Breaking Bread, Healing The Past, Reuniting And Reunions: April’s Scorpio Full Moon

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Friendships develop over food and wine. Prince Nicholas Romanoff

With true friends . . . even water drunk together is sweet enough. Chinese proverb

If Jesus Christ were to come today, people would not crucify him. They would ask him to dinner, and hear what he had to say, and make fun of it. Thomas Carlyle

Strange to see how a good dinner and feasting reconciles everybody. Samuel Pepys

Every parting is a form of death, as every reunion is a type of heaven. Tryon Edwards

Man cannot live by bread alone. Romanian proverb

We look like a road company of the Last Supper. Dorothy Parker

Madam, I have been looking for a person who disliked gravy all my life; let us swear eternal friendship. Rev. Sydney Smith

Better fare hard with good men than feast it with bad. Thomas Paine

April’s full Moon occurs on April 29 in the U.S., and, April 30 in Australia. This full Moon holds quite a few promises of change, not the least being Uranus going into Taurus, and, Chiron going into Aries. These two movements are set to bring many changes, and, we could find ourselves experiencing real shifts in attitude, if not actual life situations and emotional ways of reacting. Although we’re always doing it; we are going through yet another shift, and, our lives are likely to reflect it, especially if we’re into taking notice.

In amongst many other notable things going on, this full Moon sees us leaving the shadow of the recent Mercury retrograde. We are emerging, still, and, we won’t really feel a fuller sense of relief until around May 3, when it moves past Aries 17. After that date, we will find ourselves in new territory as Mercury continues it’s journey through the second half of Aries.

Adding to the pressure some might be experiencing around Mercury is the fact that Mercury and Saturn are in a tight square during the few days leading up to this full Moon, basically, the weekend before this full Moon, we are likely to be feeling that pressure. This is magnified by the fact that Mars and Pluto are tightly conjunct (with Lilith riding shotgun there, as well).  Talk about pressure and stress! It’s an interesting line-up that seems to have a lot to do with communicating, especially as Mercury went retrograde (and, will clear its shadow on this degree) on Aries 17: TWO PRIM SPINSTERS SITTING TOGETHER IN SILENCE. With Mercury and Saturn squaring each other, we might be noticing how we’re going on the communications level. We might also be noticing more and more around women’s issues, feminism, etc, and, we might make a few decisions around what we are and what we are not going to accept in our lives when it comes to respect and relationships and women’s’ issues.

Although we do have that Mercury/Saturn square, we also have Saturn in a much easier sextile to the Moon, and a trine to the Sun. So, it’s by applying ourselves to the things that we need to be doing that we can get things done, as always, but, we may feel that the wind is behind our back (finally, perhaps!) so we can sail towards our objectives with a clearer sense of where we’re going. Saturn is on a degree that speaks of letting go of the past, especially when it comes to psychological pressures that keep us stuck in situations or mindsets that we don’t enjoy, want to continue, or, are not good for us.

We may sense a strong need to break from the past on several levels as the Moon’s nodes are rather tightly square this full Moon. This is quite the axis – it can speak of the desire to play, find safety and security, reunite with those we love, find a sense of healing and calm, etc. It could feel like we’re crossing our Rubicon: There is, perhaps, a sense of ‘no going back’ forward is the only way out.

I mentioned the Mars/Pluto/Lilith conjunction above, and, I don’t want to gloss over it. It is a major configuration, and, we may sense that something is going to break loose (hopefully not all hell!). Part of the good news from this period is North and South Korea mending ties. One hopes that that handshake is a permanent one, especially as the degrees around that conjunction – 22 and 23 Capricorn – are about issues to do with ‘war’… more about that in the Symbols listed below. They are quite self explanatory!

Jupiter is retrograde on a degree that often speaks about ‘women’s issues’ – Scorpio 20: A WOMAN DRAWING ASIDE TWO DARK CURTAINS THAT CLOSED THE ENTRANCE TO A SACRED PATHWAY, and, it’s in a trine aspect with Neptune, so, we can really achieve a lot around our objectives, our desires, our hopes and wishes. Idealism can return if we concentrate on watching our minds and where they can wonder off to. Discipline seems to be key with this full Moon, and, the more we rein in any negatives, the more we can head towards the things that we want. This closing trine is going to get stronger over the coming few months, so, there is a big, bright, wonderful light at the end of that tunnel!

The trick seems to be to keep on the path – the one we want to be on. Shortly after this full Moon, Venus goes onto Gemini 8: AROUSED STRIKERS SURROUND A FACTORY. We, or others around us, may be saying ‘no more!’, I don’t want to do this/be this/accept this, etc, any more.

So, this is a very interesting, but not particularly easy, full Moon. Apologies for the lateness of this newsletter, however, we are just going into this phase now, and, the energies are with us into the future in many ways. What happens now can be very instrumental in what is going to unfold in the future. What a time it is! I just noticed that I finished writing this smack on the exact moment of the full Moon. Ha. I spend so much time on these that I put these newsletters together over the course of a few days. I started this one a week ago!

