Mars On The Crowded Market Place Degree: Pisces 1

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Mars has just moved into Pisces – this will no doubt change the flavour of things – especially when it gets to conjunct Neptune and when it does, well, it’s going to get even more interesting… .I’ll write up more about that later…

but meanwhile, Mars is on Pisces 1: A CROWDED PUBLIC MARKET PLACELarge Public Marketplacewho is in ‘the market place’? Whose agendas are being served through what’s on offer, what’s on show – how has the money, the resources – who controls the agenda of the market place? The ‘market place’ can mean many things, all the way from ads we see on tv, to supermarkets, to the stock market, to banks and banking – credit cards, insurance companies – those who pull the strings. It’s also all those things we see on offer – and all those things that may be out of reach because we don’t have the resources to partake. This might be a part of the game now, anger, frustration, disappointment perhaps, as this is *Mars* that is on this degree.

This Symbol shows the ability, or the need, to be able to advertise, market, and sell things, barter and complete the deal. People come together, bringing their talents, skills and wares to the marketplace. Being involved in the marketplace is the thing, and how much you are involved will show the things you need to do and the tempo of the buying and selling. It can indicate the issue of having ones self or goods on display and ready for sale. The “Market Place” is said to be “Crowded” and “Public”. Many aspects of the community are on display and available for the benefit of others. You may find that you are able to contribute, benefit and gain. Getting yourself or your products ‘out there’, where they can be appreciated can bring rewards on many levels.

Human interchange. Bartering. Products. Commerce. Business. Crowded places. Signs. Competition. The Internet. Websites. Classifieds. Consumables. Money. Publishing.

The Caution: Too greedy to share. Airing one’s ‘laundry’, emotions or possessions in public. Not having a “shopping list”. Playing off against each other. Cheap displays.

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