Mercury In Gemini On The Two Children Studying Their Lessons Degree

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Mercury is, at last!, clearing it’s retrograde shadow and moving into new territory as it heads through Gemini. Mercury is on quite the archetypal Gemini degree (this is doubly strong as Mercury rules Gemini)…


What are you learning? What are you talking about with others? Are messages coming through? Is there something you need to pass on to others? Are you listening to what others have to say? Mercury – in Gemini – out of it’s retrograde shadow now – on this degree speaks of two-way streets. One might be a teacher, the other a student – sometimes their roles flip.

Two Children Studying2This Symbol shows that you should be able to feel relaxed and comfortable with friends and able to speak your own truth. There’s a need for clarity and for those of like mind to communicate spontaneous and creative ideas with each other. Feeling cut off and isolated because your beliefs or language are different from other people can propel you to finding those you can share your thoughts or your ‘studies’ with. There is usually, or should be, at least one person around you who can give you advice or lend you an ear when you need to express yourself in your own unique way to someone who understands.

Sharing innocent and carefree thoughts and ideals. Exchanging views with like-minded individuals. Finding a soul mate. Chitchatting about everyday life. Talking for hours.

The Caution: Failing to communicate. Taking an unsophisticated viewpoint. Excluding others as not worthy. Societal or racial prejudice. ‘Hearing voices’ that don’t make sense.

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