My news is that I’m heading to Istanbul where I will be for a few months from June 1st. I have long said that I’d like to spend time in that fabulous city, and, the astrology behind my trip is quite extraordinary. How this trip came about is likewise – extraordinary. More on that later. Meanwhile, I wish you a wonderful full Moon, even as we work through some of the intense energies surrounding it.

There’s always more to say, but, you can find some added information by looking at the Sabian Symbol placements below.

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The full Moon each month marks a time of heightened energies and events. It often marks the culmination of the energies released at the new Moon. Emotions can be supercharged as the Sun and Moon are on opposite sides of the zodiac and illumination is increased – it’s like we can see in the dark – and we can be hyper-aware as well as being hyper-awake. The effects of a full Moon can be major or minor, depending on how they interact with your own chart. Sometimes, realisations or events that are unleashed, or unlocked, can stretch their meaning months into the future. A lot can be learned at the time of the full Moon and whether it’s lunacy or illumination, or a combination of both, there’s magic unleashed with every full Moon.
Full Moon:   Apr 30, 2018   12:57 am GMT

 The full Moon is on Scorpio 10: A FELLOWSHIP SUPPER REUNITES OLD COMRADES – the following is from my book The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees Of Wisdom – 

Commentary: ‘A Fellowship Supper Reunites Old Comrades’. Circumstances have brought people together and they are sharing ‘Supper’ whilst reliving old memories. Getting together with people with shared visions or history can be very rewarding and renewing. Stories from the past come up, old friendships are remembered and memories are jogged. This can point to a get together or a meeting, perhaps over dinner, and finding a special bond between people that feels like it stretches way back into history.

Oracle: In the situation facing you there is a chance to eat, drink and be merry with ‘Old Comrades’. Reunions and gatherings of people who haven’t seen each other for a long time can be very rewarding and can remind you of cherished days long gone. Stories from each one’s past can be brought up as well as sharing present time realities. This Symbol can also indicate the feeling of having met or having known someone before, even if they haven’t literally met each other previously. That this ‘Supper Reunites Old Comrades’ shows there can be the sense that you’ve somehow shared past life experiences. Feelings or realizations of togetherness can come from “breaking bread”, drinking and socializing with others. These feelings can be very strong and can bring up all sorts of reactions and emotions. True friendship and fraternity are likely to result from this meeting and bring a sweet sense of nostalgia. If there’s a situation where you feel alienated from someone you’d like to reconnect with, try sharing a meal and see how this “breaks the ice”. There may be some old issues that need to be worked through. Have you been avoiding socializing with like-minded people lately?

Keywords: Renewing bonds with those you’ve shared struggles with. Past life connections. Feeling like you’ve known someone for lifetimes. Reaching out to others. Having a million and one things to talk about. Reunions and memories. Talking about the past. Sharing meals. Drinking wine. The Last Supper. Partaking in the gifts of special relationships. Fated meetings.

The Caution: Only feeling comfortable with the past. Resisting joining with others. Feeling like a loner, with no one to share the good things in life. Being uneasy about having to face old comrades or adversaries. Secrets being revealed. Gossip that belittles others. Breaking the ice..

The Karmic Degree for the Moon is Scorpio 9: A DENTIST IS HARD AT WORK

This Symbol shows the necessity, or the ability, to be able to fix, remedy or repair things, whether it’s teeth, bodies, minds or mechanical objects – anything that needs maintenance or to be repaired. The “Dentist” has to find out what’s wrong in situations, to perform a diagnosis in order to restore the function so they work smoothly and efficiently once again. We must nourish our bodies, minds and spirits, on all levels, but even with healthy habits and healthy minds regular maintenance and repairs are still in order; the “Dentist” needs to repair this sometimes unnecessary damage. e.g. finance, health, stress etc.

Keywords: Repairing damage. Drilling at something. Plugging up situations. Being the responsible one who always has to fix things. Not being able to relax. Causing pain to erase pain. Tooth decay and bad breath. Medical equipment. Therapists. Treatments. Social comment to invoke a cure. Flossing and oral care. Attention to detail.

The Caution: Getting further into a hole by using more and more social solutions. Causing more pollution and damage when one should be honoring and fixing things. The fear of pain. Making wrong judgments and causing harm. Big dentist bills because of neglect. Always having to come up with solutions to problems. Always being “on duty”. Nagging away at things.

The Quest Degree for the Moon is Scorpio 11: A DROWNING PERSON IS BEING RESCUED

This Symbol shows the ability, or the necessity, of helping others, being on hand when they need it and rescuing and bringing a sense of life back to people. It can show a rescuing nature; a counselor, therapist, life saver, etc. Of course, it can be that you need “Rescuing” in some way, whether it’s through counseling, getting a much needed loan, or having stress and strain lifted so that you can breathe freely again. This symbol often shows someone overpowered or overcome by their inability to cope emotionally .Often we feel like we are being suffocated, by our marriage, job, friendships, life path or the lack of these things. Know that help is at hand and soon you’ll be able to breathe easily again.

