(July 3, 2014)

Lynda’s Draconic reading for me was a fast-paced thrill ride through the wildwoods of Soul. She deftly pours her breadth and depth of Sabian skill into a unique and unforgettable presentation. I now enjoy a completely fresh slant on my chart via the Draconic filter. I am amazed at how she travels through the images, bringing in improvisional insight with each one and forging a continual connection through the spectrum. It feels as if Lynda has sculpted an intricate abstract necklace in complement to my spirit —an intriguing multi-faceted gem in itself, a fount for hours of engaging conversation, and a portal of intrigue which leads me forth on my Quest. I highly recommend this color-filled Voyage to any Seeker who desires an Avant-Garde Adventure forged from the stars! TX

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