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Membership offers unique Sabian software and tools designed for astrologers, students, fans and anyone who wants to use the symbols in their daily life. When you sign up for free membership you will receive our newsletter and gain access to member tools in addition to open resources like articles and blogs. Premium membership plans enable you to create astrology charts for yourself and other people, access Sabian Symbol reports and check current energies and symbols. Our secure member area allows you to store details for yourself and a database of charts.

Sabian Toolbox


Lynda reveals the astrology and symbols behind each new and full moon to help you work with the energies. You’ll also receive special offers and content updates.


Ask any question and the Oracle will respond with a symbol. Thousands use this tool to tap into the wisdom of the zodiac every day. Uncannily accurate and insightful.


Enter a degree of the zodiac and pull up the corresponding Sabian Symbol and it’s interpretation. Check the Symbol of any planet or point in an astrological chart.


A list of the 365 days and corresponding symbols. Three degrees are listed; the symbol, Karmic and Quest. Check symbols for your birthday and your friends!


See where the planets are in any moment in your location, along with the Sabian Symbols. This chart and report shows current energies to help you work with them day to day.


Discover your personal symbols based on your astrological chart and access your Sabian Symbols report. Explore your birthday (solar return) and current (progressed) symbols.


Students, professionals and enthusiasts can gain the benefits of My Symbols for themselves, plus create unlimited charts and reports for other people.


Use Sabian Symbols natal, progressed and solar return reports and charts generated by My Symbols Plus in professional practice. Email them to clients, family and friends.


Access our database of famous people and events and see how the symbols show up in their charts. We’re adding to the database so more charts are coming soon.


Hover over a planet or point in a chart and Lynda’s Sabian Symbol interpretation pops up on the side. A quick reference tool to see how chart dynamics and symbols interplay.


View Sabian Symbol Lunar Reports and charts for recent, current and upcoming new moon and full moons. Explore lunar energies and cycles more deeply.


An introductory video about the Sabian Symbols, their origin, application and use, and how to make them work in your life. Plus bonus member-only content.

Plans and Pricing

  • Free
    • Newsletter
    • Oracle
    • Symbols Lookup
    • Birthday Tables
  • Personal
    $3 /month ($36/year)
    • Newsletter
    • Oracle
    • Symbols Lookup
    • Birthday Tables
    • Symbols Now
    • My Symbols
    • Notable Charts
  • Professional
    $8 /month ($96/year)
    • Newsletter
    • Oracle
    • Symbols Lookup
    • Birthday Tables
    • Symbols Now
    • My Symbols Plus
    • Interactive Charts
    • Notable Charts
    • Lunar Rhythms
    • Sabian Symbols Video Tutorial
    • Reports for Professional Use
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