Jupiter On Virgo 13: A Powerful Statesman Overcomes A State Of Political Hysteria

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill


A Powerful Statesman Overcomes A State Of Political HysteriaIt will be interesting to see what comes of this. World-wide, it seems to me, we don’t appear to have enough real ‘powerful statesmen’ – just power hungry and vacuous individuals who don’t have a full grasp on what true ‘power’ is. With the Sun on Libra 16 and the need to rebuild somehow ‘rebuild’ things, Jupiter here seems to be saying that it’s time to cut through the crap and get to the heart of what need to be done.

This Symbol shows the ability, or the necessity, to be able to calm situations, to solve a crisis, to have a steady hand that shows others that someone is in charge. If this is not operating on a positive level in your life you may want to assess where you need to be doing it. Sometimes our thoughts get out of control, even “Hysterical”, however this is not much use as emotions and events just get whipped up, leading to useless energy flying around. It is through control and the power of your personality that you can resolve situations and bring back a state of equilibrium to all involved.

The power to sway the mob. Having the charisma and talent to turn situations around. Mind control. Political savvy. Knowing what to say and when to say it. Taking charge.

The Caution: Misusing energy to sway others to personal advantage. Emotional manipulation. Hypnotic persuasion. Political speak. Propaganda. Misinformation.

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  • leanne

    “It is through control and the power of your personality that you can resolve situations and bring back a state of equilibrium to all involved.”

    Thank you for your interpretation Lynda. Yes very interestingly, un expectantly this conciousness is really clicking into my personal aspect as well.

    Jupiter is exact conjunct 12+ Virgo (13 Sabian) just hitting Natal Pluto today. Yeah, I am feeling this.. mainly I am feeling the balance and calm, and experiencing others on the fringes on breaking down around me. Normally, I getting caught up in their projections of feelings and expressions of their loss of power, and insecurity and quite the reverse I am nothe experiencing this now. I am quite naturally, unemotionally having/taking a very objective view of the situation, and in my response v/s reaction. It feels very liberating indeed. Retaining my power finally!!

    I was believing, anticipating (albeit to say hoping) this aspect would bring me big changes of balance in my work situation and income. Although still early days as just hit. I do have so many irons, creatively currently in the fire, so to speak.

    Aspect is in 12th house.. Really open to movement diection and manifestation in this area. Whereas in all else, i am experiencing beneficence and abundance in many ways ..quite miraculously coming to me. I am not complaining, and I am thankful for my blessing, and most of all feel so protected by all the realms spiritually, even tho in normal cultural/ social standards my lifestyle would be considered lacking in security. It’s a pickLe I am working with unlocking..and I know I have all the puzzle pieces just need to rearrange and shift to fit. I would love your feedback Lynda. Thank you!!

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