Mars On Leo 21: Intoxicated Chickens Trying To Fly

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill


Intoxicated Chickens Dizzily Flapping Their WingsThis is one of those Symbols that can have us wanting to jump up and do things that we may not be quite ready to do. PLUS, Mars is trining Uranus (which is in Aries), which can have us doubling up on impulsive energies, thoughts or emotions… caution is advised. Or, at least, moving ahead slowly is the best bet as things could unfold in a different way than first envisaged.

This Symbol can indicate the loss of a sense of reality or rational reactions. Often it shows not being in touch with what’s realistically possible and what’s worth trying. There can be an attempt to do too much or too soon or before maturing enough to be capable of doing it. Still, even though ‘Chickens’ are not supposed to fly, trying to do things that are outside one’s natural sphere can be a good thing, as long as you don’t overreach and cause damage to yourself. Sometimes, first attempts at a new experience may prove less than elegant or skillful. Soon you’ll look back with amusement at these early attempts. Find enjoyment in the “Intoxication”, but come back to earth when the feelings vanish. This degree can show people well equipped for being drug and alcohol counselors.

IntoxicatedFalse courage. Inexperience. Trying to do things beyond the bounds of possibility, capability or responsibility. Taking drugs. Indulging in alcohol. Losing reality.

The Caution: Giddiness and lightheadedness as the unwanted side-effects of trying too much too soon. Getting nowhere. Getting “out of it” in order to escape from something.

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