Mercury And Venus On Aquarius 12: A Vast Staircase Graduated Upwards

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Mercury and Venus are conjunct on Aquarius 12: PEOPLE ON A VAST STAIRCASE, GRADUATED UPWARDS –

Grand Staircase Of The TitanicAs I watched a Billy Joel video of him playing with Kevin Spacey at the Gershwin Awards in Washington DC, I was struck by the thought of all the money in that room. So much money. And, Mars is on The Crowded Market Place at the moment (see post below), so, it’s a matter of people trying to find their ‘piece of the action’, their place in the scheme of things – their slice of the pie.

So much money in one room. That thought that I picked up is also a reflection of this degree of Mercury and Venus – this degree is one of the four that I feel illustrates the ‘Cinderella story’… those who can make it to the top and those who can’t (or don’t, more like it)… this degree can be about social climbing – about who’s in front and who’s behind. Who’s above and who’s below. This degree was on either the asc or desc (can’t quite remember) of the launch of the Titanic – and the staircase was a big feature of the class system on that boat. You went up the stairs to the upper level if you had money and position – you went down the stairs if you didn’t. All four Symbols of the 12th degree of fixed describe the Cinderella story. If one is highlighted, you can be sure that that theme is there somewhere. And, of course, it can be the choice between staying at home and cleaning out the fireplace or going to the ball.

This Symbol shows the ability, or the need, to be able to interact with others and integrate various levels of experience, life or people, and not feel compromised by what rung, or level, you’re at in your own life. The “Vast Staircase” can show the ladder that one must climb, socially, spiritually, emotionally – even physically. Going up that staircase, one begins to feel more empowered, more accomplished, more ‘there’. However, being on a lower rung may cause a feeling of compromise. Don’t concern yourself with who’s in front or behind. It is of little true consequence. Accept your position, but strive ever upwards. Trust that you and yours are heading in the right direction.

Observing life from different views. Social gradations. Orders from above, in any sense. Waiting for one’s turn at the top. Multilevel marketing. Corporate ladders. Promotion.

The Caution: Nervous worry about social position. Snobbery because of monetary, intellectual or social status. Class, creed or racial prejudice. Rarefied atmospheres.

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