Mercury And Saturn On Scorpio 27: The Military Brass Band Degree

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Mercury and Saturn are conjunct (on the same degree) on Scorpio 27: A MILITARY BAND MARCHES NOISILY ON THROUGH THE CITY STREETS

Military Brass BandThis can show the need, the desire or the promptings, to ‘bang our own drum’, to make a show of how we feel, to stand up and state what it is we want, deserve, demand, etc. On the other hand, this Symbol can show wars breaking out – what is happening in Ferguson, Missouri, could be a case in point. As Mercury and Saturn are on the same degree, issues to do with authority can be front and center – there can be a feeling that one has their freedoms taken away, like we are being goose-stepped into a reality that doesn’t feel friendly or supportive – it can feel ‘regimented’ and judgemental and cold and a bit bleak.

It could, though, show the ability to get organised, to make some decisions, to push through without distractions. As with all aspects, Mercury and Saturn together can be ‘good’ or ‘difficult’ all the way to ‘bad’ – I guess it depends on whose beat we feel we are marching to = our own?

This Symbol shows the need for occasionally making a show for society to remind ourselves of our successes and achievements, whether they are collective or personal achievements. The “Military Band” can make an enormous amount of noise as it “Marches Noisily”, but sometimes we need to be awoken or reminded of the cohesion that a military band can show. Likewise, this degree can show a personality that likes to bang its own drum or to make a big noise for the establishment. As long as the audience is ok with the parade through their environment, one can contain the reaction from others. Sometimes, though, people get annoyed by people banging their drums a little too loudly.

Noisy announcements. Making music to rouse people from complacency. Demanding attention. Trumpeting one’s agenda. Marching in time. The blast of the media. Drums.

The Caution: A lot of volume that’s too pompous. The message getting lost in the noise and fanfare. Demanding to be heard. Propaganda. Threats to peace. Banging one’s drum.

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