Mars Is On Libra 23: The Rise And Shine Degree

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill


Postcard Chanticleer.1– time to rise and shine? Or, are announcements being made too early? Is the consciousness still waking up? Is someone making a lot of noise without providing substance? Is there something you really need to share with others but don’t have the time, energy or confidence?

This Symbol shows enthusiasm, joy, confidence and the desire to greet each day with the anticipation of new opportunities. It is true that each day begins the same – the Sun comes up, the world is still spinning – but what the day will bring always holds a bit of a mystery. This is a joyous Symbol of greeting and heralding the day, but there can be a blurring of the concept of whether the “Chanticleer” (the rooster), causes or simply heralds the new day. You may feel like you’re blessed with the voice to be able to speak new developments, to make announcements and wake everyone up to the realities of life. As long as you don’t make too much of a noise while doing it you’ll rouse people around you to action.

Waking early. Having a clear, beautiful or loud voice. Feeling like a brand new start is on its way. Speaking up when needed. Being a morning person. Seeing things ahead of time.

The Caution: Overstating your role, talents or abilities. Being noisy and disturbing others. Sounding off. Being loud and irritating. Taking the glory and none of the responsibility.

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