Mercury On Aquarius 6: A Masked Figure Performing Ritualistic Acts

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Mercury is covering old ground in it’s direct movement over the degrees it went first direct and then retrograde over in the last month or so.. this Mercury A Man Being Unmaskedretrograde journey was very much about ‘identifying and removing’ masks – Mercury went retrograde on Aquarius 18: A Man Unmasked At A Masquerade and it traversed over Aquarius 6 three times now… now it is on Aquarius 6 again: A MASKED FIGURE PERFORMS RITUALISTIC ACTS IN A MYSTERY PLAY

This Symbol shows the ability, or the need, to be theatrical; convey a story, put on a show, get messages across to others. “Mystery Plays” portrayed archetypal stories from the Bible, often performed in Latin. “Performers” traveled the countryside, entertaining and teaching with drama as well as humor. Sometimes the “Mystery Play” can show that things are not quite as they seem. Mysteries can play a big part in your life, along with issues of wearing masks – is someone being a “Masked Figure”? You may find that sometimes you are not shown the true face of people or situations. Look to see who the performers are in this mystery. Are you part of the play or are you in the audience? Perhaps you need to be cautious in what you reveal.

Rituals. Shamanism. Archetypes of personality. Masks that veil. Mystery. Drama. Banditry. Smoke screens. Doing the technical but not the emotional. Comedy. Acting.

The Caution: Deceptive or neurotic performances. Unwilling to admit to changing times. Not knowing who the players are or what the plot is. Cautious revealing. Tricks. Ploys.

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