Mars On The Clear Mountain Stream Degree: Taurus 1

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill


Clear Mountain StreamThis is a fabulous degree and it can point to things flowing smoothly and doors opening easily… however, this is Mars here, so there may be instances where we hit a snag, find obstacles or issues that get in the way of the free flow of things… however, if we allow our energy to build up in order to get around whatever it is that we need to get around, we can find rewards when gravity hits and takes over the momentum!

This degree is an interesting one in that it can speak of purity of feelings, emotions and deeds, but it can also be a bit ice-cold and unfeeling. It depends on individual situations… this is a degree that is strong in the British Royal family – and bloodlines and whether one belongs “in the stream” can come up. Eugenics is another issue with this degree. Queen Elizabeth and Hitler both share this degree as their Suns…

This Symbol shows purity of motive and a sense of knowing where one’s going along with a quiet determination to get there. There’s an assurance that you can be fresh and vibrant and revitalized from your spiritual source. Concentrate on the direction in which you are heading and don’t deviate from it. Perform your tasks with an untainted vitality and you will enrich those around you. Realize that many came before you, and you are a part of their product. There is tradition and strength behind you.

Flowing energy. Refreshment. Sure sense of direction. Remaining fluid. Blood lines and ancestry. Water as a resource. Dams. Cleaning and cleansing. Baptism. Traffic.

The Caution: Aimlessness. Physical, spiritual or intellectual smugness, bigotry. False sense of superiority. Being one-eyed. Not noticing people’s needs. Cold and heartless.

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  • leanne

    Hi Lynda,

    Well the influence of Mars on this degree is feeling driven, but for me almost to the point of creative frustration cause I feel I am just not getting there. Maybe the upcoming Lunar eclipse energy is playing into the energy as well. The whole eclipse zone has been an interesting, yet albeit to say somewhat frustrating period. Of real testing for me to do with trust in expressions, lessons in patience, and for that matter acceptance. I know what I want and can even sense it close, but in some instances intuitively feeling the need to relase control with myself, and for others. And so far today where i do feel this relase of energy building, i am not breaking through. Sorry for the rant…Ahhhug!!

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