Keywords: Resuscitation. Regaining one’s breath. Finding life renewed. Asthma, bronchitis, breathing difficulties. Finding help in moments of crisis. Needing a hand. Being rescued. Salvation on any level. Ventilators. Breathing equipment. Oxygen. Dependence. Last minute reprieves. Born again experiences. Help.

The Caution: Panicking in order to draw help rather than learning how to cope. Constantly finding reasons for losing control of situations. Getting into deep water on a regular basis.

The Moon symbolizes: Emotions, moods, mother, family, clan, domestic issues, relationship to home and country. Feelings, sentiments, nourishment, emotional nurturing, monkey chatter mind, lunar and menstrual cycles, clarity of emotions or lunacy. Female energy – yours and others.


This Symbol shows caring, sympathy and nursing others so they may find health and comfort. You probably have a lot of work of your own, but you may have to give your time to those needing help first. A great deal of inner healing can be achieved when helping, however, this can be difficult when you have to do too much. You may have to cross over to the ‘dark side’ in order to bring light to situations. Adopt a hands-on attitude when looking after others and ensuring they get their needs met.

Keywords: Unconditional and compassionate understanding and caring. Breaking down the borders between self and others. Always having to find reserves of energy. Looking after people’s physical, emotional, spiritual welfare. Giving and also receiving. Volunteer work. First aid kits. Bedside manners. Having a mission to fulfill. Having a shoulder to cry on.

The Caution: ‘Fussing’ around and doing more than one needs to. Always butting in, even when it’s not necessary or wanted. Being a doormat and doing more than your share. Not caring how others are coping, even when it’s really necessary. Being officious and bossy. Feeling used.

The Quest Degree for the Sun is Taurus 11: A WOMAN SPRINKLING LONG ROWS OF FLOWERS

This Symbol shows the need to take time to nurture your physical self. The mind needs to take a rest and the body needs to be allowed to come to bloom and bask, a little, in the light. Keeping an eye on things that you are responsible for will ensure that they don’t dry out and fade away ahead of, or before, their time. Weeding out undesirable factors will be a necessary part of the process as will tending to those who can’t or won’t look after themselves. Quiet moments of tender care can enliven others and allow them to grow.

Keywords: Having patience and care. Nurturing and fertilizing creativity. External evidence of internal beauty. Looking after small details to reap treasures later. The Tree of Life. Stopping to smell the roses. Paying attention to detail. Flower essences. Sprinkling love and sustenance. Watering and fertilizing. Tending the soil. Care and love.

The Caution: Giving superficial attention just to keep up appearances. Neglect of things once they’re established. Giving up on projects half way through. Dehydration and neglect. Droughts or energy, love or feeling. Neglecting things in favor of other priorities. Water restrictions.

The Sun symbolizes: One’s core center, spirit, heart, issues to do with father, men, self, ego, your male side. How you radiate your sense of being. What others see, how you are recognized or remembered, sense of identity and connection with male energy – yours and others.


This Symbol shows that explosive elements need discharging. Pressure cooker energy needs to be released, but it often needs to be done slowly and carefully. By keeping a sense of control, one can handle wild situations, elements or people without things getting out of hand. Be an example to others of how calmness and quiet can take the charge out of things. Take whatever opportunities you can to defuse elements as an explosion often damages more than is expected. You may have to hide something away so things don’t get crazy, but with some careful thought, all should be well.

Keywords: Pressure valves. Getting away with something. Tantrums and frustration. Tempers that simmer. Explosive behavior. Bombs, explosions. Sudden and forceful events. Intelligence organizations, CIA, FBI, ASIO, etc. Valuable lessons of self-restraint. Relief from problems. Discharging nervous energy. Security checks. Last minute escapes. As in an explosion, I would erupt with all the wonderful things I saw and understood in this world. Boris Pasternak

The Caution: Suppressing stress or illness. Doing inappropriate things and thinking the secret safe. Repressing emotions. Undefined anger. Pressure cooker energy that needs to be released slowly. Explosions damaging more than expected. Activists. Deception behind one’s back. Clash of ideals. Terrorism.

The Quest Degree for Mercury is Aries 14: A SERPENT COILING NEAR A MAN AND A WOMAN

This Symbol shows that there is likely to be tense emotion, particularly around relationships. There can be a sense of tension, fear and passion. Situations may arise where something or someone tries to come between you and a beloved. This can be a person, an event or an emotion. Jealousy, temptation, fear, resentment or separation can arise. You may need to learn to let go and find new depths to your ways of relating and relationships. Are you looking for, or have you found, your Garden of Eden?

Keywords: Enticement. Allurement. Revealing archetypal knowledge that may not be “socially acceptable”. Temptations. The Adam and Eve story. Jealousy. Sexual instincts. Life and death issues. Relating based on control. Kundalini energy. Realizing polarity. Individuation. Eating the Apple. The “knowledge of good and evil”. Having one’s eyes opened. Marking one’s territory.

