Love The Little Synchronicities Of Life – Ray Bradbury And Inspiration

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Ray Bradbury chartI love how life works, how astrology works, how our muses work, how the Sabian Symbols work. I saw a post about this article on a friend’s FB page… and started to read it… I am in the middle of reading it and going yes, yes, yes – need to connect more in with my muse and yes, for sure, and yes again. The article posted features Ray Bradbury (curiously, the agent who got me my book deal with Penguin NY is Ray Bradbury’s agent) – and I’m saying yes, gotta do that and yes yes. So, I’m hearing (excuse the pun) what Ray Bradbury has said…

“All of my writing is God-given. I don’t write my stories – they write themselves. So out of my imagination, I create these wonderful things, and I look at them and say, My God, did I write that?… Everything comes to me. Everything is my demon muse. I have a muse which whispers in my ear and says, “Do this, do that,” but it’s my demon who provokes me.” (An Interview with Sci-Fi Legend Ray Bradbury)

– and I’m thinking that he must have 13+ Leo in his chart… for sure, Ray Bradbury has something on the 14th degree of Leo in his chart. I Google and find Bradbury’s chart – and there it is – his Mercury (the mind, thinking, messages, writing, authoring, etc) is on 13+ Leo – the Sabian Symbol for which is Leo 14: CHERUB-LIKE, A HUMAN SOUL WHISPERS INTO EVERY RECEPTIVE EAR, SEEKING TO MANIFEST

This Symbol implies that there will be deep realizations that may transform your life. Listening to one’s inner voice and heeding its messages can lead you on to the next level of life. Spirit is descending, wishing to make it’s self known – spiritual messages are wanting to come through into conscious expression. The trick is being able to hear what’s being whispered and translating it into useful information as one can be mislead by ‘voices in their head’ which can be confusing rather than enlightening. The thing is to discern what is useful and what is not.

New realizations and impulses. Having your voice heard. Channeling. Contacting the other side. Whispering. Passing on news and information. Speaking and hearing.

The Caution: Confusing inner voice. Signs of instability or madness. Fearing if you’re not heard, you will miss out. The need to be noticed. Ranting and raving. Losing the plot.

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