Mars And Neptune Conjunct On Pisces 6: The Army Officers In Full Dress Degree

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Mars and Neptune are on Pisces 6: A PARADE OF ARMY OFFICERS IN FULL DRESS –

Army OfficerThis is rather interesting, especially in the light of the fact that the Sun is on Capricorn 30: A Secret Meeting Of Men Responsible For World Affairs. This can bring issues to do with the military and war… but it can also bring about questions around our sense of having to turn up, dressed and ready for action, to give of ourselves and to serve others. Mars and Neptune are not particularly comfortable with each other, especially in Pisces – there can be a feeling of sacrifice, feeling unnoticed, used, tired (especially tired) and a bit worn-out. Do you feel like you have to constantly ‘put on your uniform’ and get to work? Doing things all the time? On call for others? Doing your ‘duty’ without much reward? These are all themes that Mars and Neptune thrown together in Pisces can bring.

This Symbol shows the ability, or the need, to spring to attention and rally to show others their duty, honor and their protection of the community and the higher ideals. You may find that recognition needs to be given for service and dedication to the community. Dedication, discipline and duty bring their own rewards and it is often people with this Symbol that turn up first with whatever is needed in order to make people feel better, protected or recognized. Putting on your best face, and your uniform – and there are many ‘uniforms’ that can be worn – and joining with others will ensure success. There may be issues of showing one’s ‘authority’ in public, staking one’s claim as part of the broader community that works to protect and bring everyone together.

National pride displayed. Patriotism. Memories of war. Being committed to service. Being dressed up. Putting on a uniform. Medals. Stripes. Drills. Routines. Parades.

The Caution: ‘Stiff’ and unfeeling. Having special privileges that other’s don’t. Having to do what one must do. Drills and boring routines. ‘Drill sergeants’. Sloppy dressing.

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