Jupiter Is On The Weighing Things Up Degree: Cancer 29

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

New Born Twins in Golden ScalesThe Sabian Symbol for Jupiter is Cancer 29: A GREEK MUSE WEIGHING NEW BORN TWINS IN GOLDEN SCALES

This Symbol shows the ability, or the necessity, of being able to weigh up seemingly similar things and being able to make distinctions between them. In a creative or intuitive way you may be pressed into making judgments and decisions, but the elements of your judgment are, in many ways, exactly the same. The choices can be confusing because they may essentially lead to the same result. This situation is brand new; maybe the answer lies in taking an intuitive ‘punt’, or waiting for the solutions to become more clear-cut. This can be about going with things or not going with them, starting or not starting, doing the obvious or doing something not so obvious. The trick may be not to go over and over and over the details – it may be easier to go with your gut feelings.

Comparisons and similarities. Weighing things up. The law and lawyers. Seeking subtle differences. Measured responses. Using intuition. Inspiration. Fairness. Equality.

The Caution: Judgmental opinions about things that are essentially equal. Being nit-picky. Constantly weighing things up instead of just accepting them. Tipping the scales.

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