Mars On Gemini 8: Aroused Strikers Surround A Factory

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill


Not_This_Shit_AgainThis is an interesting placement, particularly after Mars in the last few days on the Drilling For Oil of Gemini 6 and the Well With The Purest And Coldest Of Waters of Gemini 7 – we can find ourselves feeling tired from the search, tired from the effort to make a living, upset about what’s happening with people all over the planet – and the environment – the oil spill in California (The Drilling For Oil and the Pure Waters Of The Well). We get to this point and we may throw our hands up and say FFS – I don’t want to do this any more. I don’t want to look at that news, I don’t want to be a slave to the machine, I don’t want to feel misunderstood, not heard or neglected. But there we are, Mars on this degree. We sort of have to like it or lump it. And it is our choice.

This Symbol shows the need, or the desire, to be able to call a halt or go on strike when one feels hard done by or taken advantage of. You may need to stand up for your rights, or perhaps those of others. You have some support from compatriots, but you can become separated from the general situation and may have difficulty finding creative solutions that satisfy everyone. It may help to consider what negotiations can be made to bring things back to a feeling of equilibrium. By withdrawing your energies for a while you will see how important you really are in the situation.

Bargaining to find more equitable solutions. Demanding better rights and conditions. Comradeship. Taking action or refusing to act. Knowing when to say no. Sweat shops.

The Caution: Being obsessed with what is wanted. Refusing compromises. Protesting about everything. Not noticing one’s rewards. Being left out in the cold. Greedy behavior.

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