Guests In The Library And The Furious Storm: The Sun On Cancer 26 And Cancer 27

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill


Guests in the LibraryThis Symbol points to the desire, or the ability, to relax and retire into luxury, being able to do what one wants and to share quiet moments of reflection and sharing with others. There is an opportunity to relax and enjoy yourself here and there is time to catch up on the attitudes of others without any pressure. Sharing your ideas, time and energy with others can be rewarding on many levels. This Symbol implies both luxury and indulgence. There does, however, need to be a caution against self-indulgence, as time can slip away if you’re not paying attention to what needs to be done around you.

Sharing of thoughts and ideas. Environments of luxury and social privilege. Publishing.

The Caution: Relating on a superficial level. Being told to “keep quiet”. Being concerned about how the neighbors will react.

However, the Sun, in about 24 hours, turns on a dime for many (not all, though! – it can be good – blowing away the ‘cobwebs’… the Sun will next occupy –


This Symbol implies that you may find yourself much deeper in situations than you had Stormplanned, but you find yourself restrained by the walls about you and the turbulence happening in and around you. Strong emotions or events may be unleashed and there may be no escape from the turbulence that is around, but things will settle down and peace will reign once more. The best thing to do is wait it out and protect your self the best you can. Arguments and emotional confrontations emerge as a result of the ‘pressure cooker’ environments in modern-day living.

Psychic energy being unleashed on the community or the environment. Furious emotions. Unexpected releases of power and turbulence. The awesome power of nature. Instability.

The Caution: Wrongly believing that you are in control of an uncontrollable situation. Enjoyment and promotion of emotional storms and turmoil. Whipping things up. Storms.

It may need to be pointed out that the words ‘Valuable Homes’ encompasses anyone’s home – all our ‘homes’ are ‘valuable’. Of course, the Guests Are Reading and the Furious Storm can imply the brown stuff hitting the fan for the rich and powerful. Still, we may have our own versions of the ‘Storm’ to sort out – even if it’s only happening in our hearts and minds and not so much in events.

And, here in Australia, we have rallies planned, and already starting, filled with ‘white supremacists’, stirring up hate against our Muslim population. UGH.

Also, here in Australia, we have had some strange weather – it’s been snowing heavily in places it never snows. People are staying inside and some people have lost power because of the storms and they are shivering and having to ‘rest in their libraries’.

Likewise in many parts of the world; the actual and emotional weather is weird, wild and somewhat uncontrollable.

These two degrees – Guests Reading In The Library and The Furious Storm In A Canyon, were passed over just hours after the new Moon. Here, we see an example of the Sun now passing over these Symbols, revealing how events, which can unfold after a new Moon, can seeem to be ‘ahead of time’ – the Moon sets them off first.

For those of us not stirring things up, we may find that we have to handle situations that require calm and a feeling of being able to negotiate interesting things that erupt into consciousness.

It will pay to watch both our words and our thoughts, as always.

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