The Caution: Feeling guilty. Being afraid to express one’s feelings. Basic instincts and sexual energy. The fear of knowledge, secret or otherwise. Using sexuality as a control device. Disgust or distrust of the body. Sexually transmitted diseases. Hiding nudity or sexuality. Being thrown out of paradise.

Mercury symbolizes: Mind, thought, communication, memory, expression, intelligence. News, exchanges, chatting, conversations, short journeys, connections with others, telephones, emails, siblings, neighbors, the reasoning mind. Day-to-day activities. Cars, keys, small animals.


This Symbol implies going into the depths of people, places and things in order to find nourishment or satisfaction. There is always a plentiful supply for all those who draw on the well with sincerity. You are able to access this through your faith and confidence in yourself. You don’t need to employ your thoughts as much as your beliefs in this situation. The inner wisdom you seek has been tapped by others long ago. Tapping into the ‘Well’ may require a long rope and patience but it is worth the effort. Compassion and love allow one to plumb the depths of people and situations with certainty.

Keywords: Being nourished and satisfied. Feeling supported by the environment. Clarity of thought and perception. Drawing on deep resources. Links to the past. Deep and sustaining. Things you can rely upon. The pool of universal experience. Oasis. Believing in others. Ensuring water supplies. Cool, refreshing water. Plenty for everybody.

The Caution: Not trusting advice based on established ideas. Being blind to the sincerity and depth of others. Judging by appearances. Not recognizing inner values. Droughts, emotional and literal. The well drying up, leaving nothing to nourish. Muddying of issues that make them difficult or impossible to tap. Stagnant water. Poisons. Moulds.

The Karmic Degree for Venus is Gemini 6: WORKMEN DRILLING FOR OIL

This Symbol shows the talent, desire, ability or the necessity of digging deep in order to find something or to make a big strike. Ambition in the pursuit of material or spiritual wealth can bring wonderful rewards to the surface. There’s a feeling of wanting to reach into or understand the depths of an issue. This entails a certain amount of risk and may require the cooperation of others who have skills in such a search. The rewards are often difficult to find and at times unsuccessful, however, perseverance will bring some kind of success. You may have to get used to operating in the dark.

Keywords: Pursuit of material or spiritual wealth. Ambition. The drive to plumb the depths. Trying to get to the bottom of things. Opportunistic attitudes. Making a fortune through other’s resources. Psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. Dream analysis. Explorations, past life or present. Dependence on wealth. Research. Exploring answers. Oil and oil wells. Drills and equipment. Searching for a reward.

The Caution: Putting a great deal of effort into risky activities for uncertain returns. Unceasing work. Hoping to just “strike it rich”. Neglecting friends and loved ones. Focusing too deeply on a goal. Being opportunistic and looking for the “lucky strike”. Relying on others to come up with the goods. Gold diggers and opportunists. Exploiting resources. Depression. Digging into people’s private matters.

The Quest Degree for Venus is Gemini 8: AROUSED STRIKERS SURROUND A FACTORY

This Symbol shows the need, or the desire, to be able to call a halt or go on strike when one feels hard done by or taken advantage of. You may need to stand up for your rights, or perhaps those of others. You probably have some support from compatriots, but you can become separated from the general situation and may have difficulty finding creative solutions that satisfy everyone. It may help to consider what negotiations can be made to bring things back to a feeling of equilibrium. By withdrawing your energies for a while you will see how important you really are in the situation.

Keywords: Bargaining to find more equitable solutions. Demanding better rights and conditions. Comradeship. Disruption of the normal flow. Not wanting to contribute or work. Taking time out to consider one’s position. Taking action or refusing to act. Labor strikes and strikers. Demonstrations. Peace rallies. Standing up for others. Scab labor. Sweat shops. Slave labor. Strikes. Bosses. Workers. Placard waving.

The Caution: Being obsessed with what is desired. Refusing any compromises. Going without one’s due in order to protest. Being locked out because of one’s actions or attitude. Being left out in the street. Greedy behavior. Asking for more than one’s share. Overworked and underpaid. Shutting down.

Venus symbolizes: Relatedness, cooperation, what attracts you. The experience of sweetness, beauty or delight. Social interactions, love, friends, how you reach out to people. Feminine persona, relationship with mother and females. Money, possessions, sense of values.


This Symbol shows being able to receive praise, awards or rewards when they are due. We often need to be acknowledged for the issues or causes we’ve fought for and the battles we’ve endured. True deeds of valor and bravery should be rewarded. Whether you are rewarded, respected or recognized, for the good things you’ve done or not, you’ll know that you’ve done them. You will find that your efforts will, at some time, be recognized and some appreciation, payment or compensation will be offered. You may also be the one who needs to recognize others’ achievements. Subsequent awards are often greater than the first because the dangers are well understood.

Keywords: Desperate striving for recognition. Rewards for involvement in tough situations. Medals and trophies. Tributes, acknowledgments and benefits given or showered. Award ceremonies. Posthumous awards. Giving thanks. Compensation. Insurance and legal claims. Recompense for taking action.

