Mercury Is On Leo 1: The Emotional Stress Degree

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Mercury has just gone into Leo. It is on Leo 1: UNDER EMOTIONAL STRESS, BLOOD RUSHES TO A PERSON’S HEAD

Under Emotional Stress Emerson quoteIs there something that is making your head boil? Is anger getting the better of you? Are you having to put up with someone else’s anger? Have you been bottling things up for some time now and now they are all coming out? Are you feeling the need to get going with something?

Anger is likely to be rather hard to contain over the coming week or so as Mercury makes its way to Jupiter, which is currently on the “Trophies Brought Back From A Hunting Expedition” and squaring Mars in Scorpio. It’s all very likely to continue to heat up before it begins to cool down.

This Symbol implies that emotions in the form of anger or passion can get in the way of rational responses and being able to move ahead purposefully. Sometimes it feels like almost nothing can be done; being immobilized with neither mental nor physical control. It won’t last forever; it will pass and resistance can just make some situations worse. The trick is to wait until all the available data comes through before making decisions or moves as premature reactions can lead to embarrassing back downs. Thinking things through when calm descends again will help sort things out.

Difficulty containing emotional reactions. Becoming fired-up about something. Charging off in all directions at once. Thinking with the head and not the heart. Blood pressure.

The Caution: Emotional suppression. Taking things too seriously. Unable to make accurate decisions due to irrational thoughts. Headaches. Burst blood vessels.

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