Mercury On Gemini 11: Slave-Girl Demanding Her Rights

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill


Black Slave Girl Demands Her Rights Of Her MistressThis Symbol can bring up all kinds of shame, not feeling worthy, not wanting to stand up for ourselves, feeling left out of ‘the game’, loneliness and denial of your needs and wants.

The flip-side can be having those feelings of realities coming up inside of ourselves, leading to a realisation of how we might fall short of our true objectives. Co dependence and dysfunctional communications can come about because we either say too little or say too much. Mercury on this degree – and remembering that Mercury is about to go retrograde – can bring these issues up.

The ‘Black Slave-Girl’ may be someone who always feels that they have to do, do, do, while others get the benefits or that others are in a privileged position and can live off the fruits of their work. She may also feel bereft of the ability to own her own property, to make political decisions (to be able to vote) or that she’s not going to rise above where she is now.

This Symbol can be dynamic in that it can represent a break-through moment. That time when we have an aha! moment. Can you feel this going on in your own life?

This can be very much about social protest and it can take hold in individuals all the way to global protest.

This Symbol shows the need to be given respect and taken seriously. At times you’ll find that you can’t put up with the way you’re treated, the pressure builds up and suddenly, and probably from out of nowhere, a torrent of emotion comes out. If you’re being spoken badly to or treated with little respect, make a stand – don’t put up with it. It’s tiring to be treated like a ‘Slave’ or dutiful underling. Everyone should have equal rights. Spread your wings of freedom and seek to improve things by being frank and honest. You may win, but you can never truly lose if you act with integrity and honesty.

Rising above conditioning and limitations. Standing up for one’s self. Demanding better treatment. Not being afraid to demand better conditions. Equal rights and discrimination.

The Caution: Feeling hard done by and deserving better. Blaming others for situations. Bucking authority. Demanding to be recognized or noticed. Throwing tantrums.

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  • hotclaws

    This feels like the mood among my disabled friends who are scared and worried with the new government who plan on cutting benefits even more .The mood is we won’t take it any more ,and plan to protest to free ourselves from the financial slavery we are in.

    • Lynda

      Yes, it’s a truly difficult time for many, especially those who are disabled. Very difficult – and yes, financial slavery for sure.

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