The Caution: ‘Awards’ as Band-Aids to assuage guilt produced in war. Expecting money or other rewards for doing anything that one doesn’t want to. The ills, social and otherwise, of combat fighting. Neurotic seeking of praise or acknowledgment. Rejection lines. Bribery.

Mars symbolizes: Drive, determination or agenda, how you get to your goals. How you express and handle anger, ambition, assertion of self and ability to step forward. The male principle, sexuality, the ability to step up to the plate when one needs to. Fight or flight.


This Symbol shows the ability or the need to be able to draw aside confusions or obstructions that impede your path or stop you from realizing where you could be or go. You, either alone or with others, may feel the need to venture down new “Pathways” or investigate new possibilities, but you will have to muster faith and overcome fear to enter these new realms, these “Sacred” places. You will require both courage and inquisitive desire. Venturing down these paths make it clear that your sphere of operation and action will become vastly enlarged with the new perspective that opens for you.

Keywords: Mysteries revealed, sometimes after a long wait. Feminine mysteries laid out before you. Woman’s reproductive organs, especially the vagina. The mysteries of the Goddesses. Getting past things that are cloaked or shielded from entry or view. Sexual mysteries. Open Sesame. Clairvoyant readings that reveal the ‘Path’. Invitations to the unknown. Drawing aside inhibitions. Following through on things. Undressing.

The Caution: Being seduced into dark and sinister things or being led astray. Not being shown the true picture or the truth. Frigidity and closing off sexual responses. Being, or feeling, shut out. Dark rooms with little sign of life.


This Symbol infers some level of spiritual channeling or the hearing and passing on of messages. Birds symbolize spiritual forces and “Parrots” symbolize the ability to be able to give voice to messages. This Symbol indicates that someone who is receptive to thoughts and ideas can process information to the point where it becomes their own, although they may really be a channel or a translator rather than an originator of these messages or realizations. Perhaps there is a need integrate new understandings into your consciousness, to make a belief system or a code of living truly your own with your own stamp of individuality on it.

Keywords: Transmitting information or knowledge. The need to integrate things into consciousness. Recorded messages. Answering and fax machines. Mumbling. Translators, birds, parrots, news reporters, stool pigeons. Telephone operators. Messages from strange places. Automated responses. New languages. Talking to animals. Talkback radio.

The Caution: Rote responses that are ill considered. “Towing the party line” without having any opinion of your own. Going over the same territory. Losing true meaning through repetition. Repeating without knowing the real meaning or purpose. Meaningless banter. Tunnel vision. Gossiping. Missing the essence of what’s being said. Not having a mind of one’s own. Brainwashing. Re-runs of the same old line. Broken records.

The Quest Degree for Jupiter retrograde  is Scorpio 21: OBEYING THEIR CONSCIENCE, A SOLDIER RESISTS ORDERS

This Symbol shows someone whose “Conscience” stops them from following a certain course of action, staying with a project or relationship when they’d rather leave, or, someone not prepared to compromise their values to do something that society says they must do. You may find yourself in situations where what you are expected to do is against your inner values, your conscience or how you see your future unfolding. You may have to make the difficult choice between allegiance to duty or your own inner truth. True freedom can only be found when one faces situations with a sense of integrity and preparedness to face the consequences, be they positive or negative.

Keywords: Personal morality. Doing what one’s conscience dictates. Going against the status quo. Doing the unexpected. Going by the promptings of the inner voice. The consequences of having a conscience. Not coming home. People clinging to each other. Love that restrains.

The Caution: Displaying cowardice or a lack of courage to act. Not doing what one is expected to do. ‘Going over the top’ in a wild and crazy way. Going AWOL. Being the one who lets everyone down. Court Martials. Antisocial behavior. Anarchists. Being “uncommitted” or “unavailable”. Choosing play instead of duty. Goofing off.

Jupiter symbolizes: The big picture, expansion, exploration, aspirations, religious and philosophical ideals, issues to do with traveling, foreign lands, people and traditions, culture, education, generosity, luck, abundance, support, optimism. Insight through knowledge and wisdom.

 Saturn is stationary retrograde on Capricorn 10: AN ALBATROSS FEEDING FROM THE HAND OF A SAILOR

This degree shows the overcoming of fears, superstitions or limiting thoughts. One of the ways of overcoming fears is through gentleness and a readiness to let down your guard and interact with people or animals without feeling afraid or vulnerable. Putting up a wall between you and other living things can cause alienation or the loss of the rewards that can come from truly relating. Even seemingly natural ‘enemies’ can realize the possibility of interaction and letting go of fear may be necessary. You may feel that you can deal with someone with whom you have usually kept your distance – possibly even help each other.

Keywords: Feeding one’s higher nature with good nourishment. Banishing worries, so that one can fly ever higher. Overcoming superstitions or beliefs. Travelers who put themselves at risk in foreign lands or cultures. Talking to anybody anywhere. Sharing one’s bounty. Sailors, boats. Birds. Empathy and sympathy for others. Restoring trust and hope.

