Mars On The Fellowship Supper And Past Lives Degree – Scorpio 10

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Fellowship Supper Jacopo_Bassano_Last_Supper_1542Mars is on one of my favourite degrees – Scorpio 10. Mars here might bring up some old issues, friendships, difficulties with others, resolutions, the need to share a meal together… the issue of never sharing a meal together… issues of catching up with others, etc. There can be jealousies here if someone is taking up someone else’s time. But all of that is because Mars is on it – and it doesn’t have to be difficult, but it can stir up some energies that may have previously been kept under the carpet.


This Symbol shows getting together with people with shared visions and histories which can be very rewarding and renewing. A “Fellowship Supper” can help connect with old friends, or provide a place for meeting new ones. Often with this degree, issues around food come up, whether it’s providing food and drink or sharing it with others. It’s important to find time to socialize with like-minded people as true friendships can come from simple gatherings. Also, there can often be the sense that one’s known people before, on a karmic level, or, stretching back into a past life. True fellowship and fraternity can bring a sweet sense of nostalgia and a sense of uplift to each individual’s life.

Renewed bonds. Feeling like you’ve known each other before. Reunions and memories. Past life connections. Fated meetings. The Last Supper. Reaching out to others.

The Caution: Only feeling comfortable with your past. Not changing with the cycles. Not joining in. Feeling excluded. Feeling uneasy about having to face people from the past.

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