Mercury On Cancer 5: People Who Have Overeaten And Enjoyed It

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

MercuryA Group Of People Who Have Overeaten 2 is on Cancer 15: A GROUP OF PEOPLE WHO HAVE OVEREATEN AND ENJOYED IT

– how have you indulged lately? are you fed-up with situations? do you feel you’ve been force-fed things when really you’d rather be able to pick and choose amongst the things/realities/nourishment/consumerism that you would prefer? that would suit *you* more than society forces upon you? are you tired of the old story? a bit “up to the teeth” about it? feeling like you need to go on some kind of diet?

This Symbol implies situations that have overindulged, overextended themselves, over committed or overspent in some way. This can be through overeating or it can be through material excess, spending too much, doing anything to extremes. There can be a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction, but there must be a return to more down to earth matters or work. It’s a good idea to enjoy your good fortune, and you may be feeling like your needs are met in many areas of your life, but do be wary of going too far in your quest to be satisfied. Periodically, you may need to curb your indulging for a while in order to digest what you’ve taken on, otherwise waste and ill health could result.

Communal cohesion through indulging in the senses. Satisfied hunger. Consumerism and its benefits and risks. Having had enough. The right of people to enjoy their lives. Diets.

The Caution: Self-indulgence, largely through the senses. The “haves” and the “have nots”. Obesity. Gluttony. Overspending. Bad nourishment. Commercialism.

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