Mars On The Drilling For Oil Degree: Gemini 6

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill


Drilling for Oil 2This Symbol shows the talent, the desire, the ability or the necessity of digging deep in order to find something or to make a big strike. Ambition in the pursuit of material or spiritual wealth can bring wonderful rewards to the surface. There’s often a feeling of wanting to reach into or understand the depths of an issue. This entails a certain amount of risk and may require the cooperation of others who have skills in such a search. The rewards are often difficult to find and at times unsuccessful, however, perseverance will bring some kind of success. You may have to get used to operating in the dark.

Ambition and the drive to plumb the depths. Psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. Dream analysis. Present or past life explorations. Oil and oil wells. Exploring answers.

The Caution: Putting effort into risky activities for uncertain returns. Unceasing work hoping to “strike it rich”. Neglecting friends and loved ones whilst focusing on a goal.

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