Daily Rave June 10 2015

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Daily Rave June 10 2015Here’s a Daily Rave about the goings on planetary wise… Mercury retrograde has been a bit of a test – heck! – it’s been a total test… here’s my take on it…

(I have no idea why there is so much white/blank space between this text and the audio below and I tried several times to work it out, but there it is – white space…. oh well… scroll down if you have to!)

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  • jbetbeder

    Hello Lynda,
    Thanks for uploading your daily rave on this Mercury Retrograde. For me, the symbols have been quite literal and not interpretive. I just returned from a “weekend” class in DC to prepare for an expected strike from our Union folks. I have been “assigned” to Brooklyn NY site in the event of the strike in August. You can imagine the “demonstrators” will do and say when I cross that picket line. I feel like the “slave” girl wondering how I was chosen to do this by my manager, and wondering if the workers here in US (both Management and workers) have been pushed to the brink.

    • Lynda

      Heck, Jean, the Symbols can be so literal like that. Good luck with it! At least we have Jupiter and Uranus moving into a trine with each other – and in fire signs – so, something seems set to give! I hope it all works out well.

  • SharonLR

    Great rave/rant, Lynda! It’s funny you talked about breaking a glass because yesterday I tripped and the glass I was carrying flew out of my hand and smashed into the corner of the room. It was weird,too, it’s smash into bits, but just kind of broke in half. How’s that for very Gemini. Anyhow, immediately after, I had a great sense of relief/release. I thought of how cultures do this to symbolize new beginnings, like breaking dishes, etc. Anyhow, I just thought I’d leave a note to say I thoroughly enjoyed this recording. I hope the Jupiter/Uranus trine clears up your allergies. I can empathize, I’m also a nose breather and can’t stand when my sinuses act up. I’m also hoping for some Jupiter/Uranus luck as well, since it’ll be nicely aspecting my Venus in Gemini. – Cheers!

    • SharonLR

      Geez, i can’t seem to type today. Meant to say it didn’t smash into bits, only two pieces.

      • Lynda

        Yes, curious about the glass smashing thing – when I was saying it, I was wondering where the impulse to say it was coming from… thanks for your feedback, I so appreciate it! And yes, the nose breathing – UGH>>

      • Lynda

        I thought you meant that… interesting… Mercury can be such a trickster, eh?

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