Mercury On Cancer 11: The Clown Laughing It Up Degree

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill


Clown~ are we trying to keep smiling in situations that require a more serious response? are we being too serious when perhaps we could lighten up? is the true face of what’s going on hidden behind a facade of niceness and avoiding what is really happening. There can be a sense of laughing things up when really situations require a more serious, sober or realistic response.

This Symbol pictures a situation of someone being light-hearted, enjoying life and taking on the attributes of others in order to entertain and amuse those around them. Laughter is said to be the best medicine and employing fun and a light attitude can be useful tools to relax and get things back on the right track. However, perhaps someone is not ‘being real’, using masks to hide what’s really going on in their life. It can be fun to look at life from an objective viewpoint and caricaturing others can cause us to laugh at the seriousness of life. Or, perhaps someone’s playing the fool when the situation really needs a more serious response. This degree often shows the ability to take on the personas of others.

Exaggerated responses. Wanting to entertain. Show business. Putting on a face. Making fun of people. Impersonations. Lampooning. Life imitating art. Comic performances.

The Caution: Being foolish in the face of positive possibilities. Trying to cover up one’s true self or one’s mistakes through buffoonery. Facades. Laughing stocks. False impressions.

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