The Caution: Manipulating events or people with false nourishment. Having alternative motives for wanting to draw others close. Being afraid of strangers or strange situations. The loss of independence. Fear of intimacy.

Saturn symbolizes: Authority, rules, discipline and obligation The heavy stuff. What we fear, loss, karma, aging, the establishment, orthodoxy, tradition, status, the concept of time, walls, boundaries, limits, older people, restrictions, patience, conquering difficulties.

 Uranus is on Aries 30: A DUCK POND AND ITS YOUNG BROOD

This Symbol speaks of families, being with and caring for youngsters, and caring for each other. Sometimes, there can be a feeling of being restricted and bound in by reality, but then there’s often also a feeling of being safe. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of the comforting things around us. Finding friends or family that enrich our life can lead to a sense of community, belonging and love. Although you may sometimes wish for more exciting adventures – it feels good to have a place to hang one’s hat and people and a place to call one’s own.

Keywords: Nurturing family. Contentment. Realizing limitations. Reliability. The problems and joys in the responsibilities of having a brood to look after. Finding friends or family that enrich one’s life. Psychoanalysis. Family patterns and analysis. Family support. The family sphere. Feeling safe in one’s environs. Being the mother duck. Adoption and foster families. Communes and communities. Facing the music that you’ve composed.

The Caution: Denying your own needs for others in the ‘Brood’. Narrow-minded attitudes. Not inviting others in. Feeling stuck. Not wanting to leave the nest, grow up or take risks in life. Feeling left out and alone. Smugness or exclusivity. All looking the same and no one standing out as individuals. Being lost in the crowd. Distrusting those that are “alien”. Borders erected to keep out “foreigners”.


This Symbol shows purity of motive and a sense of knowing where one’s going along with a quiet determination to get there. There’s an assurance that you can be fresh and vibrant and revitalized from your spiritual source. Concentrate on the direction in which you are heading and don’t deviate from it. Perform your tasks with an untainted vitality and you will enrich those around you. Realize that many came before you, and you are a part of their product. There is tradition and strength behind you.

Keywords: Remaining fluid. Flowing energy. Pure sources, nourishment and refreshment. Sure sense of direction. “Untainted” blood lines. Purifying one’s thoughts, ideas and beliefs. Things set in train from upstream. Water. Dams. Water as a resource. Purification. Cleaning and cleansing. Pipelines. The spiritual dimensions of water. Baptism. Elemental knowledge. Traffic. Flowing crowds of people. Going against the tide.

The Caution: Aimlessness. Aloofness. Feelings of physical, spiritual, racial or intellectual purity that can lead to smugness, bigotry or a false sense of superiority. Ice cold feelings and responses. Not taking notice or being concerned about another’s feelings. Cold ambition. Mud and sediment. Pollutants. Algae. Stagnants moments.

Uranus symbolizes: The unexpected, things that are individual or ‘different’. Charged, energetic dynamics, electricity, light, lightning bolts, sudden changes, those who live on the fringe of society. Sudden turns and twists of fate. Rebellion, surprises, liberation, freedom.


This shows quieting the mind, spending time in “Quiet’ contemplation, allowing for the “Flow of Inspiration”. Inspiration is a stimulation of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling or activity. You’ll find the flow of inspiration coming through if you allow it to and the more creative you allow yourself to be, the more inspiration will be in the messages. You may find that with each idea or creative inspiration there follows another and another. This signifies taking time to relax and go with the flow neither fighting against nor pushing forward. Closed minds and fixed attitudes will not help.

Keywords: Creativity inspired from above. Openness to higher forces and ideals. Realizations. Dreams. Channeling thoughts and feelings. Messages from one’s higher self. Finding solutions. Moments of calm leading to resolutions. Free flowing thoughts. The gift of inspiration. Turning on the tap of creativity. Blockages unblocked.

The Caution: Being too tired to meditate. Choosing to be unaware or to sleep instead of thinking purposefully. Not talking about what needs to be said. Having a lot of ideas that don’t translate into reality. Shutting off from others. Loud voices in the head. Schizophrenia.

The Karmic Degree for Neptune is Pisces 15: AN OFFICER DRILLING HIS MEN IN A SIMULATED ATTACK

This shows being well rehearsed, prepared and ready for anything that life throws at you. When you’re well rehearsed, you are able to spring to attention when situations warrant it. You may feel that you need to rehearse or prepare for difficult situations. There is wisdom in practicing to reduce the chance of error or failure. However, are you going over and over possible positive or negative outcomes thereby losing the joy that can be found in relaxing and letting down your guard? Sometimes the things we think are going to happen don’t happen at all. Choosing where, when and how to be ready and willing to go for objectives is half the battle.

