Venus On Cancer 5: The Train Wreck Degree

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Venus is on a degree that talks a lot about what’s going on in the world and the way a lot of people are feeling. Mercury is on Cancer 5: AT A RAILROAD CROSSING, A CAR RACES WITH A TRAIN – the Symbol is usually written as AT A RAILWAY CROSSING, AN AUTOMOBILE IS WRECKED BY A TRAIN.

Train_Wreck_of_1907,_Canaan,_NHI usually try to take the drama out of this degree by softening the words, but I feel that the way many are feeling warrants the harder wording today… We’ve had the Sun and Mercury go over this degree and now Venus. We are seeing this Symbol in several areas of our lives, and the news is full of people, places and things getting completely wrecked – pulverised in some cases, including our faith and belief in the goodness of life. For many, there is a need for some serious rebuilding.

The Train Wreck degree, as I tend to call it, can show what can happen to those individuals who, obviously mistakenly, think they can win against bigger opponents – it’s quite the David and Goliath degree. BTW, this is the degree of Venus in Israel’s chart – it is the ‘Karmic Condition’ of the Venus in the chart of the end of the British Mandate (which can be taken for Palestine’s chart).

The car is a vehicle of the individual – it can drive here there and everywhere – make turns in any direction and generally behave as a vehicle for the individual. A train, however, is a vehicle for the collective… it is usually very large, heavy, cumbersome, can carry sometimes hundreds of people, moves along a single track and can’t suddenly veer off course without coming unglued. The train only moves forward, or, reverses – there’s very little individual consciousness going on in the symbol of a train.

The only way a car can get wrecked at a railroad crossing is if the individual gets in the way of the train’s tracks. Then it is kapow! Usually it is the car that gets wrecked and not the train, however, in some instances, the train can be derailed by the obstruction of the car; an individual can derail society, but it can come at a great cost and it can be injuring to both parties. The following is my short interpretation of this degree from the Solar Fire files:

This Symbol implies the desire, or the ability, to compete with or take on society as if life were a race or something to be conquered in some way. The ‘Car’ is a vehicle for the individual and the ‘Train’ a vehicle for the masses. There is often a need for caution as the individual will not always survive in a collision with the more powerful collective. It probably won’t always work to be insisting bravely that your individual needs should be considered. The collective has too much momentum. If someone pits themselves and their energies continually against society, sooner or later they are likely to lose.

Not looking to the consequences of one’s actions. Running against the grain of others. Cars, trains. Individual rights. Rebelling. Split second timing. Taking one’s chances.

The Caution: Recklessness. Being prepared to sacrifice others. Working until one drops. Not knowing when to stop. Emotional panic. Spinning out of control. Going off the rails.

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