seekers commune with Spirit in a surprising, wonderful way. Many say the Oracle leads you to the answers you seek and responds to questions you didn’t think to ask!

Here are some ways to use the book:

  • Concentrate on a question or situation and open the book
  • Shuffle the cards, select one that represents a sign and degree, and look up the meaning
  • Think of a number between 1 and 360 and look up the relevant page
  • Explore the Symbols for your birthday in the Birthday Table
  • Use your birth chart to investigate the Symbols for any planet or point
  • Use the Symbols to deepen every chart and system of astrology.

Testimonials & Book Reviews

Chillingly accurate

‘Thanks so much for your card system. I found it to be chillingly accurate. It’s a real gift to the world’.

– David Carson, author of the huge bestseller The Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals

This book is a revelation

‘Lynda brings symbols alive better than anyone I have known. This book is a revelation’.

– Marion March, bestselling author of The Only Way to Learn Astrology series

Powerful, uncanny and accurate!

‘This Oracle is quick and easy to use, but don’t be fooled. The answers and predictions are powerful, uncanny and accurate!’

– Jessica Adams, astrologer for Woman’s WeeklyVogue Australia and Cosmopolitan UK, and author of 21st Century Goddess

Made the Sabian Symbols available to many

‘Lynda Hill has done more to promote the popularity and understanding of the Sabian Symbols over the last 15 years than perhaps anyone. Lynda’s book The Sabian Symbols as an Oracle has made the Sabian Symbols available to many in a warm and personal way, free of the often ponderous language of Jones and Rudhyar.’

– Noel Tyl, internationally renowned astrologer and author of 25+ astrology books.

Insightful and relevant

‘Lynda Hill’s interpretation of the Sabian Symbols is insightful and relevant to today’s modern world.’

– Stephanie Johnston and Graham Dawson, creators of the world’s most popular astrology program Solar Fire

Easier than the I Ching and much quicker

‘Really good aid to getting some insights on your Natal chart and transits too. It’s most important to remember this is an oracle. Very easy to read and understand and Lynda has selected some really good quotations to make her point should there be any confusion about what the symbol is trying to tell you. Well done Lynda.’

– Stan, New Zealand

Holds all the answers

‘This is the most amazing book, it’s a modern tool to help us map our spiritual potential. Lynda Hill has tapped universal astrological information and produced it in a heart felt easy to use ‘oracle’. The truths of the symbols as written in this book added with some intuitive inspiration gives an individual the power to take, transform and understand each symbol as it personally influences us, in the moment, and as a guide to self discovery. I LOVE this book!’

– Marina Costelloe, Australia

This book will change your life

‘I’ve only had this book for a few weeks but I can honestly say I haven’t been the same since – gotta be one of the best purchases I’ve ever made! So much easier to understand than the Tarot or the I Ching – it tops most of the modern oracles as well! Such an amazing guidance tool, I don’t know what I did without it! Best thing is, I know nothing about astrology or anything of that nature, yet it’s still perfectly easy to use. Absolutely anybody can use this!’

– Sarah Jones

More than exceeded my expectations

‘This more than exceeded my expectations concerning the much translated and interpreted Sabian Symbols. I have several other books on this subject and none were as clearly addressed as this jewel from down under. Using this as a tool for my personal use as well as de-coding charts of clients, I know the original intent of these symbols is now being served. Love this book!’

– B. H. Evenson “bhe” San Antonio, TX, USA

Symbols and Sabians

‘Lynda Hill is a highly skilled astrologer. Her work on the Sabians is excellent. This book is excellent whether you are wanting to know more about the Sabians or are seeking a meaningful Oracle.’

A Sabian Symbols Masterpiece

‘I own a variety of the Sabian Symbols books by various authors, which are all insightful. However, Lynda’s book is brilliant and by far the best I’ve had the pleasure to read to date. I give it a solid ten for skill, precision and prompting the reader to perceive their own messages. Lynda is also very available to her public and has a website, where you can use her free Sabian Oracle, talk to others in a web forum and even email her if personally if you feel the desire to do so. Check it out.’

– Artist MG, USA

Well done Lynda Hill!

