Easter – A Time Of Resurrection. A Time Of Revolution

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

ascension_daliThis Easter weekend is rather extraordinary in it’s astrology and symbolism. For a start, we have Venus in a tight t-square with both Saturn and Jupiter (push-me-pull-you-pull-me-push-you – something like that….)… and we have just experienced another eclipse cycle – just hours ago we had the lunar eclipse in Libra… the sign ruled by Venus.

Please keep in mind that Elsie Wheeler ‘brought through’ the Sabian Symbols in a double-bind ‘experiment’ – she didn’t know what degree or sign she was assigning a Symbol to, and yet, Pisces 17 and Sagittarius 17 are both ‘Easter’ degrees. This is quite extraordinary. What is even more extraordinary is that the square between Venus and Saturn is occurring smack on the weekend of Easter.

Here’s the line-up of Venus-Saturn-Jupiter this weekend – Venus is on Pisces 17, Saturn is on Sagittarius 17 and Jupiter is on Virgo 17. 

Venus is on Pisces 17: AN EASTER PROMENADE

This Symbol shows joining with others to celebrate your community’s religious, spiritual or cultural ideas. To “Promenade” is to take a leisurely walk. That it’s done at “Easter” reveals that there is a need to resurrect some of your hopes, dreams, visions and missions in order to bring them back and give them shape and form. There is regularly a need to share with other’s aspirations and ideals. No matter how structured or organized this celebration is, if it’s done with joy and warmth of feeling and fertility, it will inspirit the group, infusing them with a sense of emotional unity.

Renewed faith in life. Rising from fear and loss. Public holidays. Celebrations. Fertility rites of Spring. Resurrections. Phoenix rising from the ashes. Gatherings with friends.

The Caution: Superficial shows of unity. Doing things because everyone else is. Feeling lost, alone and forsaken in the crowd. Guilt trips. Exclusion of other faiths.

Saturn is exactly square Venus on Sagittarius 17: AN EASTER SUNRISE SERVICE DRAWS A LARGE CROWD

As I mentioned above, this is quite extraordinary – both Venus and Saturn on ‘Easter’ degrees smack on Easter weekend. Further, what ‘large crowds’ are being drawn together? Some will no doubt feel like they are affiliated with the crowd, with the group, with their easter promenadeclan, some are likely to wonder where their clan, their brotherhood, their community, is.

This degree shows the ability, and the necessity, of being able to rise up after difficulties in one’s life, somewhat like the Phoenix rising from the ashes. One needs to maintain hope and draw together with others who share a sense of faith in the future and in community and the goodness of life. There will be times of spiritual rebirth where you can rise above the failings of the past into new beginnings. Coming out of doubt and despair can lead to a new sense of love, faith and compassion. Join with others in a spirit of joy. There’s a need for unwavering faith in communal spiritual values.

Performing deeds with reverence. Communal expressions of faith. Peace rallies. Revivals. The need for faith in a bright future. Devotion. Worship. The phoenix rising from the ashes.

The Caution: Obsession with the ceremony rather than the purpose or ideal. Feeling unable to lift one’s spirits. Disillusionment and loss of vision. Holidays with no meaning.

Venus and Saturn squaring each other can have people making decisions about relationships, money, values, the things that they want in life. Often, with these two in play together, relationships end, people find their finances are restrictive (or the decide that they have to pull in their belt or whatever). They can be rather tired, bored, disillusioned or downright upset about their life circumstances or the restrictions that they, or a person, or life situations continually put them in.

To confuse issues, but really, I think it’s to clarify in the end, is Jupiter on Virgo 17: A VOLCANIC ERUPTION BRINGING DUST CLOUDS, FLOWING LAVA, EARTH RUMBLINGS

Volcanic Eruption IcelandThis Situation implies situations, attitudes or emotions that slowly gather steam, build up and suddenly explode. It pictures situations of catharsis. There may be, at times, an effort to hold things inside, but after a while there can be no more resistance and everything gets forced out. This can be in the form of anger, or passion, but it can also be the explosion of insight and creative ideas. It often works far better to just let things blow, as resisting the urge to let go can cause enormous pressure to build up. Look to see if the force of emotions is really related to current situations.

Cathartic release. Thoughts or ideas pouring out. Torrents of emotion. Anger that needs expression. Pressure cooker environments. After shocks. Volcanoes. Earthquakes.

The Caution: Over-suppression of energy. Explosive emotions. Tantrums. Choking the air with dust clouds. Overreactions. Flipping out. Shocking news. Creating rubble.

Jupiter squaring Saturn and opposing Venus can have us thinking it’s time to jump out of the box, to escape situations or mind-sets that are limiting or restrictive or cold or outworn. Jupiter is likely to be asking for a resolution to matters that are past their use-by date.

To add to the mix, following the weekend, Venus will pass over the Moon’s south node. This will most likely show us the areas that we are holding ourselves back. This weekend, and the few days after, is a great time to figure out what ‘laws’, what ‘regulations’, what beliefs you might have, or, are allowing to be impinging on you and your movements in life, and to let these go.


This shows being able to live life by a set of “New Laws”, or, to make a new set of laws that The Prophet Bringing Down The New Law From The Mountainbetter suits your life and place in the scheme of things. This pictures revelations of spirit and truth. It is important to manifest these truths and laws and to integrate them into your everyday life. Codifying the ways of humankind can help us understand the limitations of our earthly existence. Although our basic principles may stay the same, the specifics will vary in order to accommodate the changing perceptions. You may find new laws to live by, or, you could be the one to bring these ‘rules’ to others.

