Mercury Is On The Zoo Degree – Inside Or Out?: Virgo 16

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

The Sabian Symbol for Mercury today is Virgo 16: DELIGHTED CHILDREN CROWD AROUND THE ORANG-UTANG CAGE IN A ZOO – here’s a great example of this degree: The Onion’s take on the news. 

Orang Utang - zooWhat is it that you’re observing? Do you feel that others are on a different planet than you? Are you feeling a little fenced-in, judged, confined, no room to move? Are you off on a new adventure, perhaps, and excited to watch and see what’s happening, what is going to unfold?

There needs to be a primitive, yet childlike response to this situation. Facing the baser instincts will bring a fresh, new approach to your life. Building cages and fences keeps others from being able to relate in a carefree way. Separations can come from seeing others as being different or apart from us.

Karmic confrontations between the creatively integrated and the unevolved. Objects of derision, fascination or worship. Wonder and curiosity. Everyone wanting to have a look at each other. Watching to see what is going to happen. Feeling like you live in a zoo or that the world’s a zoo.

The Caution: Egoistic feelings of being better or in a higher state of evolution. Making fun of others. Lack of privacy. Fences and barriers.

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