Mercury On Gemini 29: A Brand New Song

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Mockingbird of SpringMercury is on Gemini 29: THE FIRST MOCKINGBIRD OF SPRING SINGS FROM THE TREE TOP 

What do you have to announce? Make known? Sprout off about? What strands of melodies can you string together to make your own voice? 

This Symbol implies that you can take the best of what is available and make something even better. The ‘Mockingbird’ is often seen as copying others and therefore not particularly original, however, the ‘Mockingbird’ is very creative; it uses the sounds of other birds to make a very unique call of its own. There is a great deal of skill involved in this and getting ones thoughts heard can be quite important. There are often people who respond jealously. A key question is: are the words or thoughts original and unique or are they borrowed from others without a sense or filter of personal authenticity?

Creative potential and talent. Music or sounds and integrating them to find a new melody. Being the first. Seeing potentiality. New songs signaling new beginnings. The joys of spring.

The Caution: Taking from others and claiming the credit. Being noisy. Announcing new possibilities or just sounding off? Plagiarism. Theft. Scrambling to get in first.

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  • Jussta

    As always, Lynda, totally accurate for the energies of today. Thank you!

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