Elsie Wheeler’s Birthday – A Celebration of Sorts…

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Elsie Wheeler photograph obituary


September 3 is Elsie Wheeler’s birthday. Elsie Wheeler is the spiritualist medium who gave birth to the Sabian Symbols. I got the urge to do a wheeler-elsie graveDaily Rave about her life, her chart, etc. I hope you enjoy it. Her life was such a hard one, what an amazing woman… I found it a bit hard to continue at the end….



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  • Merichard@verizon.net

    What a fascinating story of an extraordinary woman. How can I be of service to help you get a book on Elsie written?

    • Lynda

      Hi, thanks for your kind comment. I am not entirely sure. Like most authors (I know that I’m not alone), I need a sponsor, or, more than one…. one needs to have the time to devote to writing a book. I’m hoping that something pushes through before too long so I can put my time and energy into writing it. I have had many people tell me that I have more books in me. I just need to find a way! Cheers, and thanks.

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