‘The book opens with a brief history of the Sabian Symbols; how they were brought forward into the world via the clairvoyance of Elsie Wheeler and the astrological foresight of Marc Edmund Jones. It continues with advice on how to use the symbols in a birthchart, and this advice is straightforward and easy to follow.I was really looking forward to this book and I wasn’t disappointed. Lynda has obviously worked very hard to illuminate our understanding of how the meanings of the Sabian Symbols can be applied to any branch of astrology, and her comments on each degree-symbol are well thought-out, comprehensive and very informative.

The cards themselves are easily detachable at the back of the book and make a great conversation-opener when placed strategically on the coffee-table!

The bulk of the book is devoted to a comprehensive interpretation of each degree symbol using the format “Commentary”, “Oracle”, “Keywords” and “Caution”, and what I particularly appreciate is the way Lynda says at the bottom of each page “What does this symbol say to you?”. This leaves room for your own mind to work on the symbolism, so you’re not left feeling as though you are being brainwashed with someone else’s ideas.

Finally, Lynda includes on each page a selection of quotations – some profound, some wise, some downright hilarious – that illustrate the core-meanings of each symbol and help you to “get” the heart of the message.

Not only is this an excellent book, and one I would recommend to any serious student of astrology, but the oracle cards really do work, sometimes in a very literal fashion! I have used them several times and they have always amazed me… Well done, Lynda Hill! This is obviously a labour of love.’

– P. Dawson, USA

The Sabian Symbol Miracle

‘Lynda Hill’s work with the Sabian Symbols changed my life. It is an amazing miracle how the Symbols provide timely wisdom for any situation I’m facing while traveling on the road of ife. Thank you Lynda!’

– Rick Romero, Sr, Arizona, USA

Where has this book been all my life?

‘Where has this book been all my life?? I was given this book for Xmas and since receiving absolutely incredible answers the first time I used it I have been referring to it every day as a guide and an inspiration. Truly the best of its kind on the market, an absolutely wondrous book. Everybody should own a copy!’

– Helen Rigby, NY

Congrats Lynda, I feel your interpretation sticks to the original, but more modern.  I found Marc Edmund Jones wonderful, but kind of out of date, which is understandable!… You gave me the first pack of Sabian cards that you ever made, and I still have them!!

Roz, Sydney, Australia

After reading your expanded book on the Sabian Symbols, I felt compelled to share with you how delighted I am with your newest version, 360 Degrees of Wisdom.Some years back I purchased your first book and cards, which I still use.  I remember how dedicated you were to creating a more detailed version, which I believe you have done with tremendous skill and precision and I heartily applaud you. Best wishes with the book.

M.G. Wells, USA

It looks so good on the page! Very classy! And with the selected quotes, the whole presentation takes a very positive turn to a higher level. I have heard from here and there that the reception of your book has been second to none. Congratulations. You really are Madame Sabian! You have really done the world a service by staying true to this quest!

Blain Bovee, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

About the Author

Lynda Hill

One of the world’s top astrologers and a recognised authority on the Sabian Symbols, Lynda has guided thousands of people to tune into the wisdom of the zodiac.

The Sabian Symbols

In 1925, an extraordinary thing happened. Two people – Elsie Wheeler, a clairvoyant spiritualist medium, and Marc Edmund Jones, an astrologer – received messages from the world of the spirit for every degree of the Zodiac. These messages were channelled from a Brother of the Sabian Alchemists, astrologers who lived in Mesopotamia in the first millennium.

In our hectic times, the Sabian Symbols connect us to these sources of ancient and inner wisdom, giving us moments to reflect on the magic of our lives.

The Story of the Book

Inspired by the visionaries behind the Symbols and the Symbols themselves, this book evolved over a 15 year journey.

Special thanks to those who supported and believe in this work. Jess Hill who edited this book, Elizabeth Paul Avedon who designed the Oracle cards, and Gary Rabideau and Claudia Lapp who created the Birthday Index. Paul Smyth did the fabulous design and layout. Paul lost his battle with cancer and is greatly missed. Penguin NY loved his layout so much they left it unchanged.


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