Keywords: Taking orders to better respond to situations. The higher self training the lower self. Exercises. Marching and going through the motions. The need for defense. Seeing ahead. Planning strategies. Fire drills. Smoke alarms. Being prepared. Issuing orders and expecting them to be followed through. Discipline. Martial arts of all kinds. Going over and over possible outcomes. Safeguards put in place. Gas masks and bomb shelters.

The Caution: Rigid routine for no real or valuable purpose. Feeling that one has always to be on the defensive. Being under attack, whether real or imagined. Overreacting to things. Feelings of unworthiness in the face of battle or confrontation. Victim consciousness. Fearful responses. Getting others to respond through spreading fear. Scare tactics.

The Quest Degree for Neptune is Pisces 17: AN EASTER PROMENADE

This Symbol shows joining with others to celebrate your community’s religious, spiritual or cultural ideas. To “Promenade” is to take a leisurely walk. That it’s done at “Easter” reveals that there is a need to resurrect some of your hopes, dreams, visions and missions in order to bring them back and give them shape and form. There is regularly a need to share with other’s aspirations and ideals. No matter how structured or organized this celebration is, if it’s done with joy and warmth of feeling and fertility, it will inspirit the group, infusing them with a sense of emotional unity.

Keywords: Renewed faith in one’s life circumstances. Rising up from doubt, fear and loss. Public holidays and their celebrations. Dressing up. Easter bonnets. Easter eggs, chickens and the fertility rites of spring. Rebirth. Forgiveness. Joy. Spiritual unity. Religious holidays. Worship. Renewal. Parades. Transformation.

The Caution: Superficial shows of unity. Craving for attention. Always needing an excuse to get together and unite. Empty displays of faith or joy. Doing things only because everyone else is doing them. Feeling lost, alone and forsaken in the crowd. Guilt trips. Exclusion of other faiths. Religious domination.

Neptune symbolizes: Mystical, “out there,” spirituality and con artists. Dreams, mysteries, mystics and religious issues. Intuition, clairvoyance, seeing into the invisible. Addictive, chaotic, charming, deceptive, illusory, co dependent, sensory awareness.

 Pluto is stationary retrograde on Capricorn 22: A GENERAL ACCEPTING DEFEAT GRACEFULLY

This Symbol shows being able to see where and when to “Accept” that things are not working and letting go of events or people or thoughts that no longer work for you. There’s times when we realize there is no longer any point in fighting and to ‘win’ in some situations may be impossible. At the time of surrender, it is the valor of the battle and the way you handled it that will be remembered. Sometimes, it is how gracefully you handle defeat that will be the measure. You will go onto other endeavors and win. You don’t always have to “Accept Defeat”: sometimes you have to accept your own victories.

Keywords: True inner worth. Being a “good loser”. Learning that every minor skirmish in life is not a major ‘Defeat’. Being prepared to start again. Sacrificing things for the benefit of others. Nobility of character. Letting go of the “charge” around anger. Surrendering. Knowing when to let go.

The Caution: Being a “bad loser”. Feeling everything is going to come out badly. Reliance on self-limitations. Seeing the negative in everything. Losing what’s been worked for. Making excuses to get out of tight situations. Betrayal and loss. Loss of support. Surrendering too early. Giving up on life.

Pluto symbolizes: Unconscious motivations, depth psychology, history. Sex, procreation at a deep level, intensity, profound emotions, taking hold of one’s power. Being king or queen of one’s underworld. Strength, survival mode instincts. Big money. Big power. The Plutocracy. Power vs power struggles.


This degree is the beginning of the zodiac where the old gets left behind and a new understanding and awareness comes to light. Something new is

'The Mermaid' by Howard Pyle

“The Mermaid” by Howard Pyle, painted in 1910. A wonderful visualization of Aries 1: A Woman Has Risen Out of the Ocean, a Seal is Embracing Her

emerging and it needs to be welcomed and nurtured. This is the beginning of a whole new impulse, creative and responsive. There’s an emergence of a whole new potentiality. Resist looking back to outgrown and unsatisfactory conditions in your life as they can pull you back to old and unrewarding ways of being. This is also about finding your voice and your feet.

Keywords: Cycles starting. Beginnings. Emergence into concrete manifestation. Embracing and honoring the shadow. Recognizing our animal side. Tropical islands or lands. Rocky shores. Seals. Oceans and water. Shedding skins. Transmutation. The Selkie myth. Grounding one’s energy. Stepping between the sea and the shore. Androgyny. Love and its embrace. Finding your feet and your voice. Mermaids.

The Caution: Using masculine power to overshadow emotions. Refusing to move on. Feeling held back by fears and old life patterns. Falling back into previous, unsatisfactory conditions. Dragging others backwards. Immobilizing fear of the unknown. Being just another “fish in the sea”.

Chiron symbolizes: Our wounds, Chiron is known as The Wounded Healer. The wounds are The Stories That We Tell Ourselves, it is where we have to focus on healing, it can show things that are out of shape or misplaced or in need of repair.


