Blessing The Faithful: June’s Full Moon In Sagittarius

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

The Pope Blessing The FaithfulJune’s full Moon in Sagittarius occurs on June 20. It is another big lunar event, with Mercury, Jupiter, the nodes, Saturn and Neptune all in a big grand cross. This can bring about difficult energies and we may have a strong sense of stress and difficulties. Certainly, we can feel ‘boxed in’ by our situations, like we’re bouncing around from one side of the equation to another. This is an enormously stressful time, however, as always, much can be achieved by knuckling down, working hard, getting organised, and, perhaps re-assessing where you’re headed.
If you read through the Symbols with one eye on the political situations unfolding in the world, as well as looking at your own, more immediate, concerns, I think you’ll find these degrees quite startling.

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