Mars (And Soon The Sun) On Gemini 21: A Tumultuous Labor Demonstration.

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill


Feeling a bit worn out? Like you’ve had enough? Feeling rather tired of seeing people treated so badly? Had enough of the ‘elites’ taking the cream and leaving others with not very much? A bit over Mercury retrograde (!) A bit tired of Neptune’s obfuscations? Ha – well, it’s all happening. In the next hours, the Sun will move onto this degree as well… maybe it is time to put your head out of the window and scream – if you’ve been avoiding it A tumultuous labor demonstrationso far, that is – ha. I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore… Yes, mad as hell.. ha… one can laugh.

One has to laugh – btw, if you haven’t heard it – I made an audio rave about all of this ‘going on strike’ business – you can hear me rant here…

This Symbol shows a need to periodically stand up when things are not going well or when there’s a feeling of being taken advantage of. There are probably many others who are involved in or sympathetic to your situation. However, there may be a feeling of being alone and powerless, so it is important to find out what level of support you have. There are injustices around that need righting and a spontaneous group reaction may be what has to be done to wake up those in charge. Be wary that your emotions don’t take the better of you and that you don’t get into the habit of going off the rails in order to get what you want.

Pushing for change to the status quo. Feeling hard done by or taken advantage of. Seeking a better share of the profits. Protest about having too much to do. Tantrums.

The Caution: Using people for personal agendas. Issues to do with getting one’s share. Resisting change. Feeling that one’s vote or voice doesn’t count. Rowdy emotions. Spitting the pacifier.

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  • leanne

    ” going off the rails in order to get what you want.”

    Yep I think in this case going off the rails means changing tracks..valuable time, leading to a new direction to getting where you need to be.

    Spitting the the image and saying. Although a causion, spitting out usually means time to grow up. This is my Natal Venus/Mars conjunct degree. My current boyfriend’s (polar opposite) natal Ceras..Oh boy have we had a time of it!! Well see if we make it through?!

  • leanne

    Also as mentioned, Merc is stationing on 5 Gem. This is exact conjunct Nessis…Great, Appropo anology, i believe by Melanie Rienheart.. “the Buck definitely stops here!”

  • leanne

    Sorry I meant Merc is square Nessus in Pisces. Nessus happens to be conjunct natal Saturn for me.

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