This Symbol shows the need, or the desire, to be protected, to have a safe, fun place to be and live where life is carefree and to be enjoyed. It is easier to relax into carefree, child-like play when your protection, safety and security are ensured. You may feel like some relief from responsibility, or you may provide this umbrella of protection for others. There is a need to be safe in the knowledge that everything will remain secure. It is good to keep in touch with the innocence and openness of youthful attitudes. Oak trees infer enormous inner strength, dependability and protection from the harsh realities of life.

Keywords: Creativity in safe surroundings. Being protected and privileged. Social security and other forms of governmental protection. Agencies that bring food, education and basic needs to children in difficult circumstances. Children, trees, grass, swings, parks. Amusement parks. Childhood memories. Climbing trees. Spontaneous activity. Humanitarian agencies. Security coming through family. Safe confines.

The Caution: Expecting others to take all the responsibility while one just plays. Children not being looked after. Disadvantaged people. Desertion by government and big business. Not wanting to grow up. Always relying on others to provide fun, safety or shelter.

The Moon’s North Node symbolizes: This is known as quite a ‘karmic point’ (although all planets and points in a chart can be ‘karmic’). One’s destiny in this life. The things you are meant to integrate, move towards, become. Destined relationships and relationship issues can show up here.


This speaks of noticing those moments of “Inspiration” that come through you and act to move, inspire, propel or goad you into changing your life. Taking time out, having a “Silent Hour”, even if it’s just five minutes, can regularly bring you new ideas, solutions and breakthroughs. You could find that despite racking your brain there has been no rational guidance. Slowing down and opening up to the message of your inner inspiration can bring huge shifts in your life. The rational mind can be noisy and interfere with the flow of intuition. A new inspiration is coming, one that may change your life. Be still and listen! Welling creative power. Inspiration = breathing in the spirit. Coming to terms with reality. Spiritual awakenings. Quiet moments. Meditation. Intuitive awareness. U-turns.

Keywords: Welling creative power. Inspiration = breathing in the spirit. Coming to terms with one’s reality. Visionary people and events. Being reborn. Spiritual awakenings. Meditation and reflective thought. Intuitive awareness rising up into conscious awareness. Spending time alone, thinking. Contemplation. Reversals. Flashes of insight.

The Caution: Exclusion of others. Obsession with one’s objectives. Being a hermit. Hearing voices. Feeling trapped. Shooting off in all directions. Dropping things without resolution. Cutting off from life. Constantly changing directions. Regretting the past. Not moving on.


This shows the need to recognize, or realize, when conditions are changing or when there’s a need to work on your self or your image. This can imply having the ‘scales fall from your eyes’ about someone; you may have thought the world of them and then they are not the person you thought. You could wake up realizing that you’re not who or what you said or thought you were. Relationships may be left behind. The revelation can be amazing, but it requires accurately assessing what is and what isn’t the “Ideal”. Popular support does not always equate with depth of character and self-worth. Be wary of fleeting opportunities and committing before you understand what you’re dealing with.

Keywords: Staying true to oneself. Ideas that look great for a time, but lose their gloss. Lost opportunities. Waking up just in time. Depression. Self-esteem issues. Projections of personality. Not clearly seeing people. Realizing that people have changed. False expectations. Falling off the pedestal. Finding one’s core identity.

The Caution: Clinging to false feelings of fame. Not accepting that things have moved on or changed. Disillusionment and disappointment. Losing one’s faith. Religious questions and doubts. Aiming too high. Reversals of fortune. Idols and idolizing. Self pity. Giving up. Being slammed by others.

The Quest Degree for the Moon’s South Node is Aquarius 12: PEOPLE ON A VAST STAIRCASE, GRADUATED UPWARDS

This shows being able to interact with others and integrate various levels of experience, life or people, and not feel compromised by what rung, or level, you’re at in your own life. The “Vast Staircase” can show the ladder that one must climb, socially, spiritually, emotionally – even physically. Going up that staircase, one begins to feel more empowered, more accomplished, more ‘there’. However, being on a lower rung may cause a feeling of compromise. Don’t concern yourself with who’s in front or behind. It is of little true consequence. Accept your position, but strive ever upwards. Trust that you and yours are heading in the right direction.

Keywords: Observing life from different levels. Social gradations and graduations. Working class to aristocracy. Orders from above, in any sense of the meaning. Waiting for one’s turn at the top. Politics. Big business. Multilevel marketing. Gradual upward climbs. Competitiveness. Stairs and ladders. Taking life step by step. Admiring success. Promotions. Corporate ladders.

The Caution: Nervous worry about social position. Snobbery because of monetary, intellectual or social status. Can imply class, creed or racial prejudice. Climbing the ladder of success without care for those who are supplanted. Unsafe heights. Falling from grace. Denigrating or undermining others. Snakes and ladders. Rarefied atmospheres.

The Moon’s South Node symbolizes: Past karmic patterns to be overcome, can be habits that are good, but can describe things, relationships, issues that you need to let go of, or, hold you back from manifesting your true destiny. Relationships that feel karmic and difficult, memories from the past.

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