Memories And Contemplation – The Sun And Venus

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill


A Woman Awaiting A SailboatThis is entirely apt as we have Mercury about to move prograde (forward, after being retrograde) and we have yet to move past its shadow (the area it traversed while retrograde). So, we have some processing of recent events to do.

Adding enormously to this, is the recent Venus retrograde period. We are now, as of the few days, clear of the Venus retrograde, and, out of it’s shadow period – Venus is now transiting new ground. However, Venus is on Virgo 2: A LARGE WHITE CROSS DOMINATING THE LANDSCAPE STANDS ALONE ON TOP OF A HIGH HILL. We may be feeling the brunt of recent events, particularly if we had a rough time of it. Loneliness, ideas of sacrifice and loss can come up with Venus on this degree. Here’s my take on Virgo 2 – where Venus is at the moment:

In the situation facing you, you may feel like you’re being treated like a scapegoat “hung outA Large White Cross Dominating The Landscape to dry”; punished for doing something or being different or special. Signposts and other expressions of faith have a powerful influence. Instead of having a “cross to bear’, we can work at realigning ourselves with our true desires and allegiances. This can lead to a stronger sense of purpose and spirituality, dissipating feelings of sacrifice, separation or loneliness. Believing that suffering is the way to salvation has significance for many, but what does it really mean? Don’t sacrifice for others; you may not get much appreciation for doing it anyway.

Religion dominating. The fear or wonder of God. Following a mystic path. Monuments to pain and suffering. Reminders of salvation and faith. Images of redemption. Isolation.

The Caution: Aloneness or sacrifice or yearning for it. Dogmatism. Being a scapegoat. Symbols that inspire guilt and anguish instead of love, acceptance and forgiveness.

Note the continuing and sometimes deafening uproar about Christianity and Muslims and the rest. Ugh. And here we are, supposedly in a time of brotherly love and acceptance (well, many of us DO feel that way, but we can get drowned out by a media that loves to spread fear and hate).

Here is my take on the degree of the Sun today – Libra 17: A RETIRED SEA CAPTAIN WATCHES SHIPS ENTERING AND LEAVING THE HARBOR

This Symbol speaks of the necessity in life of finding time for quiet recollection. You may feel that the stormy, unpredictable, emotional life is something you can, or need to, leave behind; to opt out. But like the sea captain, there will always be the frustration in the desire to return and get back amongst it. An objective and calm understanding of life’s experiences is available, but know when to rest and when to be active and work as merely looking out at the world from a confined perspective and feeling like you have no choice but to sit and watch is unlikely to bring the world to you.

Memories and peaceful contemplation. Writing memoirs. Being a spectator rather than a participant. Disconnection from the past. Nostalgia. Safe ports or harbors. Retiring.

The Caution: Copping-out, escaping from reality. Relying on past experiences. Refusing to join in. Staring at lost opportunities and times gone by. Frustration. Boredom.

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