Lynda’s Youtube Video On The Leo New Moon

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

A Man Formall Dressed Stands Near Trophies He Brought Back From A Hunting ExpeditionCheck out my youtube video for this Leo new Moon….

Click here.. 

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  • leanne

    Thank you Lynda for the great video forecast. The feeling of this New Moon today really resonated with the symbols and the ‘message’. I am also receiving a positive message over the last few days which is to continue to follow my intuition and initiative during this period of change which carries a feeling of unsettledness. But to remain Still. Not giving up my power/ energy and individuality, but to continue on in strength, patience and trust..

    On this New Moon today, Mercury is currently conjunct my Natal Pluto 12+ ( or 13 Virgo Sabian Degree. I felt honored to learn I share this same degree with Ms Wheeler’s Natal Sun.

    Also thanks for discussing the Super Galactic degrees. My Natal Ascendant is Libra 4+ degree, (Sabian, Libra 5 Degree). I am very interested in your doing my full chart reading soon.

    So appreciate your vision and inspired work! 🙂

    • Lynda

      Hey Leanne, thanks for dropping by, I really appreciate it. You’ve got a great ascendant there… wonderful. Enjoy – I hope for good things for you. Lxx

  • keryndawer

    Fabulous video Lynda! Just want to say first how nice it was to really SEE you for the first time 🙂 Besides your always excellent content, you have a fantastic magnetic and charasmatic (visual) presence (stunning eyes and beautiful hair too!) that really adds to your message. Hope you’ll continue with the Youtube format! …Everything you talked about this New Moon I’ve been feeling: the “stuckness” leading up to it (thanks largely to Saturn), but also the feeling of an authentic emergence or change coming, whether that’s individually “coming into our own” or manifesting in some significant way, or collectively as a real elevation of consciousness and/or major social change. It does feel really BIG to me too. And positive :)))… Very interesting what you pointed out about Back to the Future and the year 2015. It’s funny how that was such an influential movie for many generations (I was born in the mid-60’s and I really enjoyed it), but my boys who are now in their early 20’s still love to watch it!!! Can’t wait to hear you talk more about that. As always, so much appreciation and love for all your hard work and your unique talents, brilliant insights and sagacious knowing you share with us. Blessings, Keryn

    • Lynda

      Hi Keryn, thanks! Yes, I plan to continue with the video format. It’s such a great way to communicate – love it. And yes, Back To The Future – didn’t we love it… so much fun. Cheers and hugs, Lxx

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