Revelations. Channeling information. Truths revealed. The Bible. The Koran. The Torah. The Ten Commandments. Laying down the law. The Ark of the Covenant. Future planning.

The Caution: Being told what to do. Believing one has all the answers OR believing someone else does. Rigid application of dogmatic laws. Bureaucracy. Laws set in stone.

The Moon’s north node, which is the one we are striving to embrace more and more, is on Virgo 22: A ROYAL COAT OF ARMS ENRICHED WITH PRECIOUS STONES

This Symbol implies is a strong connection to heritage and family lines. This can give rise to feelings of pride and honor as one accepts that a sense of nobility is one’s birth right. Even if there’s no actual nobility in your bloodline, there can be a sense of nobility about your character and bearing. There are things to stand up for and represent, regardless of where you come from and who your ancestors and your family are. Believing in yourself and your abilities will give you strength and stability and people will believe in your beauty, talent or worth, regardless of your background or where you’re from.

A long lineage standing behind. Nobility. ‘Coats of Arms’. Pure blood. Hereditary issues. Having rights and prestige. Pageantry. Knights jousting. Inheritances. Privilege. Tartans.

A Royal Coat Of Arms With Precious Gems or JewelsThe Caution: Superficial judgment on one’s worth. Privileges for the select few. Elitism. Snobbery. Feeling above everyone. Class consciousness. Treating people like underlings.

It seems that after dealing with the things that Saturn is likely to be bringing up, we would do well to move in the direction of Jupiter and the Moon’s north node. Watching those ‘volcanic eruptions’ – those explosions into consciousness – can remind us to connect (or to reconnect) with out sense of royalty, dignitary and grace.

Further to all this, as the weekend unfolds, we have Mars moving rather slowly as it gets set to do it’s retrograde thing soon.

Mars will be on Sagittarius 7: CUPID KNOCKING AT THE DOOR OF A HUMAN HEART – Mars on this Symbol is surely asking us to remember to keep our hearts open, no matter what is going on. We may need to let someone or something go, to shut something out, to make better boundaries for ourselves (and perhaps our loved ones). However, we still need to keep our hearts open, no matter what is going on. Being firm may be the answer, but being closed down will not help resolve issues.

This degree shows the spreading of love and showing how people can love one another. Cupid-knocking“Cupid” is “Knocking”, asking to be let in. Barriers and defenses around people’s hearts may be keeping him from getting in, but how long will they be able to resist? Opening your heart and opening the door will lead to new opportunities and realizations about relationships. What are the true depths of your relationships? Soften your boundaries, unlock your heart and allow your heart chakra to open when you are in caring company. Know when to open “The Door’ to allow love in.

Keys and arrows. Respectful invitation of love. Fear of commitment. Purity of motive. Softening one’s boundaries. The need to lighten up one’s approach to others. Romance.

The Caution: Waiting, not taking the initiative. Rejecting emotion. Fearing losing independence. Barriers and defenses. Seeing potential lovers in everyone. Crashing other people’s space.

To add to the Symbolism, as we go into the Easter weekend, we have the Sun and Mercury conjunct on Aries 5: A WHITE TRIANGLE IS SEEN; IT HAS GOLDEN WINGS – it seems that we have to rise above issues in order to get a good perspective on what is going on…

Triangle With WingsThis Symbol shows the ability to be able to lift yourself above the ordinary, using your natural gifts to find a new perspective, an uplifted view; to expand your awareness. This can picture an eagerness for spiritual integration or a capacity to escape from reality. Try to ground the vision, while allowing yourself the free flight of vision. This Symbol often brings a strong spiritual nature that expresses itself through purity of thought and insight. Inspiration and zeal. Feeling elevated and inspired through spiritual or creative efforts. Flying to a greater perspective. Self transcendence. Angels and their messages.

The Caution: Not noticing your down-to-earth needs or of those around you. Escapism. Forgetting about the needs and desires of the body. Losing the plot.

Then, the Sun and Mercury are conjunct on Aries 6: A SQUARE BRIGHTLY LIGHTED ON ONE SIDE – talk about archetypal. We are being shown that there is a solution, there is a way out, there is light. We do not need to feel constantly ‘boxed-in’. Perhaps the volcanic eruption promised by Jupiter is going to show us that way out…

This Symbol often shows a positive nature that knows how to find ways out of situations by creating creative solutions. Don’t become too concerned with one side of issues in the material world, even if you feel boxed in with no way out. Don’t have all your eggs in one basket. You have the ability to simply look around with a more objective eye and apply simple, active solutions – there are always ways out of dilemmas. Look for the light and head towards it. Refusal to surrender to frustrations. Thinking outside the square. Illuminated solutions. Understanding the borders of one’s activities. Looking for stability. A strong discharge of energies.

The Caution: Surrendering, feeling trapped, seeing only one side of situations. Bouncing around. Wanting to escape tight situations. Feeling locked in or boxed in.

It seems that Jupiter is bringing us the message to drop restrictions and limitations, to adopt optimism and drop pessimistic feelings, to feel a sense of expansion instead of restriction. Listening to one’s inner voice seems to be a major message, too, and on the weekend we’ll have plenty of opportunities for seeing into things for how they truly are.

What a time of resurrection! Of course, there’s more going on, there always is! 

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