Gough Whitlam’s Chart And Sabian Symbol Report

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Gough Whitlam lithograf from Josef Lebovic GalleryWe lost a big man in Australian politics today – Gough Whitlam – and it feels like the end of an era – well, it does signal the end of an era. He was a person of vision, was a great speaker who could move people with his messages. He changed so many things that benefitted the Australian people, becoming a champion for the underprivileged. His marriage to his life-long wife Margaret was legendary, just like the man. They were known for being such a pair – it seems that they were born for each other.

Born on July 11 1916 in Kew, Victoria, the Sabian Symbol for his Sun is Cancer 19: A Priest Performing A Marriage Ceremony – totally apt for Gough Whitlam. The Symbols for his nodes are spot on. His north node is Capricorn 30: A Secret Meeting Of Men Responsible For World Affairs and his south node Cancer 30: A Daughter Of The American Revolution…

It is often said that Whitlam was dismissed as Prime Minister by the machinations of the US administration. All very interesting stuff. If you would like to check out his chart, you can do so here – scroll down for the Sabian Symbol report and click on the names of the planets as you scroll down. Click here… 

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  • Jean Andrew

    Sounds like opu own dera Tony Benn a true man of the people .

    • Jean Andrew

      sounds just like our own dear Tony Benn who died this year and left a huge space,in our hearts and lives. Seems a lot of good people are passing over.

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