Mars Is Finally Leaving Libra! Mars Is On Libra 30: The Philosopher’s Degree

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Celebrate! At last, Mars is moving out of Libra.. omg. Mars is on Libra 30: THREE MOUNDS OF KNOWLEDGE ON A PHILOSOPHER’S HEAD –

Three Mounds Of Knowledge - PhrenologyA big change of energy is surely on the way with Mars moving out of Libra right as we’re about to go into the Leo new Moon. At this moment, we are in the balsamic period of the Moon, which means that we are taking things more slowly, need to (if we can) take a break, work our ways through things, eat well, get some rest and sleep, etc. The new Moon on July 27 is bringing some interesting breakthroughs for sure with the Sun and Jupiter conjunct in Leo and squaring Mars. Meanwhile, we are on this last degree – a kind of hiatus moment for Mars…

This Symbol speaks of having the ability to read spiritual understandings into physical objects. The “Philosopher’s Head” shows intelligence and knowledge, even without the need to say very much. Taking cues on someone’s appearance, demeanor, dress and manners, several different aspects can be combined to result in a truly wise appraisal of someone’s intelligence. However, sometimes we need to pierce through appearances to see the truth of people and situations. With this degree, there can be a real talent for bringing abstract truths into reality and often the need to get one’s thoughts or beliefs out into the real world.

Concentrating on philosophical questions. Looking to the signs. Wisdom that transcends Three Mounds Of Knowledgebook knowledge. Phrenology. Great brains. The head, scull or cranium. High foreheads.

The Caution: Analyzing things too much. Heavy reliance on intellect. Taking things far too seriously. Living in one’s head. Having a “know it all” attitude. Analyzing things.

Having my Mars in Libra has added to the chaos of the last several months for me – and, of course, it’s been amazing in amongst the horror of it  🙂 🙂 – I also quite like this pic to depict this degree and I think it suits the feelings as we salute Mars as it leaves Libra… 

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