Jupiter On Virgo 11: A Boy Moulded In His Mother’s Aspirations

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Michael Leunigs mother and parentsThis speaks of finding the differences between what is demanded of you, and, realising who you really are. Are you wishing you were different? Or, that others were different? Do you feel that you are falling short of where you want to be? What is your inner guidance telling you about your trajectory into the future? Do you listen to the things said to you or about you that don’t hit the mark about YOU?

Do you feel that your true essence is appreciated? Do you appreciate you?

This Symbol often implies having to live up to others’ expectations. It’s fine to be moulded by people’s desires or by our parents, but often this does not reflect our true potential. The “Parent” often misses the truth of the offspring and may be projecting their own unlived life. Taking back one’s sense of individuality and going after what you really want will lead to more success in your life… of course, it may be a somewhat lonely journey.

Worrying about what others want, expect or think can lead to shallow choices or responses. On the other hand, this can show people being proud of what you’ve achieved and who you’ve grown into.

Feelings of being directed and protected on one’s journey. Being shaped against one’s free will. Plastic, or emotional, surgery. Parents as patterns. Predetermined destinies.

The Caution: Tied to apron strings. Conforming to social expectations. Controlling attitudes. Squashed individuality. Letting down the side. Being a “mama’s boy”. Narcissistic.

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