Mars On Sagittarius 7: Cupid Knocking At The Heart Squaring Neptune On Pisces 6: The Army Officers

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Mars is on a fabulous degree – it is square to Neptune, which adds to its mystique and fabulousness, but also makes it somewhat hard to see into the heart of it. And it speaks about the heart of things… Mars is on Sagittarius 7: CUPID KNOCKING AT THE DOOR OF A HUMAN HEART

Cupid-knockingOften, we need to assess just how we do it or who we open our heart to and sometimes we find that we are giving our time, energy, thoughts, resources, imagined longings, etc, to the wrong person, place or purpose. What, or who, is it that needs to be cut out of your life in order to protect the boundaries of your heart? Your sense of self and your sense of belonging. Correction on that last sentence: we turn away for those things that no longer serve us when we realise that we can open our hearts without blocking or cutting. We just are. That’s part of the message of Mars on Sagittarius 7. Mars on Cupid Knocking At The Door –

This degree shows the ability, or the necessity, of spreading love and showing how people can love one another. “Cupid” is “Knocking”, asking to be let in. Barriers and defenses around people’s hearts may be keeping him from getting in, but how long will they be able to resist? Opening your heart and opening the door will lead to new opportunities and realizations about relationships. What are the true depths of your relationships? Unlock your heart and allow your heart chakra to open when you are in caring company and know when to open “The Door’ to allow love in.

Keys and arrows. Respectful invitation of love. Fear of commitment.
Softening one’s boundaries. The need to lighten up one’s approach to others. Romance.

The Caution: Waiting, not taking the initiative. Rejecting emotion. Fearing losing independence. Barriers and defenses. Seeing potential lovers in everyone. Crashing other people’s space.

Mars, for the last few days, has been squaring Neptune on Pisces 6: A PARADE OF ARMY OFFICERS IN FULL DRESS

This Symbol shows the ability, or the need, to spring to attention and rally to show othersArmy Officer their duty, honor and their protection of the community and the higher ideals. You may find that recognition needs to be given for service and dedication to the community. Dedication, discipline and duty bring their own rewards and it is often people with this Symbol that turn up first with whatever is needed in order to make people feel better, protected or recognized. Putting on your best face, and your uniform – and there are many ‘uniforms’ that can be worn – and joining with others will ensure success. There may be issues of showing one’s ‘authority’ in public, staking one’s claim as part of the broader community that works to protect and bring everyone together.

National pride displayed. Patriotism. Memories of war. Being committed to service. Being dressed up. Putting on a uniform. Medals. Stripes. Drills. Routines. Parades.

The Caution: ‘Stiff’ and unfeeling. Having special privileges that other’s don’t. Having to do what one must do. Drills and boring routines. ‘Drill sergeants’. Sloppy dressing.

Neptune on this degree squaring Mars can bring up issues to do with sacrifice, putting your own needs aside, idolising others and not seeing what’s truly going on between you, feeling that you have to turn up continually for others while you may have your own things you would like to get on with. Seeing into the ‘heart’ of the matter works here, we can strip back those things that we feel are ‘meddling’ or interfering with the frequencies we want to inhabit, instead of those that society, people, our conditioning or whatever has told us we have to do.

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